ANTIFA and paving the way for jihad: Links 1 on March 27 – 2017

1, Antifa seems to be escalating its tactics. People should be aware that ANTIFA appears to have some form of central command in that their tactics are nearly perfectly uniform on all areas of operation. They also seem to escalate everywhere at the same time.

This particular clip on FB is unique to the USA in one way, as only the USA has a 2nd amendment which would make this sort of display possible at the moment. It may indicate though that some kind of equivalent set of tactics will go into use across the rest of their areas of operation.

2. Speaking of ANTIFA, this is an awesome clip

Think in terms of a drug dealer using from his own stash. Drugs are his product. People are destroyed so that the dealer can profit by it. Marxism is pretty much the same, especially the post modern variant of it. ANTIFA sells this ideology but they are supposed to be smart enough not to be users.

When they start dismantling the merit principle in favour of racism, sexism and other forms of statistical equality of result, they will do to themselves what they work double shifts to do to civilization itself.

Destroy it by making it buy into an impossible methodology.

Its easy to think this video is a joke of logical extreme, lampooning the new left. But it appears to be on a YT channel of a group that actually means this stuff.

As banker, Charles E. Mitchell, said, “never interfere with the enemy while he is in the process of making a mistake.”

So its great to see ANTIFA eating their own poison.

3. Interesting video about dawa in the UK, but incomplete.

The person who analyzed this video is likely unaware that “dawa” is not an analogue or translation for proselytizing, as it may be in Christianity, but is more accurately “Paving the road for jihad”. Mohammad used to give an ultimatum right before he attacked. Surrender and be slaves, convert to Islam and be ruled anyway, or fight and die. When you see actions like this, it is not attempting to persuade people over to Islam, which the video-maker understandably mistakes it to be, but simply fulfilling the conditions required before kinetic jihad.

For a truly excellent and detailed explanation for this, watch all of Stephen Coughlin’s videos.

4. Moving US embassy to Jerusalem still on table

5. Marine le Pen. The last few minutes of a recent speech. Inspiring.

Thank you Oz-Rita, M., Wrath of Khan, and a host of people who have been sending in materials. Please remember as usual, there is a great deal of links to important information, especially of geopolitical events and movements, in the Reader’s daily links post comments.


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4 Replies to “ANTIFA and paving the way for jihad: Links 1 on March 27 – 2017”

  1. I find the facebook video interesting because it came so soon after the Huntington Beach fight where antifa was kicked out of the protest area. They are trying to say that the next time weapons will be used, they need to remember our side has guns also and are much better trained.

    I hope the girl manages to demasculitize the antifa men.

  2. 2. The humiliation of men, to wear what is sex-retardation of women…

    “Folding tables with over a hundred pairs of donated stilettos, wedges and kitten heels lined Maxon Plaza outside Brotman Hall on the campus of Cal State Long Beach Wednesday as male students and faculty signed up for a chance to wear them while they walked a mile to raise awareness for sexual violence against women.”

    The emasculation of men through Islam or Socialism: The jihad warriors.

  3. Never been inspired by a woman before,but her video is truly heartening,we pray for her success and the liberation of Europe.

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