Even German apologists are afraid of Muslim migrants #fake news

At the end of the last post, we added a video as a sort of afterthought as the full value of it was not apparent at the time.

Then The Baron over at Gates of Vienna made an observation about it:

First, notice how its in a pedestrian tunnel. The sort of place that women would normally be concerned about walking alone.

Now I don’t know Germany so I don’t know which tunnel this is but I bet that its in an area famous for large number of Muslim migrants and even muslim crimes such as rape.

But then The Baron pointed out that at no point does the fellow in the far background move at all. The lights never flicker, and there is no indication that she is in fact, not just standing in front of a green screen and edited to that location, or even standing in front of a photo of it.

The brief close up does nothing to dispel this idea either.

She also seems better lit with no spillage around her, and slightly higher resolution.

This all adds up to her narrative being nonsense at a couple of levels. If she is afraid to actually go to where she is creating the illusion that she is, well, the rest writes itself.


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36 Replies to “Even German apologists are afraid of Muslim migrants #fake news”

  1. It’s a fü¢king “chroma keyed screen“.

    Another dead giveaway: That’s a subway entrance tunnel and it’s broad daylight. As in, no-fecking-body builds a multi-million dollar mass transit station that goes unused for over four minutes in the middle of the day.

    Great catch by The Baron and let’s all hope that enraged Germans catch this traitorous vaginal cavity when the time of reckoning arrives. This sort of intentionally misleading and disingenuous shite is the hallmark of Liberals everywhere and it regularly costs people their lives.

    • NorseRadish said:
      “…Great catch by The Baron and let’s all hope that enraged Germans catch this traitorous vaginal cavity when the time of reckoning arrives. This sort of intentionally misleading and disingenuous shite is the hallmark of Liberals everywhere and it regularly costs people their lives.”

      Thanks for saving me from saying something about this cow (who would have made the picture perfect, sadistic concentration camp guard) which could have brought our beloved Vladtepes blog in difficulties. Arrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh !

      • And thank you, Rita for not taking any offense at my language. This piece of ambulatory, bipedal excrement and her palliative horse manure will cost German women their lives. She is Merkel’s Mini-Me and needs to pay dearly for this.

    • Of course it’s a fake. It’s dead winter in Germany and she’s standing there dressed for late summer or indoors. No scarf no jacket in a cold and drafty tunnel. Yeah right.
      That’s exactly where this clip was taken, indoors.
      Her name is Anja Wilner and she’s a reporter of Focus Magazine in Germany.
      Supposedly a right-wing magazine but in Germany anything not totally communist is already seen as right-wing.
      The Baron was right, just another badly made piece of agitprop.

      • If a wolf follows you for a while, then shows himself without actually doing anything it is not a sign that he wants to be friends, it is a sign that he is probing you as he decides whether to try to eat you or not. “Probing” is classic predator behavior and shouldn’t be confused with trying to be friendly or being new in town…

          • Very good point, the one thing you don’t want to do is to make yourself look like prey. One way is to not cringe or act scared when you pass the packs of predators and if they call out to you say you have an appointment and keep walking.

            • And when they ask you for a cigarette they’re getting pretty close to making their move. That confident walking trick is very true and extremely valuable to know…

              Unless you’re a Texan, that is. Then you can just tip your stetson and say, “Afternoon, folks…” as you stroll on by with that darling little 9mm keeping you company…

      • If those cops hadn’t shown up she would have been raped.

        Or worse … as Maria Ladenburger had to find out. Never underestimate the barbarity of these scumbags. It is precisely their lack of restraint that promises such total calamity in Europe and around the world.

  2. I find this video irritating in so many other aspects too.
    First, there is something about her blinking eyes and tortured smile that tells me something is wrong.
    Second, the double standard. Anyone who walks up to a woman in the street and asks for her phone number is a creep. Why does she make excuses for a creep, just because he is a foreign creep? It is not like it is perfectly normal for guys to walk up to women in the street and chat them up in Afghanistan; which makes his behaviour here in the West even creepier.

      • Looking at that….errr….woman…I strongly suspect that “he” is part of her masturbatory fantasies.

        That’s an acceptable suspicion, seeing as how her entire spiel is pure mental masturbation.

        PS: I saw your excellent comments over at GoV and wanted to compliment you about them. Consider it part of your Gratitude Therapy.

        When and if time permits, I also would like to begin commenting over at your delightful website. Everyone at Vlad Tepes Blog owes it to themselves to drop by and kick up your hit count.

  3. In the future they might well look back to our times as the “The Age of Sheer Bullshit”. Take climate change. There is not one single reason to suspect that carbon dioxide is in any way a pollutant or has any effect whatsoever on the earth’s weather, and not one single reason to believe anything coming out of the rotting corrupt lying Islamist cesspool known as the UN, but they’ve somehow gotten most of the population to believe their lies through constant repetition and the bullying of political correctness. And as for these “migrants”, there is no reason whatsoever that Germany or Canada or France or Australia is responsible for the welfare of the poverty-stricken street trash of the Muslim World. These people persecute Christians and burn down churches, for Christ’s sake, and they wouldn’t pee on us if we were on fire! But somehow they’ve gotten do-gooder little girls like this to believe that it’s “who we are” to take them all in and give away the farm in the process.

