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16 Replies to “Angela Merkel’s speech on losing the election and how she wishes she could have forced more Muslims on Europe”

  1. The way I did it was wrong. I will do it better because the people who thought I was wrong just think I am wrong on the way I did it and not on how many I let in. So now we can let more in cos we will do it better. ……and by the way if you think differently to that then you are wrong and have no place in German society!

    What an ideologically dreanged mad cow!

  2. What was that movie I just saw; Oh yeah, “A Bridge Too Far.”

    Merkel has awakened the brain damaged populace, and set in motion the destruction of the EU project. Pre-Great War Balkans seems to be state of Europe now. All they need is a monumental event, which I am sure the Islamics will gladly provide, to kick off “Battlefield Europe.” Just a few more “refugees,” a few more “Muslims fleeing war torn Islamicstans,” a few more rapes & stabbings, explosions, trucks-targeting-partygoers and the whole thing will overcome the societal stops whites there have used to inhibit mayhem.

    • The Moslems have forgotten their history, they don’t remember what happened the last time the Europeans decided that the restraints against mayham and conquest were taken off. They are about to relearn the bitter lessons of history that were also caused by idiots like Merkel.

  3. I still do not understand the real ‘why’ of importing over a million worthless Islamic
    savages when there are 5 million Turk savages in country already. I do not see how the Germans can fight their way out of this .. as the savage jihadi knives kill kith & kin
    in the coming days.
    Whatever Merkle has gained from this, there is no where on the planet to hide
    from watching the destruction of Germany ..

    • What most people don’t realize is that Europe needs a free and independent US and the US needs a free and independent Europe. For the US and Canada to prosper we will have to once again liberate Europe from the savages. This time the savages won’t be Europeans but we will have to liberate them.

  4. Blah, blah blah, bullshit! That harpy stated years ago that she would see Germany become a Moslem majority nation! I’d kick her out to Iran despite my chivalrous code. She’ll be fine their with a hijab on for the rest of her miserable life… Witch!

  5. Partial transcript –
    9:53 – It means that we are living these days in “post-facts times”.
    9:59 – Which means that people aren’t interested in facts any longer;
    10:05 – they are solely following their feelings. And the feelings of some is that I am thrusting
    10:08 – our country into a foreign infiltration, that Germany will soon be unrecognizable;
    10:17 – and it would be illogical to try and fight it with facts, also if, and
    10:23 – you know me well enough, I would be able to destroy it right away.

    Open question – What “facts” could Chancellor Merkel use to destroy the feelings of those many Germans that feel she is thrusting the country into a foreign infiltration? What facts are she alluding to? Serious question and I’d like someone to fill me in on the details. Thanks.

  6. Exactly what facts does she think she has on her side? There are no facts on her side. Only feelings. She has no common sense.

    She’s tone deaf.

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