Oktoberfest: Dramatic Drop in Visitors

An original translation from German news magazine Focus.

Oktoberfest Munich
Disastrous Stats: This is the bitter balance of ‘Wiesn’ 2016


The city of Munich has announced the accounting for the Oktoberfest 2016 in a statistics publication. Visitors, beer, bratwurst – there was a strong decline just everywhere.

Only 5.6 million visitors came to the largest volksfest in the world. A record low of the last 16 years. Affairs were bleak for the Wiesn-Innkeepers, too: only 66.231 hectolitres beer were drunk in 2016, 15 percent less than in previous years.
Bratwurst sales dropped from more than 500,000 to less than 300, 000.
Innkeeper Speaker Toni Roiderer cites the bad weather at the start of the Wiesn, and the fear of terror as reasons for the decrease.
But there is good news, too
But there is good news, too: The number of crimes and the number of rescue missions by paramedics and firefighters sunk, compared to previous years. And the number of crimes reported sunk by 25%, compared to the last five years. There were 15% fewer “drunken bodies” than in previous years.

Suspicious locals getting examined at the Oktoberfest gates. Why would a little control, a fence, and a bit of a terror alert, put anyone off from having fun, anyway? (photo: Merkur/Schlaf)


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  1. And our cultures start changing, it took time to destroy Western Culture, it will take a shorter time to destroy the European Cultures because of the way the left and Islam are working together.

    If my medications would let me drink it would be wine and Scotch I would miss.

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