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  1. Fifteen Years after 9/11, and America Still Sleeps
    How much worse will the destruction and death have to be to wake us up?

    Fifteen years after the carnage of 9/11, American foreign policy is still mired in its fossilized dogmas and dangerous delusions. The consequences are obvious. Iran, the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism and long an avowed enemy of the United States, has filled the vacuum of our ignominious retreat from the Middle East, even as the mullahs move ever closer to possessing nuclear weapons. Russia, Iran’s improbable ally, bombs civilians in Syria, kills the Syrian fighters we have trained, bullies its neighbor Ukraine, consolidates its take-over of the Crimea, and relentlessly pursues its interests with disregard for international law and contempt for our feeble protests. Iraq, for which thousands of Americans bled and died, is now a puppet state of Iran. Afghanistan is poised to be overrun by the Taliban in a few years, and ISIS, al Qaeda 2.0, continues to inspire franchises throughout the world and to murder European and American citizens.

    So much for the belief, frequently heard in the months after the attacks of 9/11, that “this changes everything.” The smoking ruins and 3000 dead surely had awoken us from our delusions that the “end of history” and a “new world order” had followed the collapse of the Soviet Union, “a world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak,” as George H.W. Bush said in 1990. The following decade seemed to confirm this optimism. Didn’t we quickly slap down the brutal Saddam Hussein and stop his aggression against his neighbors? Didn’t we punish the Serbs for their revanchist depredations in the Balkans? With American military power providing the muscle, the institutions of international cooperation like NATO, the International Court of Justice, and the U.N. Security Council would patrol and protect the network of new democracies that were set to evolve into versions of Western nations and enjoy such boons as individual rights, political freedom, leisure and prosperity, tolerance for minorities, equality for women, and a benign secularism.

  2. Behind the Outrageous ‘ISIS Backs Trump’ Smear
    Whom does ISIS really love, Trump or Hillary?

    When Trump called Hillary a founder of ISIS due to her role in the destructive Arab Spring, the media underwent one of its ritual paroxysm of outrage. Heads spun around 360 degrees at CNN. The New York Times spit split pea soup clear across the office. NPR began crawling up the walls. And everyone who was anyone in the media agreed that Trump had been completely out of line in saying such a thing.

    Never mind that Hillary Clinton had previously accused Trump of being an ISIS recruiter. There are different rules for your team. And now that the fifteen minutes of media outrage over Trump’s line passed, she’s free to do it again. And so, as a dog returns to its vomit, Hillary declared that ISIS is “essentially throwing whatever support they have to Donald Trump.”

    That would be news to ISIS which focuses more on mass murder than getting out the vote in Illinois.

    If the Islamic State is throwing its support to anyone, it’s the woman who helped get it off the ground. CAIR’s poll showed majority Muslim support for Hillary. But never mind the facts, ma’am.

    Hillary Clinton claimed that ISIS said that it wants Trump to win “because it would give even more motivation to every jihadi.” Apparently Jihadis won’t be sufficiently inspired to murder Americans if Hillary is in the White House. They’ll just sit around eating Cheetos and playing Call of Duty.

    But if Trump wins, they’ll finally start an exercise program and then blow themselves up.

    ISIS got its biggest start under Hillary. It’s actually doing less well now that Hillary is out of office. Maybe the nation’s greatest living diplomat is underestimating how motivating she can be to Jihadis?

  3. FLASHBACK: Bill Clinton: US Will Be Safer Because of My North Korea Deal
    September 9, 2016
    Daniel Greenfield

    As North Korea continues developing its nuclear weapons program, credit should be given to the man who helped make that program possible.

    “The standardization of the nuclear warhead will enable (North Korea) to produce at will and as many as it wants a variety of smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear warheads of higher strike power,” North Korea said. “This has definitely put on a higher level (the North’s) technology of mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic rockets.”

  4. UK Cops May Let Officers Wear Burkas

    Why not? It’s not as if police officers are meant to be approachable. Or as if supervisors should at least be able to identify an officer based on something other than badge number.

    Welcome to the Talibanization of the UK.

    One of the largest police force’s in the UK is considering letting Muslim officers wear burkas in an attempt to boost diversity.

    West Midlands Police has said it will discuss letting the traditional Islamic dress – which covers the entirety of a woman’s face and body – to become part of Muslim female officers’ uniform.

    At a recent meeting, Chief Constable David Thompson, said he would consider employing staff who wear a burka as he looks to increase black and minority ethnic (BME) officers in the region to 30 per cent.

    Speaking after a meeting last Thursday, Chief Constable Thompson said: ‘We would need to consider our own rules and cultural sensitivity.

    ‘Clearly we don’t have any barriers relating to the burka.

    ‘As it stands we have not had any approaches from potential recruits asking to wear the burka, but if such an approach was made it is something we would have to consider.’

  5. Everyone Condemns North Korea’s Nuclear Tests, No One Will Stop Them

    It took Imperial Japan to expose the internationalist idealism of the League of Nations for the silly absurdity that it was. Now North Korea continues to expose the internationalist idealism of modern elites who fly to Davos to discuss how the world is about to end if the common people aren’t convinced to give up their air conditioners, but whose internationalist efforts are utterly impotent in the face of one baby-faced dictator.

    North Korea’s nuclear program is moving full speed ahead. Despite Clinton’s nuclear deal with North Korea, which closely resembles the deal with Iran, the Communist dictatorship is approaching all the elements of a full nuclear power. And it has a history of selling and sharing its expertise. Which means that everyone gets to be full members of the nuclear club. Including the worst Islamic terror states.

    There are of course condemnations. Lots and lots of those. And they’re all worthless.

