Carl Lang speaks to the likelihood of civil war in France

Carl Lang, president of the Parti de la France that he formed in 2009 after leaving the Front National, gave a six-minute address in which he called for the formation of a civilian national guard of 100,000 armed men.
He’s a great speaker and rhetorically puts Marine Le Pen to shame as he plunges into the torment of the civil war that will be unavoidable unless there is an awakening and a commitment to fight. 
Commentary by Ava Lon as well as timing on the video.



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2 Replies to “Carl Lang speaks to the likelihood of civil war in France”

  1. Very good, he is advocating the one thing that will prevent a civil war, a 100,000 strong armed local militia. That is what the US National Guard started out as, State Militias until after WWI the Federal Government took the militias into the Federal Service and made them part of the Federal military establishment. To an extent they are still the local militia because they are part time soldiers that live in the communities that they enlisted from and to an extent they are under the State Control. But if they were a true milieia they would be under the State Control until the Governor turned them over to the Federal Government.

    What he is doing is calling for a system somewhat like that the US has, this would prevent a civil war (probably but maybe not) because the people would have a large enough armed citizenry among them to be able to resist the Federal oppression. At the current time I would much rather have all of the US National Guard units be the old time militias that would be totally under the control of the State Governors. A system like that is the best protection against a civil war. It isn’t perfect but it is the best that protection that has so far been devised.

    I pray he will get his National Guard but am afraid that 1) the French Government will not allow it and 2) that it is too late, that the civil war will start before it can be formed.

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