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5 Replies to “German government appears to be persecuting AfD members”

  1. Magyar tv:

    -Train full of migrants found inside Hungarian border.
    -also a truck with about 15 people in it. Driver jailed.
    -socialists complaining that the government should not be able to change Hungarian constitution preventing forced immigration by the EU
    -German highschools threatened with terrorist attacks by email today. Police closing schools, not giving out more info
    -Germans unable to deport migrants because they keep disappearing

    • The train containing migrants was found inside the Hungarian southern border with Serbia. When they were discovered by border guards they tried to escape but all were captured.

      (“Legit” migrants launching a constant assault into a country in which they know they are not wanted. –An effective weapon used simultaneously by the Open Border leftists and the Islamic jihadists.)

      Clear as day.

      • Correction the train was from Serbia but found in northern Hungary. Also the German situation is taking place in Turkey. (Remind me to fire my translator)

  2. The Oligarchy running the EU are getting desperate to keep their positions of power, they will not surrender power quietly but are instead working to destroy all who oppose them.

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