    North Korea knows we’ll do nothing to stop it. The rest of the internationalist club will do even less. Its dictator can starve and massacre his own people. He can kidnap Americans. He can keep generations of the same family in prison. And he can develop and resell nuclear technology to our enemies.

    And we will do nothing.

  6. Reflections on 9/11’s Vulnerabilities
    The failures that proved key factors in the attacks — and how Obama has exacerbated them

    It is hard to believe that 15 years have passed since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

    What may be overlooked as the news media discusses the attacks of 9/11 is that in 1993, more than 23 years ago, terrorists from the Middle East also carried out two deadly attacks in the United States.

    On January 25, 1993 a Pakistani citizen, Mir Aimal Kansi stood outside CIA Headquarters with an AK-47 and opened fire on the vehicles of CIA officials reporting for work. When the smoke cleared, two CIA officer lay dead and three other were seriously wounded. Kansi fled the United States and was ultimately brought back to stand trial. He was found guilty and executed for his crimes. He had applied for political asylum.

    Kansi’s strategy of fleeing the United States after the attack is one often used by alien terrorists and criminals to evade U.S. law enforcement authorities. These foreign nationals have a sort of “trap door” they can escape through and all too often, this tactic is successful. In the case of Kansi, however, because of the nature of his crimes, our government took the extraordinary measures of tracking him down and capturing him in Pakistan. He was apprehended by American law enforcement agents who were assisted by Pakistani officials. The New York Times reported on his capture in an article published on June 18, 1997, “U.S. Seizes the Lone Suspect In Killing of 2 C.I.A. Officers.”

    On February 26, 1993, a bomb-laden truck was parked in the garage under the World Trade Center complex and detonated. The blast killed six innocent people and injured more than one thousand and inflicted an estimated one-half billion dollars in damages to that complex of buildings just blocks from Wall Street.

  7. Kerry Warns Russia His “Patience is Not Infinite”
    September 9, 2016
    Daniel Greenfield

    How does one measure infinity anyway? Can one subtract anything from infinity and yet have it be less than infinite? That’s a fascinating question being asked of America’s greatest living failed presidential candidate, failed diplomat and failed everything… John Forbes Kerry.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Geneva to try to close a deal with Russia on a ceasefire in Syria, but officials warned that the US would soon abandon the effort if the latest round of talks didn’t produce an agreement

    “We are going to try but our patience is not infinite,” a senior administration official traveling with Kerry said.”We are not going to keep going if we don’t reach a conclusion relatively soon. We need to be moving very close to a deal and at some point we need to reach that deal.”

    At some point. Some anonymous official.

    I’m sure the Russians are trembling at being informed that the patience of the buffoon they’ve been playing like an electric harp is not infinite.

    Threats don’t come any more threatening than that.

    Let’s summarize.

  8. Austria’s interior ministry could postpone new presidential vote

    Austria’s Interior Ministry said on Friday it was considering postponing the re-run of a presidential election that is scheduled for Oct. 2 on technical grounds after ballot papers for postal voting turned out to be damaged.

    The election was originally held in May but the Constitutional Court ordered a repeat poll after the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) successfully challenged the result.

    Its candidate Norbert Hofer narrowly lost that vote to former Green Party leader Alexander Van der Bellen but has led in recent opinion polls.

    “If an apparent failure in production makes it impossible to properly conduct the election, then it is my duty as the highest-ranking executive of the electoral authority to immediately consider a postponement,” Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said in an emailed statement.

    An Interior Ministry spokeswoman said a decision was expected early next week.

    Over the past days several eligible voters from cities including Vienna and Salzburg have complained about damaged ballot papers.

    Around 500 damaged papers have been detected so far, according to daily Die Presse, although how they were damaged is unclear. The printing company KBPrintcom, which was commissioned by the interior ministry, declined to comment on the issue.

    Experts have warned that the results of the Oct. 2 election could be challenged again. If a ballot paper becomes invalid without any fault of the voter “that would be surely a reason for contesting the election if there is a narrow result”, political analyst Peter Filzmaier said.

    An FPO spokesman said the party was relaxed about the issue. “We assume that the election will be run properly,” he said. “We do not wish for another challenge.”

    Van der Bellen called for a prompt clarification of the situation late on Thursday. Every eligible voter must be able to rely on their vote being counted, he told broadcaster ORF.

    Van der Bellen has been catching up in the race but is still behind his anti-immigration rival, according to an opinion poll by researcher Gallup.

    The former professor, perceived as the intellectuals’ representative, has been travelling to public festivals and fairs in recent weeks seeking support from farmers and blue-collar workers.

    A poll of 600 people on September 7/8, published by the Oesterreich tabloid on Friday, showed the average support for Van der Bellen at 48 percent, one point higher than a poll in late August, versus 52 percent for the Freedom Party’s (FPO) candidate Norbert Hofer.

    Concerns about security and national identity as well as dissatisfaction with traditional, more centrist parties, have fuelled support for the FPO as well as the Front National in France and the far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD).


    Austria’s election woes worsen as postal voting envelopes come unglued

    Austria’s most recent elections were already considered a disaster when they had to be declared invalid at the beginning of July, following reports of irregularities in handling absentee votes. But after finally agreeing on a date for repeating the elections, the country might now have to reschedule again, according to Austrian media.

    In the latest turn of unusual events, the glue on postal vote envelopes has become unstuck in several cases, making them fall apart. A scientific research institute is examining the problems, and a decision on whether to reschedule the upcoming presidential elections could be reached within the coming days.

