Muslim from religious Muslim family steals and crashes aircraft in Ontario

Check out the father of the young Muslim aircraft thief’s facial hair styles and clothes. So we know exactly what he believes and what he would teach his son.

The Rebel did a report that suggests that there was materials found within the aircraft after the crash that suggests this was jihad.

The Global News report, which has several more videos of Mohamed Choudary’s likely jihad, can be seen here. 

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5 Replies to “Muslim from religious Muslim family steals and crashes aircraft in Ontario”

  1. Yeah, OK, so the guy’s crazy. But it seems to me that Islamic Jihad is sort of like a trap sitting there waiting for a crazy guy to come along and fulfil it. I wouldn’t be surprised if more than a few of the suicide Jihadis we’ve seen are young men just coming into their schizophrenia, but the pages of the Quran sure are the perfect crazy-guy-catalyst, aren’t they? Nothing like the word of God commanding you to slay the Infidel to really get that schizophrenia going, eh?

  2. Of course he was mentally ill, what can one expect when your mom and dad are first cousins and themselves children of first cousins?

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