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7 Replies to “Arrest and possible serious charges for post-modern prof from the battle at Berkeley”

  1. Great. The coward thought his face mask would protect him.
    I looked at the Antifa Berkeley FB/Twitter pages. No mention of the arrest.

    • “Police say the violence happened April 15 in Civic Center Park in Berkeley when pro-Trump supporters clashed with self-described anti-fascist, or “antifa,” activists determined to stop a rally where white supremacist views were expected to be expressed.”

      Pro-Trump supporters express “White Supremacist views,” according to this news reporter.

      Now that’s phobia. To put into people’s mouths what you fear they are going to say, and then protest about it as though they did.

      It is not phobia when you protest about what actual Muslims say and do.

    • Excellent video at link showing the facial recognition forensics used to identify Eric Clanton. Time for a stay in substandard federally provided housing with substandard co-tenants.

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