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26 Replies to “Éric Zemmour: French army prepared for civil war”

  1. Wow. This guy let nothing slide by him. Excellent and thank you! What an interesting contrast being able to see the kinds of discussions such as this being held in France, and the apparent light-years distance we are away from such discussions here in North America. What a rude awakening our lefties are in for and much sooner than anyone realizes.

    • I pray (perhaps rather selfishly) that the empowered and privileged, as well as the average man and woman, in North America, will open their eyes to the mess that Europe has become with the importation of millions of Muslims … and finally act to stop the same thing from happening here. We are a little behind them in terms of Muslim percentages, but that advantage is quickly disappearing in Canada. The US, due to its sheer size for one thing, has a little more of a “buffer” to work with. But for Canada, time is definitely running out, and running out rapidly.

        • I love those words.
          Great expansive Canada! Always more relaxed about tiny, quirky, religious and ethnic communities. Gentle transitions to secular, modern, urban life in the greatest democracies of the world.
          We’re kindred tribes. These terrible times, the alliances that count will be at this most basic level.

      • There were many reasons Trump won the Republican nomination but one of them and a real big one was illegal immigration and just as important was the importation of refugees that we have no way to vet. The left has fomented a race war/civil war/counter revolution in the US and in most western nations. This was is definitely coming faster then most people think. One of the advantages the US has is the Second Amendment and before this war is over most of the Western nations will discover that having armed citizens is a major advantage when it comes to defeating invaders.

        During WWII the Japanese never planned to invade the Us because they knew that as Admiral Yamamoto put it “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”, The US now has a higher percentage of gun ownership then during WWII.

        • You are so much stronger than Canada (morally) that I predict the US decides to occupy its northern neighbor under a security pretense, but really and truly to absorb the only physical asset within reach that would make the US solvent.(The banks will dictate terms on 20t debt). This is what I would do if I were you. We have more gold in the ground than the Chinese stole from you!

          • My Dad has been going on for years about how he wanted to “vote for a President”, and how he wished the US would annex Canada. I used to think he was nuts (about this) but recently I told him that I had come to agree. Of course, for various reasons, I think it a highly unlikely event. But you never know: if the streets of Canadian cities start to resemble Molembeek, Cologne, Rotherham and the Banlieues, and violence from the humdrum everyday rapes and violence against non-Muslims, to the more sensational (Nice-style, say) attacks, becomes common … Canada would represent a security threat to the US, and in that case, maybe the US would take drastic action, as you suggest. Maybe.

            • We’ve had a good ride in this country on the coat tails of the greatest empire. We have to realize which side our bread is buttered on a smarten up now. Get rid of the socialists and tards or else hopefully Trump does it for us.

            • IF you represent a legitimate threat we will move ton occupy you, but full annexation would probably require a require a request from a lot of Canadians. On the other hand that could be wishful thinking on my part because I know a lot of writers have talked about us uniting together for a long time.

          • The predictions I have heard is that the Western Provinces will try to secede adn join the US, a move we would quickly accept as long as the come in as territories instead of states. Territories until they learn about the US and US laws. This means no representation in Congress that can vote on laws and no vote for Pres but it also means no Federal taxes.

  2. This is the best news I have heard in a while, I was afraid that the French Government was going to side with the Moslems and force the French people to become second class citizens in their own country. I would love to know how many other governments are getting ready to fight for their people and how many are getting ready to oppress them?

    • Yeah, but is it wise to out the secret plans of the French army? Gives the other side information they should not have. In this war, people will have to begin to think in guerrilla terms… because that is the kind of war we are fighting. Blabbing helps the enemy,

      • No it isn’t a good idea to tell the enemy what you are planning but since France has a socialist (read very stupid) government they may think this will scare the Moslems into becoming good Frenchmen. You can never overestimate the stupidity of a leftist politician.

    • This is only hearsay. I’ll believe it when I see it – the military would have to be going against strong factions in the French Government to do this. Maybe – the French are more hot-blooded and less order-bound than the Germans. I think ‘we were only following orders’ doesn’t wash as well in France.

      Practically speaking, these ‘special forces’ would have to be composed only of loyal French with no muslims.

      In any case, if such a force and plan exists, one can only hope that the muslims provide sufficient provocation in order to cause it to swing into action – apologies to the French people who must suffer.

      • This is only hearsay.
        Exactly right. The loosest talk always has some reference to Israel or Mossad.
        This will break down into factions.
        G-d forbid, Lebanon.

        • What you are saying is right but most, not all but most national military high command do contingency planning even for low order contingencies. I can see the planning being done and even a provision for calling in Mossad advisors to help teach. That is what I think is happening but when the civil war hits those plans will be what the military rolls out to present to the government. And given how the various governments in Europe and North America are betraying their countries there may be plans for a military coup included in the contingency planning.

  3. We’ve been saying it for quite some time about a civil war occurring in France. They have too many Muslims and they will lose control in the not so far future.

  4. Great Post ..
    Don’t think this author is blowing smoke. He is
    telling us the French forces went to see the Israelis .. Very very smart ..
    in order to recapture their country. “Just like Algeria” the interviewer
    asks. Afraid so. “Operation Ronce” WOW . In fact I think it will begin in France,
    until the Huns get the Leopard III tanks rollin’ .. then it’s not gonna be civil war ..
    it’s gonna’ be called SLAUGHTER !!

    how bout we get james taylor over to France & start singin’ .. eh ??

  5. Eric Zemmour is a great journalist who has it right on Islam, the interesting thing is that he seems to be getting more people to listen to him, which does also fits in with what I have seen with many normal people. I have also recently seen that while the media in France tend not to invite those who know the truth about Islam, they have started to ask more difficult questions of the tools that say Islam is a religion of peace.

    By the way I had heard about he French having plans to retake areas at least five months ago, but I cannot recall from where I read that.

    I would suggest France is actually not far off having no choice but to start dealing with it properly, in truth though I would not expect Sarkozy to be any better than Hollande and Jupe is well and truly paid for by the Qatari’s. And Le Pen has no chance of getting in, she won’t get above 37% of the vote in the second round. Even my wife who knows the situation would not vote for her in the second round.

    The Muslims will have to make their move first I am afraid… and a lot of people will die.

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