    “I can only apologize to the Austrian people for the technical shortcomings,” Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said Friday.[…]

  9. How the Third World was Ruined
    And why “colonialism” had nothing to do with it.
    September 9, 2016
    Spyridon Mitsotakis

    Academic discussions of the reasons for Third World poverty usually sound similar to something Communist Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who lived in luxury while his people starved, declared at a UN conference in 1974: “The division of the world into developed and underdeveloped countries is a result of historical evolution, and is a direct consequence of the imperialist, colonialist, and neo-colonialist policies of exploitation of many peoples.”

    That same year, a French professor wrote in a UN publication that “the rich white man, with his overconsumption of meat and his lack of generosity toward poor populations, acts like a true cannibal, albeit indirect. Last year, in overconsuming meat which wasted the cereals which could have saved them, we ate the little children of the Sahel, of Ethiopia, and of Bangladesh. And this year, we are continuing to do the same thing, with the same appetite.”

    However, what really destroyed the Third World had nothing to do with the West. The Third World was irrevocably harmed by the scorched-earth economic campaign that was waged against Israel by the oil producing nations.

    Bayard Rustin wrote in the NAACP journal The Crisis in April 1974 (and reprinted in Time on Two Crosses: The Collected Writings of Bayard Rustin):

  10. Misleading Statistics
    The truth about household income “inequality.”
    September 9, 2016
    Thomas Sowell

    Mark Twain famously said that there were three kinds of lies — “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Since this is an election year, we can expect to hear plenty of all three kinds.

    Even if the statistics themselves are absolutely accurate, the words that describe what they are measuring can be grossly misleading.

    Household income statistics are an obvious example. When we hear about how much more income the top 20 percent of households make, compared to the bottom 20 percent of households, one key fact is usually left out. There are millions more people in the top 20 percent of households than in the bottom 20 percent of households.

    The number of households is the same but the number of people in those households is very different. In 2002, there were 40 million people in the bottom 20 percent of households and 69 million people in the top 20 percent.

    A little over half of the households in the bottom 20 percent have nobody working. You don’t usually get a lot of income for doing nothing. In 2010, there were more people working full-time in the top 5 percent of households than in the bottom 20 percent.

    Household income statistics can be very misleading in other ways. The number of people per household is different among different racial or ethnic groups, as well as from one income level to another, and it is different from one time period to another.

  11. Justice Dept. Granted Immunity to Specialist Who Deleted Hillary Clinton’s Emails

    WASHINGTON — A computer specialist who deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails despite orders from Congress to preserve them was given immunity by the Justice Department during its investigation into her personal email account, according to a law enforcement official and others briefed on the investigation.

    Republicans have called for the department to investigate the deletions, but the immunity deal with the specialist, Paul Combetta, makes it unlikely that the request will go far. Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, the top Republican on the House oversight committee, asked the Justice Department on Tuesday to investigate whether Mrs. Clinton, her lawyers or the specialist obstructed justice when the emails were deleted in March 2015.

    Mr. Combetta is one of at least two people who were given immunity by the Justice Department as part of the investigation. The other was Bryan Pagliano, a former campaign staff member for Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, who was granted immunity in exchange for answering questions about how he set up a server in Mrs. Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, N.Y., around the time she became secretary of state in 2009.

    The F.B.I. described the deletions by Mr. Combetta in a summary of its investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s account that was released last Friday. The documents blacked out the specialist’s name, but the law enforcement official and others familiar with the case identified the employee as Mr. Combetta. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be identified discussing matters that were supposed to remain confidential.

    Brian Fallon, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign, said that the deletions by the specialist, who worked for a Colorado company called Platte River Networks, had already been “thoroughly examined by the F.B.I. prior to its decision to close out this case.”

    “As the F.B.I.’s report notes,” Mr. Fallon said, “neither Hillary Clinton nor her attorneys had knowledge of the Platte River Network employee’s actions. It appears he acted on his own and against guidance given by both Clinton’s and Platte River’s attorneys to retain all data in compliance with a congressional preservation request.”

    A lawyer for Mr. Combetta and a spokesman for the Justice Department declined to comment.

    In July, the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, announced that the bureau would not recommend that Mrs. Clinton and her aides be charged with a crime for their handling of classified information on the account.

    Five days later, Mr. Chaffetz — who has led the charge in raising questions about the F.B.I.’s decision — asked prosecutors to investigate whether Mrs. Clinton had lied to Congress about her email account in testimony in October before the special committee investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. That request has been met with silence from the Justice Department.

    The House oversight committee has asked officials from Platte River Networks, Mr. Combetta and others to appear at a hearing before his committee on Tuesday about how the email account was set up and how the messages were deleted.

    According to the F.B.I. documents, Mr. Combetta told the bureau in February that he did not recall deleting the emails. But in May, he told a different story.

    In the days after Mrs. Clinton’s staffers called Platte River Networks in March 2015, Mr. Combetta said realized that he had not followed a December 2014 order from Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers to have the emails deleted. Mr. Combetta then used a program called BleachBit to delete the messages, the bureau said.

    In Mr. Combetta’s first interview with the F.B.I. in February, he said he did not recall seeing the preservation order from the Benghazi committee, which Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer, Cheryl D. Mills, had sent to Platte River. But in his May interview, he said that at the time he made the deletions “he was aware of the existence of the preservation request and the fact that it meant he should not disturb Clinton’s email data” on the Platte River server.

      • The only reason for the immunity would be if they would testify against Hillary, since they are going to prosecute her ithe deal lets them off the hook of prosecuting the lower people without going after the boss that orders the crime.

  12. Exposed! US secretly training Iranian guerillas

    The Obama Administration has secretly been training a group of Iranian fighters with questionable allegiances — and the American public hasn’t been told a thing about it.

    An Iranian Kurdish rebel group received military training in weapons and explosives from U.S. and European advisers as part of the international program backing Kurds in the war against the Islamic State group in Iraq, the group’s commander told The Associated Press.

