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15 Replies to “Wild Bill detained at Canadian border for possession of own speech”

  1. This is like something out of Kafka or possibly the Keystone Cops. If this was a scene in a movie it would be hilarious, instead it is real life and scary as hell.

      • That’s why my parents nixed McGill.

        They said creepy schizoid language nazis signify deeper problems. That was a long time ago, all I remember is “do not bode well” and my feeble arguments.

        They were consistent, anyway. They opposed calls for the USA to go Spanish-bilingual, even at the State – not Federal – level. Yet my father had practical usage skills in 27 languages.

  2. Playing of oh Canada at the end of this vid made me realize how disgusted I am as a Canadian since Justin and his band of imbeciles have been in power, .I will be celebrating JULY 4th this year and marking a day of mourning on July 1st

      • I lost trust after the IRS hit the Tea Party. Never recovered, only became a more confirmed cynic.

        I’m sorry, though. Innocence lost.
        But those who grew up with television were never that naive. Yuri Bezmenov explained how iconic newscasters were undermining our self-confidence for years.

        • In the early 70s I say the radical far left take over the Democrat party, when the news people kept calling the radicals moderates I lost my trust in them. I kept it in the FBI until the Clinton era and then decided to trust them again under Bush, then cam Obama I haven’t trusted them since. I still morn the loss of a government I can have faith in but we don’t have that now, the bureaucrats have seized too much power.

          People are acting shocked that Obama may have to testify in front of Congress under oath and risk perjury charges yet unless we arrest, try and jail Obama and his people for their very real crimes the Constitution and the rule of law in the US is over. The left has pushed the idea that the President isn’t below the law and way too many people are believing him. That was what Magna Carta was all about, the monarch was below the law and had to obey the law. Now the left is once again raising the Monarch to be above the law, How people can’t see the danger to this is beyond me, there are way too many petty dictators in the world for the danger to be hidden from them.

          • My familiar spirit, John Adams, feels our pain, so to speak‚Ķ

            Though he’s always hanging around me, I visit his grave every year on the day he died, July 4 [1826].
            We’ll have a good time, though. He’s very much a realist with a dry sense of humor. His cousin, Sam, is a real trouble-maker, but his beer is always welcome.

    • Several times I have posted articles, reluctantly posted them because the seemed to be tinfoil hat material, but they were true. This is one of the scariest things about the time we live in, you can never be sure the conspiracy theories aren’t true.

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