Breaking: Knife Jihad in Finland

For the moment being, please see these accounts in the British Press:
The Sun, GB: KNIFE RAMPAGE Finland attack – Knifemen stab six – including a woman pushing a pram – during rampage through city of Turku amid reports of shots fired
Express, GB: BREAKING: Knife rampage in Turku, Finland – one dead, five injured and city in lock down
Mirror, GB: Finland ‘terror attack’: Live updates as multiple people are injured after knifeman ‘screaming Allahu Akbar’ goes on rampage in city centre

Update: A heavily pixelated video by Onlinemagazine on Twitter

Update: Finnish twitter Users point out that the shouting heard in the video below are Finnish “varo, varokaa”, meaning “watch out!”.

Turku, Finland Knife Attack victim – Source: Twitter, unknown user

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  1. Knife rampage in Turku, Finland – two dead, six injured and city on lockdown (express, Aug 18, 2017)

    “A KNIFE attack in Finland has left two dead, six injured and the city of Turku on lockdown.

    A stabbing attack in Turku, south-west Finland, has left two people dead and six injured.

    A body lying in the middle of the street has been covered with a white cover, with several other bloodied victims treated on the ground.

    Police have increased security across the entire country as they hunt what they described as “potentially several perpetrators”.

    One witness said a woman was stabbed while pushing her one-year-old baby in a pram. He described her as lying “immobile” in the street after the incident.

    Several of the injured are believed to be foreign visitors to the city, located around 100 miles west of the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

    Police are hunting for “several possible perpetrators”

    Officers have one suspect in custody after shooting him in the leg with a single bullet.

    A shocking video taken in Turku showed several people fleeing the scene. One man can be heard shouting “varokaa”, the Finnish for “watch out”.

    Photos sent on social media application Snapchat show bloodied victims lying prone on the ground.

    The city centre has now been locked down as police tell people to avoid the area.

    The city’s main library in the city centre has been sealed. Other major buildings nearby have also been locked down, including the Impivaara swimming pool.

    Security at Helsinkin Airport and transport hubs has been boosted in an attempt to capture the other suspects.

    Police are believed to be searching trains and buses in Turku.

    At around 4.30pm BST (6.30pm local time) the Finnish police said security was being increased “nationwide”, including extra patrols in busy areas.

    One witness said he saw one attacker run from Market Square to Puutori, another square in the town.

    Another witness said: “People ran and yelled and it was a terrible scene. It was not clear who was chasing and who was running away.”

    Several shocked members of the public took to Twitter to describe the scene.

    One said: “A likely terrorist attack just occurred in Turku, Finland.

    I saw the police shoot a man.Another said: “Under lockdown in the center of Turku, several people injured possibly dead. Large police and ambulance presence.

    A third said: “Something violent happening in #turku. Lots of police, ambulances.”

    The local police force said: “Several people have knifed in the centre of Turku. The public is urged to avoid staying in the downtown area.

    “Police have shot a suspected assailant in the leg. The person is arrested.

    “The police is searching for possible more perpetrators in Turku. People are asked to leave and avoid the center of Turku.”

    Finnish police have also announced security has been reinforced at Helsinki Airport and local train stations following the stabbing.

    They said the incident had begun at around 4.40pm local time (2.40pm BST).

    Police have not ruled out terror as a motive.

    The current threat level for terrorism in Finland is currently “elevated”, following yesterday’s Barcelona attack.

    This is the third-highest threat level out of the four available.

    The government has grown more concerned about attacks, partly after an Uzbek man killed four people in neighbouring Sweden in April by driving a hijacked truck into crowd in central Stockholm.

    The UK foreign office advises on its website: “Terrorist attacks in Finland can’t be ruled out. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners.

    “There is a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals, from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria.

    “You should be vigilant at this time.”

    Officers also rushed to a shopping centre in the nearby town of Raiso after reports of another incident. This situation was quickly declared safe.

    Prime Minister Juha Sipila wrote on his Twitter: “The government is closely following the events in Turku and the ongoing police operation.

    “The government will meet later today.”

    This is a breaking story, more to follow…”

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