    The group, called the Kurdistan Freedom Party, is one of several Iranian Kurdish factions that have carried out attacks this year inside Iran, sparking a crackdown by security forces. At the same time, the group has been fighting alongside Iraqi Kurds against Islamic State group militants in northern Iraq.

    The training is a further twist in the complex web of alliances and enmities swirling around the wars in Iraq and Syria. Iran is a powerful backer of the Iraqi government and Iraqi Shiite militias against the Islamic State group.

    It appeared that the Iranian faction made its way into the training because it is officially under the umbrella of the Iraqi Kurdish forces. But any training of Iranian insurgents, even indirectly through the anti-IS campaign, could alarm Tehran, which remains a top rival of Washington and U.S. allies in the region despite their common cause in fighting the militants in Iraq and despite last year’s nuclear deal.

    (Richard: The Iranians probably already know we are doing this but this is one time the press should have kept their mouths shut until Iran complained about our training the Kurds.)

  13. Is the Islamic State’s Plan to Conquer Rome So Far-Fetched?
    Historically, violent and civilizational jihad has changed the demographic character and culture of entire nations in much of the world.

    The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) made a call to its cells in Europe through an encrypted text message in English, French, and Arabic on the social media over the weekend.

    The Turkish news outlet NTV reported that via the ISIS-affiliated “Nasir Foundation,” the terror group sent a message to its members and sympathizers in Europe who are preparing for attacks, telling them to “either act immediately or annihilate all organizational information they possess.”

    “Our brothers and sisters in Europe and especially in France, hurry up to carry out your acts. Also, be careful and cautious,” ordered the terror group.

    “We hear that a lot of our brothers get arrested before carrying out their acts. We suggest you to delete all of the information and messages in your devices relating the Islamic State including photos, videos and applications. We also suggest you to carry out your acts before it is too late.”

    ISIS allegedly made the warning after Syrian-born Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the official spokesperson and a senior leader of the Islamic State, was killed in Aleppo. The U.S. and Russia both announced in separate statements that they killed al-Adnani in their airstrikes.

    Since al-Adnani’s death, there have been calls for revenge attacks to be carried out by jihadist operatives, the Daily Mail reported.

    “According to the respected Site Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist activity, the threats were made on a pro-ISIS account on the encrypted Telegram messaging service, with one warning: ‘We will exterminate you.’”

  14. BREITBART – Sweden: Interpreter Suspended For Saying Arab Migrants Lie To Secure Asylum, Welfare Bonuses

    An interpreter has been suspended from duty by the Swedish Migration Board for remarking that many Arabs lie about their background to boost their chance of getting asylum and higher welfare payments.

    An investigation is being launched after a journalist who spoke with the unnamed interpreter reported her “inappropriate” comments to the body which authorises interpreters.

    In the Migration Board’s premises in Örebro, the woman reportedly disagreed with the journalist’s disapproval over Sweden’s tightening of its immigration laws.

    The interpreter explained that “many” of the Arabs in Sweden lie and exaggerate about the conditions in which they lived in their homelands, and their personal histories, in order to better their chances of securing asylum and welfare bonuses, Dagens Nyheter reported.

    She stated that Arabs do not have it as bad in their home countries as they portray, saying that “They can live anywhere, in Syria or any other Arab nation. Nobody forces them to come here.”

    The woman has been suspended from her job as an interpreter at the Migration Board and Sweden’s Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency is undertaking an ethical investigation into the case.

    Her employer sent an email to Kammarkollegiet, the body which approves interpreters, stating they are taking the allegations seriously. The email noted that the woman has been suspended “until the matter is investigated” and the body has come to a decision with regards to whether she will be allowed to continue working as a translator.

    The interpreter herself reportedly has a Christian Iraqi background. Christian migrants to Sweden face threats and persecution from other migrants, most of whom are Muslim, for their religion.

    Sweden accepted more migrants per capita last year than any other European nation. In 2014, there were around 80,000 asylum seekers arriving, rising to 163,000 in 2015.

    The Swedish government acted to tighten its asylum laws in August as a result of the enormous economic burden migrants place on the country’s finances.

    Anders Danielsson said the Swedish Migration Agency, of which he is the director general, needs an additional budget of $8 billion over the next two years, Haaretz reported.

  15. No US involvement in Syrian rebel leader death: Pentagon

    WASHINGTON: The Pentagon Friday said it played no role in the death of the commander of Syria’s largest rebel coalition, who was killed in an airstrike near Aleppo.

    Abu Omar Saraqeb, who led the former Al-Qaeda affiliate Nusra Front, which took on the new name of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham in July, reportedly died when a strike hit a meeting of rebel leaders.

    The extremist Fateh al-Sham is a leading member of the Army of Conquest alliance, which was meeting Thursday night, killing Saraqeb and another rebel commander.

    “It was not a U.S. strike,” Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said.

    “Whatever happened there, it was not something that the U.S. military did.”

    A U.S.-led coalition is conducting daily strikes in northern Syria, but its focus is on ISIS and it has steered clear of the carnage unfolding in Aleppo, where Russian and Syrian government forces are battling rebels.

    “We don’t have any reason to be in Aleppo, it’s not a place where ISIS is,” Davis said.

    A U.S. defense official later told AFP that Russia was the “leading suspect” in the strike.

    State Agency for Refugees To Survey Land Plots for New Centres

    The existing refugee centers in Bulgaria are full, the state is surveying military facilities and former schools to accommodate migrants.

    BTV specifies that the new centers will be “prisons”, i.e. closed-type centers for dangerous migrants.

