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12 Replies to “Live stream of Clinton-Trump debate”

  1. RSBN will also be broadcasting live. They have cameraman for audience scanning. Also, sidebar for tweets.
    MSM is totally corrupt. Trump is going against the entire MSM, enemies all around. I pray for this man.

  2. I didn’t watch because I can’t stand Hillarys voice.

    Having said that the MSM build up the expectation that Trump would lose which means that all he had to do was survive and he did better then expected. I did watch his talk with Sean Hannity and heard him say that at least once he took a hit and didn’t hit back because he thought it would have been hard on Chelsea to hear her mother torn down in front of her. That was a very good move in his part since it blows the anti-woman attacks out of the water.

  3. Trump proved that he’s not stark raving mad. Good! The thing is, Hillary has nothing and is operating on a completely made-up paradigm. There is no “climate change”. White police officers are not nailing innocent black boys out of their squad car windows. It’s not a good idea to be letting hundreds of thousands of Sunni Muslims into the country. Hillary is wrong, Donald is right…

  4. I think Donald Trump is going to make an amazing President. The lefties see him making faces and yelling and they interpret that to mean that he’s extremely right wing because…well…they’re really dumb… The fact is, and this will dawn on them sooner or later, that Donald has no allegiance to the Republican Party and might well be the first one to genuinely cross the aisle when that needs to happen, unlike Obama who said he was going to do that but was lying. And I think that people in Britain and France and Germany and The Netherlands will see that the world didn’t end when The Donald got in, and they, emboldened, will turn around and elect their own Donalds all over Europe.

    And as for answering the “What are you going to do about ISIS?” questions, the intelligent answer is, “Who the hell knows?”. Barack HUSSEIN Obama has screwed the world up so badly that they’re going to have to reconvene all the King’s horses and all the King’s men to put it back together again. I’m sure that leaders around the globe have got everything on hold as they wait for the election. The Egyptians, for instance, must be on the edges of their seats over it because their whole paradigm will suddenly change if the Democrats go. And Israel? get out of town! And Vladimir Putin? Yes.

    There’s going to be a whole lot of sorting and a whole lot of realigning and a whole lot of talking going on before anybody knows exactly what to do next, so journalists need to back off on asking for too many specifics because only a liar would be specific with so many moving parts getting ready to move in the very near future. Like, who do you think the Muslim Brotherhood will be backing? Or Al Kabong over in Africa?

  5. http://www.oann.com/clinton-and-trump-to-square-off-in-highly-anticipated-debate-showdown/

    Trump vows to hit Clinton harder in next U.S. presidential debate

    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (Reuters) – Republican Donald Trump vowed on Tuesday to hit rival Democrat Hillary Clinton harder in the next U.S. presidential debate after she put him on the defensive by accusing him of being racist, sexist and a tax dodger during their first matchup.

    Clinton blasted Trump again the day after a forceful performance in the first of three scheduled presidential debates ahead of the Nov. 8 election. The New York real estate mogul, she said, “was making charges and claims that were demonstrably untrue, offering opinions that I think a lot of people would find offensive and off-putting.”

    Trump, making his first run for public office, praised himself for not attacking Clinton about the marital infidelity of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, during the debate at Hofstra University but said in a Tuesday morning interview with Fox News that he may take up the attack line going forward.

    “I may hit her harder in certain ways,” Trump said in a telephone interview with “Fox & Friends.” Trump added that when Clinton criticized him for his treatment of women, he resisted. “I was going to hit her with her husband’s women. And I decided I shouldn’t do it because her daughter was in the room.”

    Richard: The LSM pushed the idea that Trump was going to lose so hard they made it easy for him to win by just showing up and not losing his temper.

  6. Image of the Day: What’s that curious rectangular bulge under Hillary’s jacket?
    By Ben Bowles September 27, 2016

    Yes, I know: poor Hillary. She doesn’t cheat or lie, and she’s not sick. So why doesn’t everyone just leave her alone for cripe’s sake?

    OK, I promise. No more columns about her secrecy or illness … so long as she answers the question that forms the title of this post.

    It is hard to miss, frankly: a squarish object affixed to her back that became visible only after the debate as she and Bubba did some glad-handing with audience members.


  7. ‘Fact checks’ of Trump are getting more absurd by the day
    By LU Staff September 26, 2016

    Face facts: Liberals and even some conservatives do not want Donald Trump to become the next president of the United States. And since desperate times call for desperate measures, some left-leaning media outlets are becoming increasingly desperate in their attempts to disparage the GOP nominee.

    Consider a “fact check” by the liberal website Politico, which found Trump’s characterization of the Islamic State as “unbelievable” to be a falsehood.

    Apparently, the great minds at Politico never made it as far in school as the second grade. That’s the educational level at which children are taught the difference between fact and opinion. A fact, the Grade 2 curriculum teaches, is a statement that is demonstrably true or false. In contrast an opinion has no truth value. Saying that Trump’s opinion of ISIS is false is logically absurd. It would still be absurd even if Trump’s opinion made no sense. If, for example, he had said he finds the Islamic State to be purple or tall, the opinion might be criticized as curious, but it would still be neither true nor false.

    Trump’s so-called lie is one of 87 listed by Politico magazine, which claims that Trump averaged a lie every three minutes and 15 seconds over the course of five days. Trump’s opinion that the evil carried out by ISIS is “unbelievable” falls at number 52 on the list.


  8. This whole charade remainds me of the election campaign in 1980 between Reagan and Carter.
    The entire left establishment tried to burn down Reagan to the ground.
    “he is an actor for gods sake”
    “he has no substance”
    “an Hollywood actor as president, we’ll be the laughing stock of the rest of the world ”
    “he has no experience”
    As it turned out Reagan became one of the best presidents the US ever had.

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