“All believers must learn to practice a few random acts of terror” -More or less Muhammad: Links 2, Sept. 1, 2017

1. Spain: Barcelona metro station evacuated in suspected chemical incident – bomb squad deployed.

BARCELONA police evacuated two major metro stations in a suspected chemical incident after a “green liquid” was discovered, just weeks after the city went through a terror attack.

Mossos d’Esquadra closed two metro stations on the L3 line after a “green liquid” was discovered at Lesseps.

Police are currently investigating the incident and have also closed the Fontana station, south of Lesseps which was shut at 8pm, local time.


It is unclear if the incident is terror-related. 

Ara, a Catalonian newspaper, has claimed CCTV footage, seen by the authorities, shows two men throwing a liquid into the driver’s cab of the train.

2. UK: Knifeman is arrested at Stratford Westfield shopping centre after one man is stabbed and another injured as shoppers report ‘blood all over floor’

A man has been arrested at a shopping centre in east London this evening after one man was stabbed and another injured as customers reported seeing ‘blood all over the floor’.


Police were called to what was described by one witness as a ‘mass brawl’ at the shopping complex where one stunned customer shared a photo on social media of officers and onlookers surrounding what appears to be a man lying motionless on the floor, as passersby held hands to their mouths in distress.


Hollie Rose said on Twitter: ‘Imagine getting locked in a store in Westfield only to come out to find blood all over the floor and police everywhere, brilliant.’

3. France: Paris lockdown: Man ‘with weapon’ arrested at Eiffel Tower as police evacuate Gare du Nord

PARIS is on lockdown as armed police surround the Eiffel Tower amid reports of a ‘gunman’ on the loose as authorities evacuate Eurostar terminal Gare du Nord.

Tourists visiting the popular attraction are believed to have been trapped in the Paris landmark as armed police surrounded its base amid reports of a ‘gunman’ on the loose.


Images from the scene show a police cordon surrounding the attraction, with witnesses being approached by police.

Some even appear to be being searched as officers cleared the area.


One person tweeted: “#EiffelTower is shut off with a large security presence from Trocadéro – trying to see what if anything is going on…”

Another said: “#EiffelTower something not right?”

4. USA-Europe: US warn residents AGAINST travel to Europe amid fear of ISIS terror attack

A travel alert was issued by the US State Department on Thursday telling Americans to avoid travelling to the continent in the next few months because of the “continued threat”.


It warns ISIS and affiliated groups are continuing to target tourist spots, transport hubs and shopping malls.

The US State Department said: “Recent, widely reported incidents in France, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Finland demonstrate that the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS or Da’esh), al-Qa’ida, and their affiliates have the ability to plan and execute terrorist attacks in Europe.  

5. I don’t even know what this is, other than its Barcelona and the gate crashers do not appear to be Spanish.


Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., NorseRadish and so many more who sent in materials today. There is more to come when its ready including a video about a Nazi bell in Germany that suddenly matters as the world goes into rabid fits over symbols while ignoring what they actually represented that was problematic.

By the way, an old video of a principle at the Southern Poverty Law Centre:


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  1. no,.1
    this is google translation from the Spanish media with more information and the pictures of alleged perpetrators at the link .

    Line 3 of Barcelona shut down after suspicious liquid has been found.

    The Mossos d’Esquadra (police forces of Catalonia) have shut down line 3 of the Barcelona metro after the appearance of a suspicious liquid in the interior of the driver’s cabin.

    The train did not transport passengers at the time of the incident, registered at 4:30 p.m. It was the driver, when performing the inspection work at the end of the line, who found the liquid. Soon afterwards the same “irritating” substance appeared on another train.

    The Mossos have clear out the stop of Lesseps and the one of Fontana. The liquid was found at the first stop, while in the second the canisters containing the material were found. TEDAX has been moved to the area to confirm that there are no explosive devices.
    According to La Vanguardia reports, two suspects have been searched by the security cameras, throwing a green liquid inside the car. The newspaper has shared pictures of them:
    Although they have suggested through Twitter that no hypothesis is ruled out, the Moscos have said that everything seems to indicate that it is a “vandalism.” They think the liquid found is ‘salfumán’.(hydrochloric acid)
    Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona attributes the incident to an act of “antisocial behaviour”. The Line 3 service will attempt to re-establish as soon as possible. At 19:23 hours the partial traffic has been opened in two sectors, maintaining the cut between the stations Diagonal and Lesseps.

  2. More of the wacky conspiracies:
    When it comes to Hillary anything is possible in my opinion.
    Dear Hillary Clinton, Please Stop Harvesting Our Organs

  3. 4- if you must go to Europe go to the V4. Spend money. Revel in their safe and civilized tard-free societies. Enjoy the food and the beer. They can use the moral support.

  4. All believers must learn to practice a few random acts of terror

    Thank goodness that this commandment fails to specify exactly who must unleash all hell against those who insist upon causing mayhem.

    Soon enough, “a few random acts of (Western) terror” will easily translate into nuclear reprisals.

    When that time comes, please don’t come looking for me when your eyes have been poked out.

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