    Apart from that, “as of today, the State Agency for Refugees has the right to create closed-type facilities on the territory of all centres in the country. Refugees who have committed transgressions will be sent to these facilities for an unspecified period of time.”
    Migrants who violate the rules in the centers, those who abuse alcohol or have crossed the border illegally will be sent there. The migrants could be kept in the closed parts of open-type centers only for a short while, otherwise their rights of free movement would be violated. Whether there still are grounds for keeping them in the closed facilities will be redetermined every month.
    In up to a month half of the Harmanli center will be transformed into a closed-type facility. (BTV)
    A stunning translation of what one of the migrants in Harmanli says about the new changes:
    ”The camp is full of people from all countries…
    We go out to have fun and to get away from here, because inside there are many problems. There are people who get drunk and cause trouble to others (he means those in the center). We came here to look for a happier (better) life, and you cause us problems!”
    ( I cannot hear his original words well, and probably a part of his statement has been cut to fit into the time restriction; this is a serious media that tries to be objective).
    (video on the BTV site, 1:41 min)

  17. Report: Biblical Deluge Caused By Zionists Opening Dams (satire)

    A new investigation into the flood that destroyed civilization and all but wiped out land-based animal life has concluded that the disaster occurred as a result of the Zionists opening dams.

    A team of scholars from the School of Legal and Academic Noahide Deluvian Exploratory Research (SLANDER) looked into evidence for the cause of the Great Deluge in the third millennium BCE, and found that it fits the same pattern as floods that occurred later in history, notably in the Gaza Strip of the early 21st century CE – floods already widely associated with the accusation of Israel opening dams just to cause destruction and upheaval. The study results will be published in the next issue of Biblical Archaeology Review.

    Lead SLANDER study author Dr. Moe Tzidibba explained that the evidence for the Deluge as recorded in the Biblical book of Genesis and the evidence for Israel opening dams is of similar strength. “We have essentially identical direct evidence for both phenomena, which is a big, fat bull’s eye as far as scholarship goes,” he noted. “With both, there are also millions of people with a powerful vested interest in believing things happened exactly as described in their respective narratives, so much so that their very identity and sense of self-worth has become dependent on that belief. It’s uncanny.”

    Among other evidence, Dr. Tzidibba pointed to the notion of collective punishment that informs both stories, and the fraught relationship the survivors tended to have with alcoholic beverages. Additionally, skeptics have challenged the authenticity of both events, and have pointed to the various ways in which they were not physically possible, or do not conform to physical evidence of the period in question.


    A 33-year-old doctor has been charged after police say a woman was sexually assaulted at a medical clinic in Toronto’s financial district.

    Toronto police responded to a report of a sexual assault at “MCI The Doctor’s Office” located in the underground PATH system at 200 Bay Street on Tuesday.

    Police said a 48-year-old woman went to the clinic for medical treatment and was sexually assaulted by a doctor.

    READ MORE: Toronto doctor charged after police say woman sexually assaulted during physical

    Dr. Khaled Hasan, 33, of Mississauga, Ont., was arrested Thursday and charged with one count of sexual assault.


    A Minnesota man was sentenced to 15 years in prison Tuesday after pleading guilty to a federal hate crime for starting a fire at a Somali restaurant in North Dakota, the Associated Press reports.

    Prosecutors said that Matthew Gust did not like Somalis and did not want them living in the area. Gust, of East Grand Forks, Minn., made an explosive from a 40-ounce beer to start a fire at the Jumba Coffee House in nearby Grand Forks in December.

    Gust’s attorney had claimed that Gust was just trying to get even after he and a family member were robbed at gunpoint while working at a sandwich shop. Gust, the attorney said, thought the suspects were Somali.

  20. Paris Terror Plot Suspect Was Engaged To Priest Killer

    A woman accused of plotting a Paris rail station bombing was allegedly linked to a man behind a deadly church attack.

    One of the women arrested over a foiled terror attack in Paris had been engaged to a man who slit a priest’s throat, it has emerged.

    Adel Kermiche, 19, murdered Father Jacques Hamel, who was in his 80s, during a morning mass in July.

    Kermiche and his accomplice Abdelmalik Petitjean were then shot by police as they left the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy, using nuns as human shields.

    On Friday, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said the detained woman, referred to as Sarah H, was also betrothed to another extremist who carried out a deadly attack in June.

    Larossi Abballa killed two police officials in Magnanville and filmed the aftermath on Facebook Live before being shot dead in a raid on his home.

    Sarah H’s current fiance was arrested on Thursday, Mr Molins said.

    She and two other females – one a teenager – were detained after a car full of gas cylinders was discovered close to Notre Dame Cathedral in the French capital on Sunday morning.

    The Peugeot 607 also contained three jerry cans of diesel and was found with its hazard lights on.

    The three women are accused of planning to attack a railway station in Paris this week.

    Mr Molins said the suspects were guided by Islamic State (IS) commanders in Syria.

    “The terrorist organisation uses not only women, but young women, who get to know them and develop their plot from a distance,” he told a news conference.

    An interior ministry statement said: “An alert has been issued to all stations but they had planned to attack the Gare de Lyon on Thursday.”

    The youngest of the women, Ines Madani, 19, is said to have written a letter pledging allegiance to IS.

    Shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ – Arabic for God is Greatest – can be heard on video footage of the women’s arrests.

    Madani apparently stabbed a police officer in the leg before being shot and wounded. She is being treated in hospital.

    TV footage showed a policeman leaving the scene of the arrests on the outskirts of Paris carrying a large knife.

    The wounded officer’s injuries are not life-threatening.

    Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said: “These three women aged 39, 23 and 19 had been radicalised, were fanatics and were in all likelihood preparing an imminent, violent act.”

    French President Francois Hollande said: “A group has been destroyed, but there are others. Information we were able to get from our intelligence services allowed us to act before it was too late.”

