Yes. It really is a commie plot


I watched a good chunk of this documentary and found it very well done and felt it was a decent, even good supporting document to the general theme of this site. That a combination of Islam and leftist/postmodernist/Marxist/fascist thought is what will take down classical civilization.

Actually is taking it down.

I did not watch to the very end however, and for the second time since I began this site, I need to write a caveat and apology for the same reason.

According to a vigilant reader, at the end there is a link to another documentary by the same people. The second documentary is pure Nazi. In fact its a distortion of history to make Hitler the victim, and in defiance of all facts and evidence, claims that Hitler tried to stop globalization.

So it needs to be understood that this documentary below, which is, as far as I watched, a good summary of the facts of the Frankfurt School, is a sort of gateway drug into antisemitism.

This seems to be a good time to reword a theme I find myself having to return to often, although I wonder at this stage if the wheels of history are not greased with inevitability, and so there is no point. But I suppose for the sake of my own conscience I have to say these things from time to time.

It is true that Jewish people are disproportionately represented in the far left, and most destructive elements of Western civilization, although the people often cited are few. Barbara Learner Spectre, I think is her name, is the one most often quoted for modern times, the Frankfurt School men, largely Jews, and so on.

What is also true is that Jewish people are very overrepresented in the fight to preserve real equality and not equity, and classical liberalism; Quite simply the most successful system ever tried on this planet. But they do not usurp their Jewishness to do so. And if it wasn’t for Islam, certain forms of other religions, and leftism, we may have colonized the stars by now because of them.

When an apparently East Asian women like BAMN leader, Yvette Felarca, goes on TV to rage on with anti-White hyperbole, no one, at least publicly, states it is because she is a woman, or that it is because she is of East Asian heritage. The problem is in plain site. She is a commie.

When a white male thuggish commie is outed like, well, 90% of ANTIFA, no one says its because they are white males. They rightly point at the ideology from which they operate and say that our youth have been corrupted by government sponsored, ideological subversion at universities.

When a muslim blows up children at some concert in the UK, we rightly point out that this is 100% consistent with the scripture and ideology to which this attacker was known to be devoted, and that he attended structures called mosques, well known to teach this ideology 24/7 as actual divine and immutable truth.

But when Jews are involved, despite not only no scripture or ideology to point at which is Jewish, and no history of Jewish conquests using whatever motive Jews might collectively operate under, then their involvement proves that the problem is somehow their ‘Jewishness’.

Notice that when a muslim apostatizes, they no longer are seen to be a problem. Some, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, quite rightly become heroes. But for Jews, its thought to be inherent. That it doesn’t even matter if they convert to anything else. They will still be hunted and despised.

For practical purposes however, it does matter. I personally know families who converted to Christianity after WW2 and hide Jewish roots zealously.

But this was to avoid the very people who would do them in had they known the ethnic roots of the people.

In the agenda and views of this site, a document I first wrote sometime in 2008, I point out that if our society did not wake up and do something about the problems of emergent militant Islam and leftism, that by the time it did, people would gravitate to anything that might work, and that would be genuine Nazism, which at the time I referred to as the far right, but which I now know to be the far left.

Let me assure you all this is decidedly happening. Antisemitism in its most dangerous and pernicious form, has been waiting dormant like locust to find an opportunity of sufficient desperation by the public and  actions by our despicable, traitorous, destructive, leaders such as Obama, Merkel, Trudeau, and probably Macron and others, none of which are Jewish, but overall are likely financed by a white, male, Hungarian, quasi-Jew named George Soros.

To the point, Soros’ motivations have less than nothing to do with his Y chromosome. Nothing to do with his Hungarian parentage. Nothing to do with his Jewish ethnicity, other than his at least 10% above the mean IQ and probably much more. But everything to do with his now crystal clear agenda of creating a postmodernist/communist/far left wing agenda.

