Some worthy pushback to pop culture, and the usual ‘culture shift’ news: links 1, Oct 14, 2017

1. Ducks Unlimited star has new show that promises NO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS

(this deserves an audition)

2. Mixed feelings on this one. Generally, GreenPeace is a miserable commie organization that should quite unambiguously be in front of The Hague for crimes against humanity because of what they did in Zambia, getting them to stop a US gift of GM foods that would grow in that nation during a massive famine and would have saved millions of lives.

But they were sort of right to do this in a country plagued with determined jihadis willing to die to achieve maximum chaos and mayhem. Showing the vulnerability of a nuclear plant, probably something the French State should pay them for.

3. This Black Pigeon Speaks video is worth the time. He busts major authoritative media with pretty solid evidence.

4. Here is a live cam of the Women’s March against sexual harassment and exploitation in Hollywood

5. Father Of Freed Taliban Hostage Lashes Out At Her ‘Unconscionable’ Canadian Husband For Taking Her To Afghanistan

The father of freed Taliban hostage Caitlan Coleman has blamed her Canadian husband for her kidnapping five years ago.


Jim Coleman said it was ‘unconscionable’ for son-in-law Joshua Boyle to take Caitlan to Kabul, Afghanistan, without telling either of their families when she was five-months pregnant in 2012.

6. Race hate killer Imran ‘Baldy’ Shahid sues jail chiefs for confiscating his penis pump

Race hate killer Imran “Baldy” Shahid has taken prison chiefs to court after they confiscated his PENIS PUMP.

The sadistic murderer claims he needs the sex aid returned as he is taking a bad reaction to Viagra pills.

As well as his penis pump Shahid is also demanding that the prison governor hands him back his Xbox 360 or gives him £3,000 in compensation.

Shaid was caged for life for the brutal 2004 murder of Glasgow schoolboy Kriss Donald.

The thug led a gang that snatched the 15-year-old off the street near his home in the city’s south side simply because he was white.

The gang drove terrified Kriss around Scotland for hours before stabbing him, pouring petrol over him and setting him on fire while he was still alive.

Shahid was caged for life with a minimum of 25 years.

He has recently been kept behind bars in Peterhead prison after serving time in Perth, Kilmarnock and Saughton.

In January we reported how Shahid was claiming to be Jewish to get expensively-prepared Kosher meals in jail.


7. UK: 16 rapists among hundreds of London sex offenders let off with a caution

(Good thing none of them left a bacon sandwich near a mosque. You get the death penalty for that now in the UK).



8. On the OSCE event that just passed:

9. On Wienstien, Hollywood  and pop culture. (very good).

10. If this is OK, why shouldn’t Katie publish spoilers so everyone knows how the writer solved the “debate” on free speech and make it unnecessary to see the ‘play’?

Frankly this woman is abusing her platform as an entertainer to tell us who’s opinions are valid and who should be killed for theirs. So why shouldn’t Katie broadcast plot spoilers to give her rebuttal?

Thank you M., Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, EB., Richard, and all who took the time and effort to help inform each other and us all on the elite program of ‘culture shift’ that we must obey or lose our livelihoods while denying the existence of the program or be called ‘racist’.

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6 Replies to “Some worthy pushback to pop culture, and the usual ‘culture shift’ news: links 1, Oct 14, 2017”

  1. The left is learning that the new media allows us to fight back against their attempts to tell us what is news and what isn’t. Their arrogance is killing professional sports and is no hte way to killing the American entertainment industry. I don’t doubt that Hollywood will come back under different control but hopefully it will be cleaned up and 1) the perverts will be kicked out of Hollywood and 2) the new management will allow all sides to make movies supporting their side in the culture wars.

  2. I imagine the reaction would be somewhat different if a play was made about assassinating Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May, the “State” would probably help shut it down for incitement to violence.

  3. What a surprise for left leaning talk show hostess who was looking for someone to justify her critical position (attack) against the city of Dresden/East Germany.

    The German-born son of Pakistani immigrants speaks plain truth. It is gloriously to see the response of the presenter, which felt on the safe side but ends up hearing what she did not want to hear.

    (sorry, no subtitles)

    The talk show hosts goes over to a audience member and asks where he comes with an apology for not wanting to sound prejudice because she suspects he has a history of migration. He says he is from Dresden, to which everyone laughs. She explains to him why everyone laughs because it is obvious he´s not exactly white. (not in those word, but you know what I mean)

    He says he want to explain 2 points. He brings up an article written a magazine called Focus, which talks about sexual assault perps and that most only get a sentence of probation. He explains the current valid law pertaining to sentencing for sexual assaults, which should be 6 month to 5 years. He blame the legislation for it´s feeble reaction to the serious uptick in crime. He goes on to criticise the judicial branch of the German government and explains the result of the inability to hand out fitting sentences.

    He explains when these multitude of migrant perps get released back into society it make the society as a whole insecure and cause fear among the population especially concerning “Arab looking” individuals.

    His second point is a response to some other audience member (male) who made the entire German population (or the west) responsible for the war in Syria, supplying weapons etc. So he asks, “Who exactly does he mean with “WE””? He says “We” don´t do anything!” Adding, “It´s not us, it is geo-stragetists, large investors, weapon dealers and partly politicians.”

    Still trying to make the point the East Germany is RACIST the hostess asks, “So you live in Dresden and your dark skinned”. She begins to imply because of PeGida and the atmosphere in the city it must be difficult for him. His response explodes her intent when he says he understands why the people in the “East” react the way they do. He says the reason is that people are afraid and that no one should have to justify their fears. BAM!

    Narrative wrecked.

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