    In all, five women and two men, one with ties to Abballa, have been arrested in connection with the plot.

    Madani’s father was detained and later released after reporting his daughter had gone missing with the Peugeot car.

  21. UK – Evil Muslims lured girl, 13, into hotel room before raping her and photographing the abuse

    A PAIR of sick sex beasts who lured a 13-year-old schoolgirl into a “vile and degrading” hotel room rape have both been caged for 14 years.

    Ismail Ali, and Naheem Uddin, both 26, abused the child after picking her up in their car as they cruised a city centre looking for a victim.

    The sickening rapists “behaved like animals” and ripped her jeans as they yanked them from her legs.

    They took photographs of their victim while they abused her then threw her shoes and knickers from the bedroom window before leaving.

    The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was left seriously distraught after her horrific ordeal.

    Uddin, a married father-of-three from Bradford, was this week convicted at Bradford Crown Court of rape, attempted rape and taking indecent photographs.

    Ali, a waiter also from Bradford, was found guilty of two rapes and possession of the indecent photographs which Uddin sent to his phone.

    Both men were cleared of kidnap and false imprisonment.

    The court heard the pair were roaming the streets of their hometown “looking for sex” when they spotted the vulnerable youngster and persuaded her go with them to the city’s Ibis Hotel with them on the evening of April 18.

    Jailing them for 14 years each, Judge David Hatton said: “On that night each of you was out to find sexual satisfaction and you did not care how you obtained it. You saw [the girl] and saw her as your opportunity.”

    The court heard how she went willingly with them to the hotel but “she did not volunteer for the vile abuse and degradation that followed”.

    The judge added: “You took it in turns to abuse her and each of you behaved like an animal.”

    The judge told the court that although the pair did not know the girl was 13, they did not care how old she was.

    He said: “You knew that she was very young, and you knew that she was much younger than you.”

    David McGonigal, prosecuting, told the court how the child had self harmed since she was attacked and ripped the wallpaper off her bedroom walls.

    She felt isolated and needed strong emotional support from her family.

    In mitigation for Uddin, it was stated that he had three children by a previous partner and his new wife would now be deported.

    Frida Hussain, for Ali, said he was brought up in care and had been working as a waiter before the offences.

    Following the case Detective Inspector Jon Best said: “Uddin and Ali subjected their young victim to a horrific ordeal and we welcome the sentences they have been given.

    “We would firstly like to praise her for her courage in reporting their horrendous crimes and enabling them to be put before the courts.

    “We hope the lengthy sentences will give her some comfort and allow her to move forward.

    “Child Sexual Exploitation remains a priority for West Yorkshire Police. It is totally unacceptable and it is the responsibility of all agencies, communities and individuals to identify those responsible and help bring them to justice.”

    Comments Unavailable

  22. Netherlands – Dutch police search mosques, homes in money-laundering probe

    Police and finance ministry investigators raided 12 locations across the country on Thursday in connection with an investigation into money laundering involving an un-named Islamic organisation, broadcaster NOS reported.

    The probe centres on an Islamic organisation which is suspected of laundering hundreds of thousands of euros via educational and other charities, the broadcaster said.

    The premises raided included four homes in Brabant, two in Utrecht and one in Zuid-Holland. A mosque in Tilburg and Utrecht and other properties in The Hague and Nieuwegein were also part of the investigation.

    NOS says the organisation received large cash payments both in the Netherlands as well as from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. Some of the money was then sent back abroad.

    NOS did not say if anyone had been arrested. The investigation focuses on a man and his two sons who have a variety of positions with 10 different foundations.

    The public prosecution department has not yet issued a statement on the investigation.

  23. Photos: Embarrassing Turnout For Hillary Clinton Keynote Speech At Baptist Convention

    Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton delivered a keynote speech at the National Baptist Convention Thursday night, but photos show that many people failed to show up.

    Prior to the speech, workers moved in wall partitions in the giant venue, according to tweets from several reporters who were there.

    (Richard: You would think people don’t like her)

    • According to that photo Clinton was either literally preaching to the choir or they bused in a crap load of religious tards. Either way, if she wins, there had better be a recount and it better be done by Hungary.

      • If she wins there will be total chaos and the US probably won’t survive, we can survive and probably have our economy recover with Trump as President. This combined with the fact he will defend the US when we are attacked means that he is the only one to vote for. In my home town only the people who were born Democrats are going to vote for her and some are planning to set out the election.

        I am praying for a large enough turnout that is large enough to mean that the Dems can’t steal the election.

  24. Retired General Warns What Happens When You Disagree With Obama

    “… there’s a lot of frustration within the ranks …”

    Retired four-star general and Fox News military analyst Gen. Jack Keane says disagreeing with President Barack Obama can be dangerous for the careers of military leaders.

    In a radio interview on Kilmeade & Friends, Keane said there is a pattern of generals who disagree with the president leaving the military earlier than expected.

    “It’s also a fact that a number of our general officers, not all of them but a number of them, were asked to leave before what would normally be accepted as the routine tenure for that particular position, and Gen. (James) Mattis is a case in point who had very strong views on Iran,” Keane said.

  25. Qaeda chief threatens ‘thousands’ of 9/11 attacks (ahram, Sep 9, 2016)–attacks.aspx

    “Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri threatened the US that the September 11, 2001 attacks will be repeated “thousands of times”, in a video marking the 15th anniversary of the deadly assault.

    Addressing the United States in a video message posted Thursday on YouTube, Zawahiri blamed 9/11 on “your crimes against us”.

    He said that if these continue, 9/11 “will be repeated thousands of times”.

    On September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were struck by hijacked aircraft, claiming 2,753 lives.

