Somalis fear backlash

This astonishing clip claims that the motivation for the Somali Muslim’s mall attack is still a mystery even though he did the Allah thing and asked people if they were muslim or not and stabbed them when they said no, just like the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya.

The Somali community also seems to be playing the “backlash”, (long promised but never delivered) card, claiming Confederate flag trucks are driving around the area.

A simpler idea to stop any potential backlash might be to stop blowing up and stabbing people all over the place. That tends to reduce the odds of a backlash quite a bit.

Comment from Chris Jones is worth a look.

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  1. Notice how both terrorists are suppose to have been assimilated and then suddenly turned radical. Makes you wonder if the people are telling the truth about the terrorists or if Moslems are easily radicalized or both. If both then how can you trust any Moslem?

  2. I read a comment somewhere that says it all:

    The Muslims aren’t squeamish about punishing people who tarnish the image of Islam. So why is it that when someone draws a picture of Muhammad they go ape and start rioting and burning and slitting throats, but when a supposedly “fake” Muslim who’s just “hijacking” the religion for his own selfish ends, murders a hundred people in the name of “Allah” and making Islam look just terrible, they don’t say anything except to worry about a “backlash”?

    I think that little question illustrates perfectly the absolute fact that they are all in on it. Before her career mysteriously crashed, Lara Logan was trying to get out the message that you can’t trust any of them, after years of working with “moderate Muslims” in Afghanistan, only to have them turn their guns on their American “friends” over and over again. If any of the “moderate Muslims” actually cared about terrorism, why aren’t they rioting and burning things and slitting throats over it? Check and mate. They are not shy about protesting, hence, they are all with the JIhadis to one degree or another…

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