German government pimping out young German girls to migrants: Links 1 on December 12 – 2016

1, Check out this post at Gates of Vienna. Additional photos below.

And check out this comment from that post at gates of Vienna.

2. Tard-o-rist arrested in the Netherlands with AK47s and other devices for mass casualties.

AMSTERDAM, Dec 9 (Reuters) – Police in Rotterdam arrested a 30-year-old in whose apartment a Kalashnikov AK-47 was found with two full magazines and who is suspected of planning a terrorist attack, Dutch prosecutors said on Friday.

Detectives searched the individual’s apartment after receiving a tip-off from intelligence agency AIVD, prosecutors said. Four boxes of highly explosive illegal fireworks were also found.

3. A clip from Al-Azahr’s own Youtube channel explaining how important it is to kill people who leave islam.

(wait, isn’t Youtube “Bid’ah”? Oh wait innovation is allowed where it promotes Islam. Right.)

4. Saudis arrest woman for showing her hair.

Here is the Reuters link and image below:

And here is the Alweeam link, I think from the KSA:

Let’s all hold our breaths waiting for Canadian and American feminists to demand a slut walk in Riyadh.

Saudi police detained a young woman for violating modesty rules after she removed her abaya, the loose-fitting, full-length robes women are required to wear, on a main street in the capital Riyadh, local media reported on Monday.


“She has been arrested and we demand utmost punishment, for the state has rules that she did not respect,” one Twitter user said.

5. Europe owes its science (and anything else it values) to the muslims.

Thank you M., NorseRadish, Gates of Vienna, Babs, Richard, Wrath of Khan, and more.

Some videos in the oven now. This one may be of interest though. For those who want to see how the other side reasons.

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3 Replies to “German government pimping out young German girls to migrants: Links 1 on December 12 – 2016”

  1. 3. When a Catholic doesn’t read the bible they are more religious; when they do read it, they join a free church and if they read it even more deeply they leave as rational, caring people not ever bothering the God who know Everything, at all. The reverse however is true with Islam. Without reading the koran in their own language, Muhammad is an immaculate Saint. But when they do read it, for every unbeliever and apostate of their religion they have the devine right to take their life and/or their money.

    How would these Two Great Religions fare if they had
    Female Priests as Blessed Virgins, as female Imams as successful business women. Oh, that’s exactly how they started.

  2. 5 – If this was true Islam would lead the world in science and medicine instead of copying what the Western world develops.

    The moral code comes from the Old and New Testaments not from anything connected with Islam.

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