    Further deadly attacks that day were carried out against the Pentagon and on a third commercial aircraft that crashed in rural Pennsylvania.

    In the video, Zawahiri cited Washington’s policies towards Arab and Muslim countries, its “occupation” of lands in their countries, and support for their “criminal and corrupt” governments.

    His threats come as American officials say the United States has become hardened against such well-developed plots as 9/11 but remains vulnerable to small and home-grown attacks.

    The 9/11 attacks spawned Washington’s so-called war on terror, which initially focused on Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, before later targeting the Islamic State group which has seized territory in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

    Zawahiri also urged jihadists to unite and urged African Americans to convert to Islam to “save” them from US laws which he said are controlled by “the white majority”.”

  26. Denmark eyes potential ‘screening’ of citizens (thelocal, Sep 9, 2016)

    “Two right-wing parties want everyone applying for Danish citizenship to face questioning about their viewpoints, including in some cases from the politicians themselves.

    Not content with new tougher citizenship requirements that took effect in October, the Conservatives and the Danish People’s Party want would-be Danes to undergo an in-person screening process.

    Conservative MP Naser Khader told Politiken on Friday that he will introduce a bill that, if passed, would force the Danish government to come up with a model to screen all individuals who apply for Danish citizenship.

    He said the move would replace the current requirement that all would-be Danes sign a statement declaring their loyalty to upholding Denmark’s societal values and abiding by its constitution.

    Khader said a personal interview would help stop people who “don’t care for this society’s fundamental values” from becoming Danes.

    “I want to be able to sit down and ask some of those who want to have citizenship: Why do you want citizenship? What is your opinion of our democracy, traditions of freedom, gender equality, homosexuality and so on,” Khader told Politiken.

    The Conservative MP has floated the idea before and was a driving force behind an October 2015 decision to deny citizenship to a man he called a “pure Islamist” and “anti-democrat”.

    “Citizenship is politics, not law. Therefore we can of course allow ourselves to say to these types of people: your opinions are too extreme for us to reward you for them. And we do that to take care of Denmark,” Khader wrote in a Facebook post praising the decision to deny citizenship to Belal El-Khatib.

    Khader said his plans to formally propose a screening process are driven by the desire to deny citizenship to people who “oppose and undermine democracy”.

    Although he said he did not have a concrete model for the screening process just yet, he envisioned a scenario in which the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) would flag potential citizens who may harbour extremist beliefs.

    In some cases, Khader said those people should be brought in for questioning directly by parliament’s Naturalization Committee (Indfødsretsudvalg).”

  27. Nearly 1,500 child marriages on the books in Germany (DW, Sep 9, 2016)

    “There are more than 1,000 underaged, married foreign nationals living in Germany. These include not only refugees, but children from other EU countries as well.

    Germany’s Central Register of Foreign Nationals published statistics on Friday that raised alarm bells across the country: There are 1,475 children, foreign nationals living in Germany, listed as “married” on their official paperwork. Even more troubling, said the office, was the likelihood that the actual number is much higher.

    The report came at the behest of the Green party and was published by several outlets owned by the Essener Funke Mediengruppe. It revealed, unsurprisingly, that the vast majority of those stuck in underage marriage were girls (1,152). And while most of the couples came from refugee populations who have fled from the Middle East, many came from fellow EU-member states.

    The most highly represented country of origin was Syria (664). There were also many from Afghanistan (157) and Iraq (100), but also on the list were European countries like Bulgaria (65), Poland (41), Romania (33) and Greece (32).

    While more than two-thirds of those registered as married are between 16 and 18, there are 361 children under the age of 14 legally married and living in Germany.

    Refugee crisis compounds problem

    Child marriage has proven a legal conundrum in Germany in the wake of the refugee crisis. While federal law prohibits marriage under 18 (although 16 and up is allowed in certain exceptions), there is also legal precedent stipulating that marriages performed abroad are legal if they were legal in the country in which they were carried out.

    Last week Justice Minister Heiko Maas formed a working group to try and come up with legislation to tackle the problem. Many lawmakers have called for an outright ban on child marriage, even if it was permissible in the country of origin, due to the prevalence of young girls being forced to marry older men.”

  28. Turkish newspaper ‘Zaman’ shuts down in Germany amid ‘threats’ (DW, Sep 9, 2016)

    “The Turkish-language newspaper “Zaman” will stop operations in Germany after “threats” to readers, a staff member has said. The Turkish government took over the paper in Turkey itself in March.

    “Zaman” would stop publishing its print edition in Germany by November 30 to avoid “harm to staff or subscribers,” Süleyman Bag, a member of the paper’s management, told German broadcaster hr on Friday.

    “Our subscribers are being visited; they are being threatened that if they continue to subscribe, they will have problems,” Bag said. He added that the current situation in Turkey, where the government is carrying out a wide-ranging media purge, was spilling over into Germany.

    Mustafa Altas, a member of the newspaper’s board, said it was still unclear whether the internet version of the newspaper, “Zaman-online,” would continue its German operations.

    The French and Belgian editions of the newspaper have already stopped publishing due to threats…”

  29. MEMRI TV – Ex Boxer Anthony Small: Islam Will Dominate the World, Your Own Kingdom Will Be Forgotten

    Ex-Boxer Anthony Small Mocks British People for Rejoicing at Choudary Conviction, Says: Islam Will Dominate the World, Your Own Kingdom Will Be Forgotten Former British boxer Anthony Small, who now goes by the name Abdul Haqq, posted a video on his YouTube channel on September 6, in which he mocked the British people for rejoicing at Anjem Choudary’s prison sentence. “Millions of your tax money were used to arrest him… and now you’re happy, overjoyed that he’s going to sit with free food and shelter, at the cost of your hard-earned tax money,” he laughed. “As the pages of history turn, your own reign, your own kingdom, your own history will be forgotten.” The future, said Small, “is one of brightness, one of domination of the religion of Islam.”

