Joshua Boyle screen cap from video in Pakistan

The Daily Mail says he was possibly in the process of converting to islam. This looks more like he was the leader of a jihad cell to me.

Friends of Boyle’s previously said Boyle had an ‘academic interest’ in terrorism and may have been converting to Islam when he was captured. 

The bruise on the forehead, called a “Zebiba”. It is an ostentatious show of crypto-piety, caused by deliberately banging one’s forehead onto a hard floor while doing Islamic ritual, for no other reason than to cause a bruise in the skull so others will know you banged your head into the floor while doing Islamic ritual.

Somewhat like street prayers, but it leaves a more lasting mark.

That makes it more than a passing interest and a possible conversion, although yes, this photo may have been years later.


There are two major red flags that when taken together become a RED ALERT. On his forehead sits a zebiba, caused by friction generated by rubbing the forehead on the prayer mat multiple times per day during Muslim prayers.


The second cause for concern is the beard without a mustache. Taken separately, these traits may or may not reveal a Muslim fundamentalist.


However, when a Muslim has both, the odds of having a fundamentalist in your midst go up exponentially:


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  1. The Zebiba – or Prayer Bump :

    […]Some Muslims also believe that on the day of judgment, this bump will particularly fluoresce an immense white light


    NYT- DEC 2007 – Fashion and Faith Meet, on Foreheads of the Pious

    The zebibah, Arabic for raisin, is a dark circle of callused skin, or in some cases a protruding bump, between the hairline and the eyebrows. It emerges on the spot where worshipers press their foreheads into the ground during their daily prayers.

    “The zebibah is a way to show how important religion is for us,” said Muhammad al-Bikali,

    […]Bikali had a well-trimmed mustache and an ever-so-subtle brown spot just beneath his hairline. “It shows how religious we are. It is a mark from Allah.”

    […]The person with the mark is broadcasting his observance, his adherence to one of the five pillars of Islam.

    […]“But there is a kind of statement in it. Sometimes as a personal statement to announce that he is a conservative Muslim and sometimes as a way of outbidding others by showing them that he is more religious or to say that they should be like him.”

    […]“It says, ‘I am a good person.’ This is a good thing. On Judgment Day, this sign, the zebibah on their forehead, will shine. It will say, ‘Allah is the greatest.’”

    […]The zebibah, on the other hand, can open doors. “The zebibah can help,” said Ahmed Mohsen, 35, a messenger for a law firm whose own mark was pinkish, bumpy and peeling. “It can lead to a kind of initial acceptance between people.”¸


    […]If westerners are going to ever adequately confront the threat that faces them, they will have to PROFILE. For example, take a look at Nzohabonayo.

    PIC :

    There are two major red flags that when taken together become a RED ALERT. On his forehead sits a zebiba, caused by friction generated by rubbing the forehead on the prayer mat multiple times per day during Muslim prayers. The second cause for concern is the beard without a mustache. Taken separately, these traits may or may not reveal a Muslim fundamentalist.

    However, when a Muslim has both, the odds of having a fundamentalist in your midst go up exponentially:

    • Martin: I knew you’d add a juicy morsel!

      Looks like Jose [aka “Jesus”]* Campos, the Mandalay Bay security officer supposedly shot in the thigh by Stephen Craig Paddock. Mysteriously unavailable for comment.

      – – – *aka “Mohammad”? “Abdul”?

  2. Somewhere I read this Boyle was clever. Sneaky is better perhaps. He looks creepy. And now he’s returning to Canada which is becoming creepy with its holy trinity of Diversity, Acceptance and Inclusion, along with a few other lovely features. These words are a propaganda mantra. They dribble from Trudeau’s pie hole like a steady river of spit. And every useful idiot laps it up because it sounds nice and right, but it isn’t. It is insidious.

    When my boy got a new math teacher last week the first day was not about algebra or exponents. Rather, it was another hour of indoctrination of the holy trinity. In fact every teacher in every class reads from the same chapter and verse. It was the same thing last year. There are supplemental assemblies drilling the holy trinity into young minds lest they retain an iota of erasable independent thought.

    God forbid one challenges this new orthodoxy, because it’s already written in stone or ice, depending on the season. Challenge a teacher and be prepared to be disciplined immediately. This is strange because there is, otherwise, almost no student discipline. Many classes are unteachable. When the teacher becomes overwhelmed (weak female) they call in the male muscle to watch over the unruly bunch. This may last a day and then it is back to nonsense. Male teachers are a feminized minority, offering nothing that boys need from a strong role model.

    I even see the holy trinity in company mission statements. I mean, when private capital starts kissing that kind of twisted ass you know there’s trouble.

    I’ll have to get a t-shirt made. On the front it says, “I believed in Acceptance, Inclusion and Diversity!”

    On the back it says, “OR ELSE!”

  3. If he converted so did she, this makes them dangerous to two nations since we can’t keep them out of either Canada or the US.

    • I sure am glad that I don’t live in Smith Falls, that would mean I would have to look at a lying converted Muslim every day. These people are going to turn on Canada and Canadians won’t even see it coming. One question why is she still wearing the hijab and him the beard? All I can say is Junior is going to give them a big settlement out of taxpayers dollars and we will stand by and let it happen. Shame on us.

