Muslims on a plane, Invaders battle police in France, shades of Stasi. Links 1 on September 9 2016

1, Westjet passenger who caused multi hour disruption NOW NAMED. Media drops the issue.

2. Invaders in Calais make a move

3. Video by German mom on propaganda in free papers in drug stores

I’m gonna step out on a lmb here and say this video will not frighten Canadians to the degree it should, because pretty much all the free papers at this stage are all encouraging totalitarian Marxist ideas. But for Germans who remember the Stasi this is blood chilling. As it should be.

An accompanying article to this video is at Gates of Vienna

Much more to come today. Thank you to all who sent materials in. Will acknowledge properly on next post. Must catch up today as was not able to properly work yesterday to the usual degree. So please do check the daily links post for the latest and best.


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5 Replies to “Muslims on a plane, Invaders battle police in France, shades of Stasi. Links 1 on September 9 2016”

  1. 3. Video by German mom on propaganda in free papers in drug stores

    I find that little article extremely scary. We’ve been taught from birth that anyone who sees a conspiracy has to be a total whack-job, sitting in the corner with his tinfoil helmet. What they have to say we label a “conspiracy theory” and roll our eyes in derision. Sarah Palin – roll. Birth certificate – roll. We’ve been taught that real conspiracies only happen in the movies. Meanwhile, there are whopping great conspiracies, of the most enormous and egregious kind, popping up all around us and nobody dare say anything for fear of being called insane.

    Climate change is a conspiracy. Islam is a conspiracy. Black Lives Matter is a conspiracy. George Soros is a conspiracy Yes! Conspiracies. The entire Hillary/Democrat agenda is sheer fantasy. Bad people with imaginations and brains have gotten together in planning sessions and made this stuff happen. They are conspiracies. And some young person is going to pick up that pharmacy magazine and find out that agreeing with Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman is a disease and a form of child abuse – and they’re going to believe it. They will internalize the idea that even speaking about immigration or borders or Islam is like being a Holocaust denier. Who would suspect that such a little magazine would be conspiring to take over the world like Adolf Hitler or Attila the Hun? They dream of one great unelected ultra-politically correct EU administering a borderless planet without the bother of real elections, and they took the time to put such a tiny insignificant article in a free magazine. The Nazis, too, were that thorough. Scary!

  2. Most people in the states would be rolling their eyes and saying What is this Bull? This Bull is the government trying to implant ideas that will grow into making you a compliant littler serf who willingly lets their betters do all of their thinking for them.

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