Lastly, and this may be my most important point in the general issue:

The Jews who work for the enemy will absolutely usurp their Jewishness specifically in order to create the effect we are seeing. This is a strategic issue. We see the exact same thing with feminist groups that clearly and unmistakably undermine the position of women in society to advance Islam, and to smash holes in civilization. Giant ones at that.

We see the exact same thing with groups like “Black Lives Matter” which never advocate for any issue that actually would bring about a better and more just society, but only create problems where it will result in police losing authority altogether, and thugs and criminals of all kinds, who are black of course, have a better hand against those who would protect society from them.

We see the exact same thing from every possible group, natural and hastily invented which involves what unnatural way people might wish to use their genitals. Pretty soon we will see advocacy groups for those who identify as people who only like sexual contact with electrical appliances that operate at 12V. DC.

The vast majority of all these groups recognize that those who agitate in their name are usurpers of the identity to add clout to their efforts. And so it is true of leftist Jews.

But like BLM, Women’s groups, transexual groups and so on, the real problem is that they are all and I mean all, schilling for communists. And more and more openly so.

We are now at a point where people I have known nearly my whole adult life are starting to attend meetings where open antisemitism is preached and the sub current of the theme is always that it comes down to the Jews. People I know, respect, and like.

But these people are in places where the threat of imminent collapse by leftists and Muslims is real. They are, predictably gravitating to anything that looks like it will fight back as opposed to the squishy ‘no violence for any reason’ crowd which makes up most of the resistance, and sorry, but in practical terms, thats as much a preemptive surrender as when Obama gave a date for leaving Afghanistan and Iraq just long enough so that the Taliban and Al Qaeda could redecorate with US cash.

No one, and I mean no one, who has ever been to a memorial service for our soldiers or worn a poppy should ever dare say that violence is never the solution. At some point, its just the least worst one.

And if I am right, and frankly it seems kind of obvious, when Nazism emerges again it will do so in Sweden. Because the people did nothing until it was too late, and now it calls for desperate measures. And this is the inevitability of which the wheels of history are greased.

I apologize for not having vetted this video more carefully. Please know that “I” have more than 14 hours work to do here every day in every 14 hour day. So when I see what appears to be a great resource I post it. But mistakes are make. This was … sort of one of them, as the material in the video below. seems solid.


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  1. It’s like the atomic or hydrogen bombs: born in theory with the expectations of success also no more than theoretical. Then voila, it does work–what the hell do we do now!

  2. This is working to destroy civilization, I doubt if Marxism will take over but it is bringing about the return of strongman rule. I wish more people were being taught about this but with the left controlling the educational systems this is not going to happen.

  3. Thanks for the much needed intro to the video.
    unfortunately i think people need reminding.
    the conspiracy theorists and their illuminati, well poisoner, 9/11 was an inside job, jews eat palistinian babies crap seems too popular, “it’s all in the protocols the elders of zion, don’t you know?”

  4. I just want to say that this here Jew fully appreciates what you do, and I fully agree with your views as stated above.

    Lately, I’ve taken to pushing back on antisemites by pointing out to them that they often perceive quite correctly that there is *a* problem, but by wasting their energy in blaming it on Jews, they make themselves a part of the problem, instead of the solution, if they actually identified the correct sources (communists and fellow travellers, etc).

    Replace “Jews” by “Islamic oil money” and “Communist plot” and many antisemitic theories actually start to make a good bit of sense – as your experience above proves. If only these people would redirect their energies!

  5. Only two times! Just yesterday, I was quick in posting a link that had an anti-semitic comment below. We live in a dualistic world. In order to be innocent we must find someone who is guilty. Hate needs a target. And maybe it is because Moses brought us the Ten Commandments. We don’t like our guilt so we project it out hoping to get rid of it. Out, damned spot! Out, I say!

    Sometimes you just don’t know what you are getting into – Peace

    • @ EB

      “…And maybe it is because Moses brought us the Ten Commandments….”

