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2 Replies to “Budapest bombing, a deliberate targeting of police”

  1. One of the things that has to occur for an invasion of this type to work is for the police to be at least semi neutralized, in Western Europe this is being doneby the central governments ordering the police to harass the Europeans and protect the invaders. In the US the left is to an extent achieving this goal by making the police officers worry about the law suits if they do their jobs. But in Eastern Europe the invaders are being forced to us direct action to try and intimidate the police. We can expect more of all three types of attacks on law and order in the near future.

    • The Hungarian left has already accused Orban of the bombing, saying he did it to ensure the desired results for the migrant referendum coming up this weekend. However, this accusation ignores the fact that most polled Hungarians say they will vote to accept NO Muslims. Orban doesn’t need to bomb his own people. Though were the shoe on the other foot I’m sure the left would easily rationalize any such action.

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