Exit polls point at 95% against EU migrant forcing

The voter turn out, mostly from bad weather, shows only 40 to 45% of voter turn out however. But such a massive majority vote likely means they can consider it a mandate in any case.

RT claims the low turn out invalidates the results. But they were never binding in any case. They were to indicate to the government what policies to persue. A 95% rejection rate of EU policies is a mandate even at a 45% voter turn out, which is still a better percentage than is often typical at Western democratic elections for leaders.

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3 Replies to “Exit polls point at 95% against EU migrant forcing”

  1. Hungary truly is a modern democracy replete with voter apathy. It’s a sure sign of peace and prosperity. If Orban were the budding dictator that MSM claims him to be there would be no such failures. Unelected EU commies, and Soros, should take note. The “little dictator”, as Juncker called him, has failed his tyrant test. Obama is sitting at home in the white house laughing saying “No, stupid, you do it all by Executive Orders and bribery!” Hungarians may not know what a good man they have in Orban.

  2. A 40 to 45% turnout and 95% of them voted no, any politician with any kind of survival instincts is going to jump on the no wagon as fast as they can.

  3. Well I must say if Orban is a dictator much like Assad and Gaddaffi then I prefer a dictatorship rather than Western style democracy. Fuck the EU and the global parasitic elite.

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