Poland Takes up the Case of Michael Stürzenberger

Michael Stürzenberger is a writer, political activist, and stalwart of the Counterjihad in Germany, especially in Munich. A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the conviction of Mr. Stürzenberger for posting a photo on Facebook of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem shaking hands with a Nazi during the Second World War (see the article and interview about the conviction of Michael Stürzenberger). His crime was “inciting hatred towards Islam”. The court sentenced him to six months in prison — for sharing an accurate historical artifact.

It was encouraging to learn today that Poland has championed Michael Stürzenberger’s case at an official level, and will take Germany to task at the Council of Europe for its failure to uphold freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Germany is a signatory. A persecuted dissident must find it bracing to receive the backing of the governing party of a sovereign nation and member state of the European Union.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Please read the rest at Gates of Vienna.Net

Here is the video interview with Michael shortly after his sentence was pronounced.

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5 Replies to “Poland Takes up the Case of Michael Stürzenberger”

  1. I love how the Poles are trolling the EU and Germany. Obviously the puppet EU will not examine the issues of freedom of speech in Germany seriously, but it will take the pressure off them while the EU bureaucrats try to wiggle out of the trap.

    • It will also put pressure on the EU, pressure that the patriotic citizens of the individual nations need put on if they are to have any hope of regaining their freedom. This move tells them that at least on nation is willing to support tem.

  2. President Trump continues to find Angela Merkel repulsive. Sturzenberger’s case is discussed at lower levels of WH staff. The case will gain more exposure as the President searches for more issues to berate And humiliate Angela.

  3. The people of Germany have completely lost their minds. The guy posted a historical photo from WWII. No photoshopping occurred. No treasonous comments were made. The act of posting a photo of this sort should not cause anyone to get mad. The guy should not even get a slap on the wrist.

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