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6 Replies to “Geert Wilders debate in the Dutch Parliament, September 21 2016”

  1. Imagine trying to explain to someone from the eighteenth century that one day it would be a big controversial deal for a Dutchman to stand in front of the Dutch Parliament and say that Holland belongs to the Dutch. Marvel at the skill and tenacity of the leftists for the way they have worked so tirelessly and so successfully to turn black into white, up into down, and night into day. The bastards have got at least half of the Western World believing that they have no right to their own countries and that it is racist to think otherwise, that some stranger from the other side of the planet has as much right to be in their country as they do.

    Do leftists dream about flames and explosions and all the hot chicks they’ll get with their Castro hats and AK-47s as the revolution creates opportunities for them all over the place? Do they dream of finally being given the respect they’ve always deserved? I don’t know… Director of the New Ministry of Truth, perhaps…

    • That is probably what the young ones are dreaming about, the older ones are dreaming about having the ability to force us to live the way they want us to instead of the way we want to.

      Always remember their goal is to have power over other people, it isn’t money or even sex because the power will draw women to them.

    • The Christian Union are bringing their own destruction.

      They have no borders on morality, culture or religion; everyone enters into their ‘equal-spaces.’

      The Christian asked Gert Wilders if he believes in God -when we can see God is standing right in front of him.

  2. Holy crap, just watched Gert Wilders giving a fact based speech in his Dutch parliament.
    The people that he is trying to convince and save don’t even want to hear from him.
    Mr Wilder’s, I am sorry to say that your country will implode very soon. There is no need to be taken down with it. If I were you I would retire and relocate to Poland and reclaim some of your lost life. You could write a book warning other civilisations of the atrocities and damnation that awaits them when they too turn a blind eye and fail to heed the warnings (place black and white photos of cities that one time flourished with tourism and local businesses within the pages of the book along with actual facts and figures taken from the Netherlands archive).

  3. My opinion is that it is a “red herring” to quote Rabbi Jacobs saying that banning kosher slaughter would alienate Jewish citizens. Jewish residents have had to play to both sides in MENA countries because they are vulnerable depending on whether shariah wins.

    Several countries already ban kosher slaughter, and Jews haven’t fled them: http://www.vosizneias.com/57165/2010/06/06/new-zealand-ban-on-shechita-of-kosher-meats-a-disgrace/
    There is even a Jewish tradition of avoiding animal slaughter altogether: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/ravkook_veg.html

    This source (bias and all) provides a timeilne and rationale for supporting animal welfare within kosher slaughter:

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