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13 Replies to “Raymond Ibrahim presentation”

  1. “I always have time for this man. Exceptionally lucid explanations of the Islamic world view.”

    Really? How? I dont see it. (but then I never saw the “other side”, nor wanted to, so it’s probably my problem).

    • Always try to discover how your enemy thinks, it makes it easier to defeat them.

      “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu

      Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese General his writings on war are the oldest survive manual on how to defeat your enemy. Since his time many people have discovered the same things and wrote about them without ever hearing about him and his writings.

  2. I, too, always am interested in what Raymond Ibrahim has to say. He is well-positioned as an intelligent, educated Arabic speaker to understand, interpret and present the underpinning motives of the war being waged against the West and the rest of the world by devout Muslims.

    Voices such as his and Robert Spencer put the lie to charges such as “islamophobia,” “racism,” “ignorance,” and the other accusations spewed out by the enemy, his apologists and fellow travelers. And the population of the West is becoming better able to get the message.

  3. Whoah-there-nelly! The Reformation to which Mr Ibrahim refers does not compare to anything in the entire history of Islam. The reformers found truth by reading the Bible for themselves and not having it go through the filter of the clergy. On the other hand, the Muslims have read their book in Madrasas, et al and and get worse for doing so. Only the apostates seem to rise to the normal and acceptable behaviors of their respective societies. To understand this particular behavior one needs to use counter-intuitive logic: that is, a good Christian goes to his congregation, reads his bible and follows its teachings. Apply this logic to a Muslim and be careful! Only the apostate holds more liberal (read “tolerant”) views.

    • I think that is what Mr. Ibrahim is saying. That this is the reformation, except to an evil book. That the period in Islamic history under colonialism, was heretical for Islam as they were cooperative and more or less lived in a peaceful manner. The U turn to its authentic teachings is the same. The teachings are not. Religious Catholics disagree with this whole concept that the reformation in Christianity was a move towards authenticity however.

  4. Remember the mulla who was interviewed in Australia shortly after the massacre at the Orlando gay bar? He was asked, did he regret that his speech might’ve incited “this animal” [his words] to murder homosexuals?

    He had given an eloquent sermon in Florida a week or two before the massacre, explaining why killing sexual deviants is an act of mercy. Rather than a finite, filthy life of sin and hellfire for eternity, sharia execution serves to expiate guilt, soul-cleansed by the grace of allah-ha.

    The mullah is an exquisitely educated, elegant gentleman. Sincere beyond question, a jurist of some renown. He was appalled that he could be so misunderstood. His lecture was about righteous sharia, the peerless system of jurisprudence! Nothing to do with this crude, vigilante “animal”!

    I see where he’s coming from (not that I want to go there). This is the mindset Ibrahim describes.

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