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5 Replies to “Italians bomb migrant centre in July”

  1. I am not advocating violence I want that known and understood from the start. This is the first time I have seen any immigrant reacting to the actions of the Europeans, normally it is the Europeans reacting to the invaders. You don’t win wars by reacting to the enemy, you win wars by making them react to you. Granted the Governments of almost all Western Nations are siding with the invaders but you still need to put the invaders on the defensive and make them react to y ou.

    • Richard, none of us advocates violence.

      Anyway, it's still legal for US citizens to talk about self-defense. At least in theory. Though not on social media. Or at universities. Probably not a good idea in California. Or…

      We’re all civilized. Nothing we say could cause trouble for our gracious host, a citizen of Canada.

  2. I am not advocating violence, I want that known and understood from the start.

    Only a submoron fool would attempt to make such a lunatic accusation against you … much less carry on without directly addressing your dedicated efforts to avert whatever horrific results that await.

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