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6 Replies to “Pat Condell: Europe is killing itself”

  1. HE is right, war and chaos is coming and coming to us at a dead run. Civilization has fallen and barbarism is returning to the West, the world is going to tremble once the West reverts to barbarism and starts fighting back. Not all nations will fight back but enough will to liberate the portions of Europe that surrender. Of course The liberators may decide that the liberated nations don’t deserve to be independent nations.

    • …the world is going to tremble once the West reverts to barbarism and starts fighting back.”.

      TOO RIGHT!!! And well that the world should tremble. After all, who the fü¢k invented nuclear weapons and had the ostiones to use them?

      During a very pleasurable lunchtime discussion with a retired military veteran (not Richard) who once was in charge of overseeing the handling, security, and deployment of American nuclear weapons—I casually mentioned how America needed to maintain the “high-ground” of avoiding any first use of atomic bombs in the GWOT (Global War on Terror).

      In an abruptly enlightening (and herein paraphrased) moment, he retorted, “We already did that in Japan. Next question?!?”

      To this very day, I continue to kick myself for not immediately writing down the following two paragraphs he then recited because they lucidly outlined why (post 9-11) Saudi Arabia should have become the next candidate target on that proverbial “Christmas list”.

      Per my own perceptions, if only by using “yield-enhanced devices” (i.e., neutron bombs), America should make it crystal-clear to its enemies that overwhelming force (i.e., “fire and fury”) awaits those who continue to challenge our nation’s national security.

      Let’s face it. All of those overly-entitled, senescent, heavy-medal-laden North Korean generals (and their families) cannot fit within—or make it into the bomb-shelters in time—to survive an “enhanced-yield” attack. Especially from offshore-located SLBM nuclear-tipped cruise ordnance.

      ‘Nuff said.’

  2. Condell’s original career as a comedian is no longer pertinent—as he has long since transited the realm of humor and become the West’s modern-day Cassandra. Rarely has the ancient description, “clever, but considered insane” been more apt.

    When one considers the more recent (highly profitable) role of Lutheran and Catholic “charities” with regard to importing and resettling limitless numbers of violent, predatory, hostile, parasitic, semi-retarded, criminal young warriors—Condell’s once-criticized ranting against Christianity, and the cadre of Liberal Jews that continue to wholeheartedly support borderless immigration, suddenly snaps into focus.

    Would that America—I suppose we’ll have to settle for Trump—had an equally eloquent, sardonic, poignant, and derisive Cicero to whom we could point towards, while shouting in four-part harmony, and say (in the grand institution of a traditional Greek Chorus):

    “I fü¢king told you so!”

    • there are some americans who aren’t going to hear, see, or admit the truth until they’re hoisted over the edge of a 5 story building. doesn’t matter how “eloquently” it’s stated.

    • Yes, re Pat’s health: I hope it’s only a bug that he has caught.
      That aside, am moved to say how much more I enjoy his more quiet delivery.
      I find it every bit a s forceful as previous but fear many people turned him off before.

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