Stephen Coughlin at OSCE today

Some may remember Stephen Coughlin’s intervention at a 2015 OSCE meeting where they openly admitted that hate speech should be a criminal matter and that the truth can indeed be hate speech.

Stephen went back to the OSCE “Human Development Implementation Meeting” today and spoke again to this committee, who seem bound and determined to use the language of cultural-Marxism to turn free societies into totalitarian Marxist and communist ones.

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7 Replies to “Stephen Coughlin at OSCE today”

  1. Islam’s imprisonment of Muslims; Communism’s imprisonment of Socialists; and the Libertarian’s desire for arrested child-development…

    And they want to accuse people of Hate Crimes?

  2. There is a hard core of pedophiles and a soft core of Libertarians, (as Communists use the shop window of Socialism and Muhammadans use the gentle call of Islam).

    Ans in the UK they use the name Liberal Democrats..

    “Every year at the Lib Dem conference, party members unwind with a late night Glee Club sing-along. The tradition sees popular tunes reworded with a political angle.”

    “Owen Smith, Owen Smith,
    Always on TV
    Owen Smith, Owen Smith
    Who the hell is he?
    Hated by the left, loathed by the right?
    What a shite, what a shite, what a shite”

    “So bye, bye to the great Lib-Lab lie
    That it’s made in heaven
    ’cos that’s pie in the sky
    Us Lib Dems will take courage and cry
    ”Tony Blair can fuck off and die”
    “Tony Blair can fuck off and die””


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