Wolfsburg: 13 year old girl traps a groper – Algerian arrested

An original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks!

From Bild German language News site:

German police arresting the very tall groper

A 13 year old girl has trapped a groper. At the main train station, the man had harassed her, but the student figured out how to get away from him. According to the BILD report, the man had grabbed her by her hand an pulled her in a dark corner:

“He covered my mouth and in english he told me that I had to be quiet.” Then he tried to kiss and to grope her in the dark corner. The student however promised him that she would be back in the same place on the next day, at 15:00.

The next day, the man indeed appeared at the said location, which led to his arrest by the police. The groper is from Algeria.

Brave and resourceful Lisa, who trapped the Algerian groper.

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