”We are Merkel’s guests”: Asylum seekers refuse work

Original translation by Nash Montana

From this German language website:

WALDENBURG. Asylum seekers in saxony Waldenburg refused to do community work, because they were the guests of chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). That is what the mayor of the city, Bernd Pohlers (Freie Wähler) told the Gazette.

According to him, the city had created seven different work opportunities in order to give asylum seekers something to do, to counteract against boredom and to increase their acceptance within the population. The jobs included 20 hours per week at a hourly wage of 1,05 Euro. They were approved by the district in Zwickau.

After April all male inhabitants of the local refugee home could have taken part in the community services in the city limits. During the first week everything seemed to go well. The asylum seekers were picked up, brought to their respective places for work, and then they were brought back home again. But shortly thereafter the asylum seekers completely changed their attitude.

Asylum seekers wanted minimum wage

“Later on said persons were arguing that they were guests of Frau Merkel and that guests therefore shouldn’t have to work”, so described mayor Pohlers the scene in the June issue of the city gazette. “Furthermore there was the opinion that there is a minimum wage (8,50 euro) in Germany, and that this should then therefore be paid by the city of Waldenburg!”

Pohlers: “Seeing it as my duty to report this situation”

He’s well aware that his words could play into the hands of people criticizing the asylum crisis, the mayor wrote. But he also had called for multiple fundraising campaigns which had met with huge success among the population. “And therefore I see it as my duty to inform people about the current situation, even as this is difficult for me and I have been advised not to, from many different sides.”

The city of Waldenburg did confirm to Junge Freiheit that asylum seekers are indeed to this day not working. Among the population the mayor’s article had gotten positive resonance. Many citizens had shown gratitude that Pohlers had found the courage to tell the truth about the asylum seeker’s refusal to work, one co-worker of the mayor says.

The city had acquired work clothes in the amount of 700 euro for the asylum seekers. They’re going to be sitting on these clothes now according to a report by “Freie Presse”.


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  1. Once you create an entitlement class they will continue to insist that they are entitled to everything. The left likes to talk about wage slavery and how insisting that people work for what they get is slavery yet they have no problem enslaving the producers to support the non producers. In the case of the Moslems this attitude is re-enforced by the Koranic instructions allowing the Moslems to take the belongings of the non Moslems.

    The “guests” are not going to work as long as Merkel and her ilk pushing the cultural suicidal policies of pandering to the Moslems and insisting that we follow their rules.

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