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11 Replies to “Don’t know much about this event yet, but it appears to be a sex-attack, robbery by migrants of a European girl.”

  1. The uniforms do look German but it has been close to 50 years since I was in Germany so I would expect several uniform changes in that time.

    It still looks to me like the migrants were going to rape her before the police showed up. I will bet she doesn’t stand around talking to migrants anymore.

    • Geez… another day, another assault in Germany.

      Just look at it as everything getting one day closer to Germany (and Europe’s) purge of Islam. Too bad it’s requiring the sacrifice of so many women. Makes me puke.

  2. they are good at covering up every assault or else
    no-one could tolerate this. Did you see the young boy
    wandering away .. not knowing what to do ..
    this jihad is absolutely killing me ..

  3. …this jihad is absolutely killing me ..

    Patience Dear Lad, soon enough whatever “killing” won’t be happening to you.

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