AfD candidate walks out on now-normal conspiracy debate on national TV

What is now oh-so-familiar in the West, legacy media, from print to TV, have an agenda and they push at at the expense of fairness, equality, democracy and now even truth. We see this on CBC as a constant and CNN as policy. Here is a clip where AfD candidate, Alice Weidel, walks out of the fake-debate because there was simply no point in staying and being set up.

Its one thing to be a team player.

Quite another to be a lemming.

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13 Replies to “AfD candidate walks out on now-normal conspiracy debate on national TV”

  1. All those smirky smiles and interruptions and false flags are disgusting. This is the same scenario all over the western world. The elite Left is self righteous, proud and
    flying too close to the sun where the heat will soon melt their hubris and cause them to fall from grace. If the swarmy blonde moderator is ever raped by a migrant jihadi, she’ll probably blame herself.

    • The elite Left is self righteous, proud and flying too close to the sun where the heat will soon melt their hubris and cause them to fall from grace.

      Welcome, Wolf Woman. How delightful to read such eloquent writing.

      Please take that to the bank,


  2. The German people deserve everything they get from the barbarian savages- every murder, every rape, every robbery that is inflicted on them. They have allowed their leader Merkel to unleash the hordes on the West and have done nothing really to stop her. They are therefore complicit. I have no more sympathy for them- just for the decent people like the lady in this video trying to get the word out.

    • Merkel was voted into office because she was conservative and anti immigration. She seemed like the unpretentious, hard-working, modest woman from next door, someone everyone could agree upon more or less. The only premonition that something might be askew was her abrupt change of opinion in the “energy turnaround” in 2010, after the Fukushima incident. By the time a relevant part of the population realized that she went Cultural Marxist (or maybe had always been), she and her old allies, many of them from DDR times, had already eliminated all political contestants, and established total control of opinion, media, schools. It is a textbook takeover from inside.

      • She seems/-ed to be whatever people wanted her to be.
        In dress and manner, just as you say, Egri: “unpretentious, hard-working, modest woman from next door.” Exceptionally so, in retrospect, almost a caricature.

      • I am with you, the German people have been enslaved by a quiet coup one that was less obvious to outsiders then the coup currently being attempted in the US.

        The situation in Germany have reached the point where their choices are 1) surrender and commit cultural and possibly genetic suicide. 2) Immigrate to some nation where things aren’t as bad as they are in Germany and fight to save freedom in their new home. 3) Fight for Germany, and pray that it isn’t too late for a revolution to succeed. Given the situation in Sweden it is close to the time when it is too late for any thing but fight or flee and seek allies to liberate all of Europe. While there are some who will advocate surrender it is better to fight or run away to fight again on another day. Surrender is the cowards way.

    • I understand how you feel, BUT…how do you know the people in your country will behave differently once your Islamic demographic matches theirs? Western complicity to the hijrah is everywhere, in case you haven’t noticed. I fully agree that there seems to be a strange element to the German character–true believer stuff–but it’s another thing to wish the good ones into slavery. German was, or maybe still is the #1 ethnicity in America, the greatest country in history. It was said here a few days ago…don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

  3. It seems to me that independent thinking is not highly valued in Germany or, to put it another way, that the herd instinct, the desire to conform and not rock the boat, is particularly strong among Germans. Hence the attraction to Islam (which is not an entirely new phenomena, of course).

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