German Federal police recommends: Women should wear sneakers so they can run away better from asylum seekers

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German News site:

German Federal police recommends: Women should wear sneakers so they can run away better from asylum seekers

GERMANY.  More than two million Alone last year, immigrants from the third world came to Germany, almost all of them males. Since then the number of sexual assaults has exploded. Now the federal police disperses out tips to german women on how they can protect themselves from getting raped.

“When women feel anguished when they walk towards a group of men or they perceive a situation that emanates possible danger, they should trust their intuition in any case and they should avoid to get into those kinds of situations any deeper”, says Markus Koths, press spokesman for the Federal Police (BKA).

One might even “have to hazard a detour if need be.” Moreover, one should always look “if there might be police nearby to whom one could talk to.”

But should one still get attacked by asylum seekers despite all precautionary measures, it is of utmost importance to defend oneself.

“Hereby one has to go forward as bravely and determined as possible. Also screaming loudly is a good method to alert people passing”, opines the BKA spokesperson.

“Please call the police!”

Moreover it’s important to concretely address a person that’s in direct vicinity, in such a way that said person immediately knows that it is them exactly that are spoken to. This way the pressure could be stronger to help. One example would be: “You over there with the glasses and the blue raincoat, please call the police!”

Should there be no option to call the police before, then the affected person should immediately call Emergency services after the rape, and also notify the police. Additionally women can log into the national website after a sexual assault in order to receive advice.

Additional tips for women from the BKA

– Always walk minimum as a pair or three people.
– Wear sneakers instad of high heels so that one can run away.
– Avoid alcohol and drugs
– It’s best to only drink out of bottles that oneself has opened
– Don’t always stare at the cellphone but actively observe one’s surrounding
– In an emergency don’t act like a victim but like an opponent: Genitals, joints, eyes, nose and ears are good targets since that’s where pain is the highest.

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22 Replies to “German Federal police recommends: Women should wear sneakers so they can run away better from asylum seekers”

  1. The German government should just hand out Burkas for all women as a public service.

    At some point, just like the environment sticker for your car (Green, Yellow and Red -only green is allowed to drive in cities now) -you won´t able to enter the city as a woman without it. All in the name of political correctness.

    • And use Jihadist cutouts in the training sessions. Can’t you see them popping up in the gallery with their tablecloth head scarves, their single eyebrows, and their turbans?

      • That would be nice but if nothing else use simple silhouette targets, anything that lets them get use to shooting at something that resembles a human figure.

  2. Right. So some poor woman is supposed to deal with a 6’6″ Ethiopian twenty-one-year-old fresh from a culture where it is common for men to run like other people drive cars and ride bicycles. Brilliant!

    Dear Angela. A little female (like you) is completely helpless in the face of an attack by a young man as described above. What’s supposed to happen in such cases is for dominant males from the woman’s tribe to come out and kill the attackers, not for the tribal elders to tell her to buy running shoes. Jesus Christ!

    Women and children have to be protected. They can’t fight back against NBA-sized Ethiopians. What is the matter with Angela Merkel? How long would she last in a fight with three fully-erect Muslim rapists? I hope she gets hit by a truck…

  3. The best advice is to not resist, just lie back and let them dishonor and shame you. If you don’t fight back they might even let you live.

    • I don’t know how valid this is when applied to the Moslem rapists but research during the 1970s showed that women who resisted were less likely to be injured while those who didn’t resist were more likely. As I said I don’t know how this translates to Moslem rapists.

  4. Once again…the strong and beautiful women of Germany (excluding their leader) are the target of human waste. It was done during WW2. A century of watering down German Pride has made them helpless….men present and included. Same with Sweden. Carpet bombing and rape (not to mention ugly and uber-false stereotypes) are certainly effective ways to express jelously. Germany was and is the most civilized nation of the industrial age. And “they’re” always finding new ways to bring them down.

    My adivce to these fine women…get your men in line.

    • Germany – and Europe in general – lost a lot of good men and women, and their (arguably) superior genes as a result of WWI and WWII. Could part of the problem be simply that the available European genetic material after that catastrophic event, is rather less … robust, than had previously been the case? Hence Westerners’ general reluctance or even inability to face, recognize and fight an obvious existential threat.

      • It is more nurture that is causing the problem, and a deliberate program of demasculizing the Western Nations. The warrior virtues are no longer taught which makes it harder for the people to get organized to resist.

        • Amen. Great replies gentlemen. Two world wars…infinate guilt….the EU…and now… inopperable cancer. Maybe Vlady will save Europe.

  5. I suggest they carry two guns and not run, shoot the little f hers, and if you have any ammo left over give Merkel some of your lead.

  6. And always have your pistol ready, in case they catch you!
    Oh, rriiiight .. your rotten commie leaders took yours away from you.
    Never mind..

  7. America will be this way, soon. Hillary would much rather women wear sneakers than actually STOP the Muslims from coming to the USA. It’s baffling.

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