The ANTIFA Cultural revolution continues: Links 1 on Aug. 18, 2017

1. Vandals Spray Paint ‘Nazis’ On NH GOP Headquarters

CONCORD, NH (CBS) — The New Hampshire Republican Party headquarters was spray painted with the word “Nazis” inside a hand-drawn heart Wednesday night.

Concord Police found the vandalism Thursday morning.

nh gop nazi heart Vandals Spray Paint Nazis On NH GOP Headquarters

Nazi heart graffiti spray painted on the NH GOP headquarters building. (Photo credit: NH GOP)

Police say the vandals also threw rocks through several of the windows and other graffiti had been spray painted on the outside of the building.

(Postmodernists are destroying liberal society with weaponized language, as is their stated tactic.)

2. Tucker Carlson on corporate censorship

3. Member of “Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Party” (with muslim name) Arrested for Role in Destroying Confederate Statue

Takiyah Fatima Thompson, a member of Workers World Party (WWP) and a student at N.C. Central University, was arrested on August 15 for playing a leading role in toppling a statue of a Confederate soldier that had stood in front of a county administrative building in Durham, North Carolina, since 1924.

On its own website, the WWP describes itself as “a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist party dedicated to organizing and fighting for a socialist revolution in the United States and around the world.”

Thompson was arrested after activists held a press conference at NCCU. In a release, the student radical admitted that she was the woman shown in a video climbing a ladder placed against the statue and tying a rope around the soldier’s neck so that others could pull the statue to the ground.

The Durham County sheriff’s office said Thompson is charged with the following misdemeanor and felony charges: 

• 14-132 Disorderly conduct by injury to a statue (Class II Misdemeanor)

• 14-127 Damage to real property (statue as a fixture (Class I Misdemeanor)

• 14-288.2(c) Participation in a riot with property damage in excess of $1,500 (Class H Felony)

• 14-288.2(e) inciting others to riot where there is property damage in excess of $1,500 (Class F Felony)

4. VICE Magazine Tweet Calls for Blowing Up Mount Rushmore

On the same day as a deadly incident in Barcelona that police have confirmed as a terrorist attack, a tweet published by VICE (whose website PJ Media will not link to in this post) called for blowing up Mount Rushmore.

Thank you M., Xanthippa, TL., Wrath of Khan, EB., and many more haste and poor organization has caused me to lose track of. Please keep it coming. I just finished another interview with former CIA Station Chief, Brad Johnson which should be available later today, where he assures us we are having a bigger effect than we may know. So please, don’t give up hope, and continue to send in your thoughts and in particular, foreign news links that show things the Anglosphere does not get to know as a rule.

Here is a discussion between Stephen Hicks, author of Explaining Postmodernism, and Dr. Jordan Peterson. How can anyone not watch that?



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2 Replies to “The ANTIFA Cultural revolution continues: Links 1 on Aug. 18, 2017”

    Because of the spread of true facts
    EILT: Six months imprisonment for PI-NEWS author Michael Stürzenberger
    EILT: Sechs Monate Haft für PI-NEWS Autor Michael Stürzenberge
    The seed goes up. The interplay of justice, Bavarian constitutional protection and the state is running like a smear: a further attack on free speech in a regime that is now more criminalized by its critics than the real perpetrators who threaten Germany. PI-NEWS author Michael Stürzenberger was sentenced to a six-month imprisonment for a six-month imprisonment by the criminal court of the Landgericht in Munich for a “propagation of propaganda means of unconstitutional organizations”.

    Spectators and process observers in the completely crowded hall of the criminal court reacted shocked after the verdict. They witnessed a significant moment in our country, just a few hours after the Islamic mass murder of Barcelona.

    Stürzenberger reviewed the article “Hakenkreuz und Halbmond” from the Süddeutsche Zeitung, in June 2016, on PI-NEWS, in which he was also mentioned by name. In his well-researched essay on contemporary history, he also used two original photographs, which showed the then Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Amin Al-Husseini with “Hakenkreuz” sizes – for historical reporting in the sense of a citizen’s enlightenment.

    This use is expressly covered by the license list of § 86 (3) of the German Criminal Code. Also the SZ used similar original photos. Stürzenberger showed the chronological intersections of the two ideologies “Islamism” and “National Socialism”. In a Facebook entry, he pointed out both the PI news article and the SZ paper “Hakenkreuz und Halbmond” and the research results of the renowned Egyptian political scientist Hamed Abdel Samad.
    Prosecutor’s office: “Hetzen gegen Islam”

    The prosecutor ordered him to “fight against Islam” – in particular, that the Mufti is not marked “half moon”. This is sufficient for a “transient observer” to degrade religion (peace). The “transient observer can not recognize in his” Timeline “that this is a historical review of the subject.”

    The people are kept silly and – considered stupid. Equally, all NS-historical films and documentaries on the GEZ-financed TV stations ARD-ZDF-phoenix-arte-zdf-info-etc. The zapping ignorant observer can not distinguish between Nazi propaganda and historical facts.
    Protests against the ban on Islamic criticism before the court building in Munich.
    A suspicious “Herrfisch”, a police officer, who also obediently submitted and protested the complaint against Stürzenberger to the public prosecutor, was heard as a witness. His admission was hardly comprehensible to the inclined process observers – the request to the High Court to use the hall microphones was refused by the judge.

    Just as the defense’s request for a documentary by quotes from relevant violent Koran-Suras and the relevant passages from the work of Abdel Samad’s “Islamic Fascism”, also mentioned by the prosecutor’s office. The evidence was, of course, not allowed. On the other hand, a verdict of a Graz court (!!!!) against Stürzenberger in detail was read and acknowledged by the public prosecutor and the judge.

    Quasi-Berufsverbot for Stürzenberger

    The final plea for Stürzenberger was fulminant – he received “standing ovations” from the courtroom. In the far-sighted farce between the prosecutor’s office and the court, Michael Stürzenberger’s verdict on six months of freedom deprivation and 100 social hours. This could be suspended for “probation”. The period of probation was three years and six months, which is equivalent to a factual ban on an Islamic journalist in the current security situation.

    Last but not least, the visibly annoyed judge did not take part in insulting the listeners and process observers, who were widely approached, in good manners from Munich: “The comments by Stürzenberger in his contribution to Islam and fascism are, by the way, But you have no idea about that at the back (on the audience seats), because you do not deal with the things. ”

    The identity cards were carefully copied from all listeners. Stürzenberger will lodge an appeal. Criminal charges against the judge because of offense in offense with legal dispute will be.

    There is something rotten in the state of Germany.

  2. The communist revolution is getting along with much better publicity then the counter revolution, too bad for the revolutionaries because our side has the true experts and most of them aren’t making their actions public. When it goes kinetic the radical left will be surprised at the short amount of time their total defeat is going to take.

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