  30. New Report Details Frantic Search After San Bernardino Shooting

    Authorities on Friday released a more detailed account of what happened when two radicalized attackers carried out a mass shooting at a work event in San Bernardino, California in December that left 14 people dead.

    The 138-page report found that self-deployment by officers amid the chaos and poor communication inadvertently tipped off the gunmen before a police confrontation and shootout that would end in the suspects’ deaths.

    Husband-and-wife attackers Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik realized cops chasing them had identified their getaway car when a “patrol sergeant driving the wrong way against traffic” with emergency lights flashing stopped nearly parallel to their SUV while they were waiting at a red light, the report said.

    “It appears that through this action, the patrol sergeant alerted the suspects to a police presence,” researchers from the Police Foundation wrote in a new report on the December 2015 massacre and the response by law enforcement.

    That gave Farook and Malik time “don tactical vests and control how they were going to engage officers,” the report said.

    Twenty-four officers fired at least 440 shots during a five-minute gun battle hours after the massacre at the Inland Regional Center. Farook and Malik fired at least 81 times at police, the report said.

    The report, conducted by the Department of Justice and the Police Foundation, examined the events and the police response to the mass shooting in an effort to improve training and spot problems.

    The report revisits in graphic detail the carnage the cops witnessed after the black-clad couple barged into a conference room at the Inland Regional Center where some 70 San Bernardino County health workers were meeting a minute before 11 a.m. — and started shooting.

    “As the chaos unfolded, a round hit a fire sprinkler pipe causing water to pour out of the ceiling,” the researchers wrote. “The water and smoke that filled the room made it difficult for people to see. The shooters walked between tables. If someone moved or made a sound, the shooters fired one or multiple shots into their body.”

    When police arrived, the researchers wrote, they encountered a horror show.

    One patrol officer quoted in the report said: “It was the worst thing imaginable — some people were quiet, hiding, others were screaming or dying, grabbing at your legs because they wanted us to get them out, but our job at the moment was to keep going.”

    “That was the hardest part, stepping over them,” the officer said.

    Police worked quickly and effectively to remove the dead and wounded from the room, the researchers said. Lacking stretchers in the beginning, they removed injured with blankets and chairs.

    “There really wasn’t anyone saying, ‘Hey, I am a lieutenant,’ or ‘I am a captain, I want to be in charge,'” one patrol officer told the researchers. “Everyone wanted to get things done. Rank did not matter.”

    Still, six hours passed before police they found a bag that the pair had left behind containing three pipe bombs “that were meant to be detonated when the first responders were inside the conference room, giving aid to the wounded.”

    Farook worked at the health department and was at the gathering earlier that day, before he and his wife returned with guns.

    Police identified Farook as a suspect after a survivor of the shooting told a rookie San Bernardino cop that the shooter’s “body language” and “body composition” looked familiar.

    The rookie officer contacted his father, who was a sergeant in the San Bernardino police narcotics unit, and searches by analysts turned up a handful of the same names nearby, which led them to the suspect, the report said.

    Meanwhile, police sent out an alert about a black SUV that was seen leaving the IRC parking lot and several people called to say it had Utah plates, including one who had memorized the number.

    A police analyst was able to trace that plate number to a rental car company which confirmed that Farook had rented one of their SUVs, the report states.

    The researchers concluded that the number of officers who responded to the shooting was necessary.

    But “the manner in which they responded lacked coordination, adding to an already chaotic scene,” the report states. “Many officers were not in uniform, and many were driving unmarked vehicles.”

    While the purpose of the report was to find lessons for other law enforcement agencies in other mass shootings, the researchers commended police agencies for their response.

    “San Bernardino area public safety organizations responded to the December 2 terrorist attacks with the utmost bravery and professionalism,” the researchers said. “Their actions that day saved lives.”

  31. CBC – Montreal police search for suspects tied to Concordia data theft

    Keyloggers and other devices that can capture personal data found in university libraries

    Montreal police are asking for the public’s help in finding two suspects in connection with a security breach and data theft at Concordia University.

    University officials filed a police report in March after library and technical staff found hardware devices called keyloggers on some of its workstations.

    It’s believed the suspects installed the devices, which allowed them to gain access to the personal information and data of students at Concordia.

    Eight students have filed complaints with police, but investigators believe the number of victims is much higher.

    Police say they are looking for two men who are possibly of North African or Middle Eastern descent and are between 20 and 35 years old.

    The first suspect was seen wearing a dark sweater and shirt, jeans and black and grey sneakers. The second suspect was also wearing dark clothes and has dark hair and a beard.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Montreal police at 514-393-1133.


    global news – Concordia University data theft: Police search for two suspects

    + video

    Montreal police are asking for the public’s help in identifying two suspects wanted in connection with the theft of computer data at Montreal’s Concordia University.

    Police say the thefts started last March when the suspects entered a lab on campus on several occasions and installed devices allowing them to access student profiles.

    According to police, the hack allowed them access to thousands of profiles, many containing personal information.

    To date, Montreal police say eight people have come forward to file complaints, but investigators believe the number of victims could be much larger.

    Police have released surveillance camera images of the suspects from March 17. Investigators believe the suspects could be between the ages of 20-35, and described both men has having an average build.

    Police are searching for two men wanted in connection with the theft of data in a computer lab at Concordia University last March.

    Both men were wearing dark clothing and one was sporting a beard.

    Anyone who believes they were a victim is being asked to visit their neighbourhood police station or call 911. Anyone with information that could help identify and locate the suspects is being asked to call Info-Crime at 514-393-1133.

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