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6 Replies to “Viktor Orban gives important victory speech on the massive win for the NO vote on EU forced migration”

  1. Let’s note when the Leftists media will try to diminish the significance of this vote they will tell: it did not reach the 50% so it was “invalid”. This is not true, as the vote was VALID, only it did not reach the COMPULSORY level. This is designed for referendums which goes against the government’s will and forcing them to act on the result if it was more than 50%. So the result is VALID but NOT MANDATORY for the government. However as it was the government who asked the people in the first place to confirm their original decisions and their stand against the EU, now they are free to act on it. They will modify the Basic Law to include this result.
    Other countries do not have such strict limits built in. Netherlands has 30% (which would have been enough here too) and Swiss does not have any limit at all, simple vote majority is enough which is also present in the Hungarian referendum in the impressive 92% level.

    • Thanks for these precisions.

      This morning, from my “main” medias (France, Australia, Germany) I got some sad-sack look file pictures of Viktor Orban plus the “information” that the Hungarian leader had “suffered a humiliating defeat” in that not enough people had voted and that consequently the result meant nothing.

      Thank God for the Go-To place that is VladTepes !

      *blows kisses to all here and to Viktor Orban, who – unlike the majority of politicians – is NOT a mere shiver in search of a spine.

      BRAVO !

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