Matrix Correspondant assaulted on air at Station Terminal

An original translation by Fousequawk with much thanks!

A female news reporter for Italian TV went to the main train station in Rome late one evening to report on the poor, poor African “refugees” who had been sleeping rough there for a while. The unfortunate young lady and her even more unfortunate cameraman were jumped from behind and assaulted by some of those same culture-enrichers. The unexpected fracas ended up being broadcast on live television.

Luckily for her, a (presumably unenriched) taxi driver happened to be at hand to offer her shelter; otherwise the reporter might have ended up providing therapy for some of the migrants to help them cope with their “sexual emergencies”.

The following video shows how events in the station unfolded. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

From this Italian news source:

May 5 2017

Moments of tension live on the air at the opening of Matrix show dedicated to security in large cities

As soon as Nicola Porro connected with his correspondent around 11:30pm at the Station Terminal of Rome to document the situation of the campers who congregate there at night, Francesca Parisella had just enough time to begin the connection before announcing, “They have assaulted us”. With the camera weaving, it was understood that the journalist and her cameraman were fleeing and the voice of the reporter changed in tone into an actual cry of fear. A few minutes later, Porro, from the studio, explained that, “Francesca is upset but well. They have destroyed the camera and beaten the cameraman. A situation such as this evening’s should not be a report from a war zone. Thanks to a taxi driver, a much worse outcome was avoided.” The version was confirmed by Parisella herself, by telephone shortly thereafter. “We were at a distance to report on the type of welcome we can give; they were disturbed and they assaulted us. They chased me and grabbed me by the jacket,” explains the journalist.

[Below, most of a comment from Youtube that was for this video and adds info:]

Matrix is a TV show with a pretty decent audience so it should have been watched by quite a few people. This hasn’t made the front pages BTW (as expected) but I found many articles when I searched for it. It seems that a taxi driver who witnessed the brutal aggression risked his life (her words) to save her, he put her in his car and locked it while waiting for the police.


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  1. With that happening live there isn’t any need for the propaganda media to report, in this case world of mouth and no report in the propaganda media will do a lot more to spread the news and cause some sort of a backlash. Even if especially if the backlash is the change of attitude of a significant portion of people who were watching and those they tell about what happened.

  2. I guess they didn’t like the hot meals that were delivered that night. This sort of thing could happen 100 times on television and the progressive morons will still continue to worship at the shrine of multiculturalism and islam. Even had she been raped, she would probably have blamed it on herself, or the white patriarchy or Western imperialism. Discouraged doesn’t begin to cover how I feel when I think of the future of Europe and Canada, and the West in general.

    • Don’t leave America off that list friend. In fact, here’s what’s happening in America right now. In 1996 America was 84% white, in 2016, America was 59% white. That’s a 25% overall population drop in just 20 years. If this continues, and regrettably, it appears it will. Whites will be 34% of the population by 2036 and make up just 9% of their own country by 2056. That’s a loss of 75% of the population in just 60 years. If this were happening to any other ethnic group it would not be characterized in the left’s fluffy buzz terms like “diversity” or “multiculturalism”. It would be referred to as exactly what it is, genocide through deliberate and aggressive policies of colonization and targeted dispossession.

      What’s worse is that this isn’t happening in America alone. This is happening to varying degrees in almost every white Nation across the entire planet at the same time. We are witnessing the biggest robbery in human history.

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