      • Yes I was thinking the same things. I wonder how much they will get. Twenty million like Khadr did? I bet they manage to find a way to give a giant chunk of their settlement to islamic groups as well.

  4. Sorry, but I think Joshua Boyle converted to Islam years ago, while in Canada. Does anyone think that Zaynab Khadr would have married a non-Muslim?

    • that’s what I think… he had to convert to marry a Muslim woman ….

      CBC – Freed hostage Joshua Boyle shares details of children’s adjustment to life out of captivity

      • We haven’t seen the wife. However, him, he walks with a determined pace and a smile. He seems very healthy and strong.
        Since he was married to Al Qaeda Lieutenant’s daughter, some are saying he purposely walked into Haqqani territory thinking a ransom would be paid for their release, the money going to Al Qaeda.

      • -Of course he had to convert!
        Why are the reporters playing so coy?
        Like there’s something WRONG about converting to the RoP?!
        A pilgrimage to the tribal badlands, nothing strange about that, not a bit.

      • You are right, if he was being held hostage it was because he was a different Islamic sect than his capturers.

        Assigning a particularly rodential aspect to this individual seems entirely warranted.

    • Shifty pos.
      He can distinguish the good guys from the bad?
      Right. Ask my Russian friends, soldiers who survived that hellhole.

      One day the tribesmen are on this side, the next on the other. That one side shoots the other proves nothing but their universal disdain for human life.

      They all grow and sell dope, rape boys and goats, mutilate girls and women.

      ‘Afghan government’ is an oxymoron. Karsai is just another chieftain on the make. He lived in Boston just long enough to be known as ‘the Dog’s Hind Leg’. That has to be some crooked in nicey-nice Beantown.

  5. Taliban deny former Canadian captive’s claims of murder, rape

    PESHAWAR: The Afghan Taliban have rejected allegations from freed Canadian Joshua Boyle that the militants raped his wife and killed one of their infant children while the family was being hostage.

    Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Afghan Taliban, told media on Sunday that they never raped Boyle’s wife, Caitlan Coleman, and never even parted the pair from each other in the past five years that they were in captivity.

    The Afghanistan-based spokesperson said the Taliban have a long history of jihad. “We have taken many foreigners hostage during our operations in the country and in the last three decades, but we have never allowed our commanders to violate the rule of jihad,” he said.

    “We have harsh rules for all commanders, foot soldiers and followers – never endanger the life of minors, women and those who left their women during the fight,” he said, adding Boyle’s claims were “baseless”.

    Mujahid further claimed that that the group had never raped any woman or man in their custody or hostages meant to be exchanged for Taliban prisoners

    “We strongly reject the claims of the hostage recently freed from custody of the Haqqani network,” he added.

    The spokesperson further claimed that the freed couple’s minor child had died during custody because they were in a remote Afghan village, where they had no medical team at the camp or a FEMALE doctor in nearby cities.

    “This is why the baby died during birth,” he said. “If we had killed her, why are the rest of the children still alive?”

    Mujahid further said that they never the parted the pair from each other and they lived like a family.

    “In the last five years, we never recorded any complaints from them. Whatever they are saying now is under an evil design to defame the Mujahideen and their struggles,’ he claimed.

    The Candian-American couple and their two children were freed by the Pakistan Army earlier this week in an intelligence-based operation from Nawa Kali village near Kurram Agency along the Pak-Afghan border. They were flown to Canada on Friday where Boyle told the media that one of his children had been murdered and his wife had been raped while in Taliban custody.

    some comments
    Iqbal Hadi Zaidi · Special High School Quetta

    Why didn’t she give birth to a child fathered by Taliban if she had been raped by Takliban as she proclaimed now? Who is lying? She said she has been raped and Taliban says none raped her from Taliban? This is very much condemnable to read two different versions on the sane subject. Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait

    Muhammad A Ranjha

    Another lies from these Canadian and American couple. They are trying to defame the Mujahid.

    Rehmat Ullah Kundi · Assistant Professor at FAST Nuces Peshawar

    Afghan Taliban has no history of raping women in captivity. Yvonne Ridly is good example.
    A staged drama by Canadians


    Mazhar Uddin · Works at Retired

    The statement seem reasonable and acceptable. The couple do not seem honest.

  6. DAILY MAIL -‘Everything in the house is a wonderland to him’ : Freed four-year-old hostage who was born into Taliban captivity runs around in the garden as he explores his Canadian home with dad for the first time

    Joshua Boyle spotted Saturday with son Najaeshi Jonah in Smith Falls, Ontario
    Says the boy, age four, is ‘exuberant’ to be free and see life outside captivity
    Middle child Dhakwoen Noah, two, is having a harder time adjusting to freedom
    ‘Everything reminds him of the horrors of prison’ Boyle said of the younger boy
    Boyle, his wife Caitlan Coleman, and their three children were freed Wednesday
    They had been held captive for five years by a Taliban-linked extremist network
    Family returned to the Ontario home of Boyle’s parents early Saturday morning

  7. CBC – Joshua Boyle interview: Freed Canadian speaks about captivity in Afghanistan and rescue

    Canadian Joshua Boyle explains why he went to Afghanistan and describes his family’s captivity. Boyle also talks about fearing for his sons’ lives during the violent gun battle leading up to the Canadian-American family’s rescue.

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