    Every instinct still living in that German girl is telling her to be afraid of the Muslim migrants, but her brainwashing appears to be still holding, if tenuously…

    You know, I wouldn’t have a problem if some of the worst offenders of these big, big, big lies were somehow charged with something and made to be responsible for their despicable fraud. They need to be prosecuted by Trey Goudy… Start with George Soros – quick, before he dies… Suzuki’s looking a little aged too…

    • We all know that Soros is behind a lot of crimes but until we get more evidence we can’t prosecute him, not and claim to still be a nation where the rule of law is followed. I know it hurts to have to wait and possibly see him die of old age but unless there is a major war/civil war it is unlikely he will face any mortal Judge.

      • Soros’ fingerprints are all over this evolving coup attempt. Conspiracy to subvert the election and seize power follows the “color revolution” playbook. See The Witch in Purple? Subtle, right?

        Escalating disruptions, political machine black-bag ops:
        => Paid demonstrations against Trump before the election, riots after. Project Veritas.
        => Voter fraud, then dubious challenge recounts.

        Disinfo about the bad-old Russkis that woulda done the original Commies proud:
        => In-house fabrications attributed to the CIA – only kinda, sorta, “-as told to-” MSM outlets. Political appointees, sure. Career agents? We’ll see. The CIA does dicey stuff abroad; domestic ops are illegal.
        => “Bipartisan”? – RINO Never-Trumpers. They’re deeply in the tank, all their chits are with the D.C. establishment. Trump owes them nothing and they know it.

        Expect the following:
        => Attempt to steal the electoral college votes. Bribes, threats, blackmail. These guys are clowns; there’ll be a trail.
        => Terror attack – or credible threat – disrupt the inauguration, martial law…?

        Soros – Maybe this time he’ll go down. Crash, burn.

        • He may crash and burn this time, we can always hope he will.

          Yes they are trying for a coup in the Electoral College, I think they will fail. When that failure occurs they will still have the fall back position of protests and riots at the inauguration to try and stop a public inauguration. They may succeed at this if they are violent enough, but even if they don’t succeed they will continue the attacks on the legitimacy of the election which will cause riots and probably terror attacks for the entire time Donald Trump is in office. They will have destroyed the tradition the US has of a peaceful exchange of power which will be one more nail in the coffin of the rule of law and of civilization in the US.

          Here is a video on the rise and fall of civilizations, I haven’t watched all of it yet but what I have watched is good.

  4. She is ignorant of how to act in public when there are men around from cultures where men and women don’t generally mix. If a woman has an asymmetric grimace and squints one eye, few men will ask her an unsolicited question. A bit of dribbling saliva at the side of the mouth and no man or woman will approach her except to offer help. It’s best to practice in front of a mirror beforehand :[

    • While I realize that you are recommending the “act crazy” routine, it might not be very effective against Muslim rapists. A woman acting slightly daft could just as easily viewed as even weaker prey. This is the entire issue with Islam. Its constant urging to violence enables irrational thought processes that do not dovetail with Western logic or social cohesion.

      Avoidance or isolation are the only safe alternatives and this is why what Merkel has done is so incredibly, intolerably evil. These barbaric turds have been scattered throughout Germany with all the predictable mayhem and criminality that any sane person could predict more easily than what direction the sun will rise or set in.

  5. What do you get if you bring the diversity of Muslims together?

    ” ‘British values for me are colonialism, institutional racism and theft, and genocide.’

    The disturbing fact is that Humaira really is one of the more moderate voices in Muslims Like Us, the two-part BBC2 reality show that puts ten Muslims in a house in York and gleefully films their furious arguments over faith and Islamic culture”

    Hate Crime, Thought Crime, Belief Crime. Heart, Mind and Soul.

  6. This is the title picture der Spiegel published in the article on populism.
    That the German media can publish such a thing is quite horrifying, taking into consideration that it was Germans** who in German concentration camps killed Jews, Poles and all other people.

    **(Canada fought against Germany, not some strange Nazi thing. We also fought against Japan not against some weird Kempeitai thing )

    • Given the modern educational system they are lucky to know that the Nazi’s existed much less know what nationality they were and want they did. An unintended consequence of propaganda like this picture is to confuse future generations as to who were the good guys and who were the bad guys in WWII. After all the left keeps calling the people who are supporting freedom and individual rights Nazi’s so the kids are going to think that that is what the Nazi’s in WWII did.

      • Given the modern educational system they are lucky to know that the Nazi’s existed much less know what nationality they were and want they did.

        Were it not for the renewed spate of European Antisemitism, I would be obliged to disagree. The Nazis are a perfect bogeyman with which to lash future generations of Conservatives free thinkers. Although, I must say that if we can just get the word out about Hitler and Amin al-Husseini, such truthful negative publicity about Islam might force Liberals to make even the topic of Nazis haram verboten.

        “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
        — Elie Wiesel

  7. em> I must say that if we can just get the word out about Hitler and Amin al-Husseini, such truthful negative publicity about Islam might force Liberals to make even the topic of Nazis haram verboten.

    All we can do is try, once we can convince people that Hitler loved the Moslems the entire multicultural house of cards will fall down.

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