      As they say: “no good deed shall go unpunished”.

      Incidentally, I was (nearly literally) rolling on the floor watching this video ! Thanks !

    • You’re dear, EB.
      It’s not fashionable to say, but I will anyway: you’re a real Christian gentleman. I thank G-d for bringing you to my sight. It’s His gift to me.

  6. Every new born
    Is a shoe horn
    Into the anxieties of the spawn.
    It take a reborn
    From the firstborn
    That Stars of David adorn.

  7. The dividing line is not right now between Muslim and non-Muslim, or even between left and right, but between collectivism and freedom.

    Muslims and leftists are collectivist allies in the quest to take down our remaining freedoms. They are occasionally joined by anti-freedom rightists.

    And one obvious sign of this is the re-emergence of the preoccupation with Jews.

    Unfreedom usually targets the Jewish people first, and always targets them eventually.

    Hence the the same old habit of tarring all Jews with the actions of one.

    But leftists and Muslims should beware this brotherhood of convenience. If their wish of social breakdown is granted, it will not be amity between brothers but war between brothers. No different from the fraternal war between the Nazis and Bolsheviks, and no quarter given.

  8. I havn’t watched all of it either, I watched enough to see they were talking about facts about how civilization is being attacked. I have been caught like this at least twice, sorry.

  9. Thank-you, Eeyore. You get it and you say it perfectly. The “inherent” identity is too complicated to understand: It just is. And there’s no more certain sign of tough times ahead for everyone than a flare-up of Jew-hate.

    Exuberant celebrations of Jew-hate, these grotesqueries I can avoid. What’s worse is the poison seeping into the groundwater. I see it in the comments at otherwise exceptional conservative websites.

    Useful keywords are acquiring a film of scum: zionist, jew. Whole concepts are being subsumed into what EB describes as a duality – us :: them, patriot :: globalist, etc.

    Those falling into such usage aren’t even aware that their thinking is becoming warped. In fact they’d flatly deny the world-view they’re beginning to integrate.

    They’ll say, “The religious ones aren’t like that, they’re ok.” While that’s true, I wince when others sort our soiled linen.

    It’s all so distressing.

      • “…Those falling into such usage aren’t even aware that their thinking is becoming warped. In fact they’d flatly deny the world-view they’re beginning to integrate….”

        One of my neighbours is a pure product of the BBC-style public broadcasters and hence one of the “Israel’s Occupation of Palestine” idiots. With her I used a gift acquired early in my life: make her feel guilty. She now, when she sees me, protests that she is not an anti-Semite. When she forgets to “protest too much”, I will remind her gently that she is a Nazi (not in these words, of course, and much much much more diplomatically)…I’m wicked like that, and it gives me actually a certain pleasure, the Marquis de Sade would appreciate 😉

        • Ah, Rita, you’re such a friend.
          The “Righteous Among the Nations” is probably the highest honor the State of Israel awards internationally.
          You’d have been a shoo-in.
          I’m estranged from my much older sister and her children. I made the idiot mistake of duckduckgo-ing the name of my neice.
          She writes for Mondoweiss and ElectricIntifada.
          ……..such terrible pain, I’m having a hard time recovering.

          • @ yucki !
            This is the lovliest compliment I have ever received ! Printed and framed and will hang over my desk, to keep this head of mine growing even bigger 😉

            “…She writes for Mondoweiss and ElectricIntifada.”

            Confessing to ignorance as to who/what is Mondoweiss and ElectricIntiada ?

  10. Dear Eeyore:

    I have not yet watched the video, but your brilliant article does not need it. A slow reader, it took me a long time to read and was worth every minute of it. I will come back to this thread, but here is a video in which a French journalist (towards the end) tries to explain the “reason” for the Jew Hatred:

    I dont want to abuse this space to promote my modest little blog, but this link will give you the context of this interview:

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