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One Reply to “Retired CIA Chief, Brad Johnson: Canada, terror and the future”

  1. Halacha- pronounced with a soft “ch” – a guttural sound.

    Even amongst Haredim, the worst punishment is shunning or exclusion from the community. Temporary or permanent.

    That’s bad. Your whole life has been your extended family. If they sit shiva for you, you’re dead to them. Almost always irreversible.

    But you’re NOT really DEAD!
    Nor are you fearful of going to hell, as that’s a concept alien to Halacha.

    You go out and discover a whole world.
    Like leaving an Amish enclave, it’s difficult. You’re like a soft-boiled egg. Or a marooned extraterrestrial with no place to call home.

    There are organizations of those who’ve gone before; they’re invaluable. They include lawyers who intercede with the secular authorities to enforce the law of the land with respect to your children and property.

    The law of the land is always supreme. Even in Israel where the Chief Rabbinate has considerable power, secular law prevails. Though “secular family law” there is consistent with Halacha. Which is not universally popular in Israel and deeply resented by many secular Diaspora Jews.

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