Blasphemy laws already in US, just not hudud yet, Tribalism grows in politics and more: Links 1 on Aug. 19 – 2016

1, As stated here many times, this site strives to avoid gossip level politics. There are a ton of professional sites that deal exclusively or near exclusively with that for those who want it and more importantly, it isn’t worth the sacrifice of my time and career and social life to deal with it on a webpage.

The age however is changing. Things that were foundational are rotating off their axis. This which appears to be gossip level, is more an example, as a reader to this site excellently put it, “where professionalism gives way to tribalism”.

The left has changed the rules for society if not the laws. The degree of sanctimony the left has charged itself with gives itself permission to attack the fabric of trust that is the real unity of our society. What leftists do to police staff at fast food joints from broken glass in a sandwich to powerful street drugs in coffee, and now this opportunistic stunt by a jewelry store is more than gossipy political items. Its forcing a formerly liberal society into one where you must know a great deal about who you deal with. In truth, it probably means that employers will have to break the law before hiring in order to try and ensure that his employees don’t really harm the business to further an employee’s agenda unrelated to the business, or more accurately, at the business’s expense.

I’ll leave it to the comments to imagine what would happen to the business had a store pulled this stunt on a Clinton.

2. Ezra levant makes high impact video for Jewish people who still vote left

(A lot of Jewish people like Duck Dynasty though I bet)

3. Firefighter in the USA forced out of job for burning a koran. 

(Welcome UN 16/18 for this is most assuredly what this is)

The Associated Press account of this incident, published last Saturday, bore the dateline Bowling Green, Kentucky — but it read as if it could have been Dubai or Doha or Jakarta:

Bowling Green officials say a firefighter has retired after a video surfaced showing him burning a copy of the Quran.

Skeptical about the existence of the phenomenon of “stealth jihad” or “creeping Sharia,” i.e., the assertion of Islamic principles in the U.S. as taking precedence over American law?

Doubt no more.

This unnamed firefighter did not retire with a farewell party and a gold watch. From what the laconic AP report does say, it looks as if he retired under pressure brought onlybecause he burned the Qur’an, which is not officially illegal in the state of Kentucky. Now we know better.

There is a lot more material to get through today. But this is a quick start.

The information that the Corsica beach battle was caused not by someone taking a picture, but because a half nude tourist on a beach that the Muslims had unilaterally decided was a Muslim only beach in Corsica sparked violent conflict. I think English has a word for that kind of territorial dispute.

Oh yeah. War. More on that later today.

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Dumbstruck, and all who sent in materials and comments. 

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One Reply to “Blasphemy laws already in US, just not hudud yet, Tribalism grows in politics and more: Links 1 on Aug. 19 – 2016”

  1. 1 – Classical Liberalism worked for many centuries to bring the world out of tribalism and create a civilization where everyone was equal under the law and peoples looks and beliefs were not taken into consideration when doing business with them. In the name of tolerance and progress the left hs undone centuries of work, and did this so they could turn economically and politically successful free nations into oligarchies with the left in total control of all aspects of everyone’s lives.

    The attacks on the police are attacking the fabric of our society as are the attacks on the moral code of our culture. Fighting this war is going to end up forcing us back into extreme tribalism and segregation of the tribes. Businesses are going to have to vet their employees to eliminate and possibility that they will do something to cost the company money. People will start eating at restaurants and shopping at stores where they know the clerks and waiters will not put something in their food or refuse to sell the products to the customer.

    The return to tribalism will also mean that people will have to start carrying weapons to defend against random attacks by people who are attacking the other tribes because they are the other. This destruction of civilization and the return to tribalism has been done in the name of tolerance and progress.

    Welcome to the world the left has built, first we have to win the war and ensure that freedom survives then we have to work to restore classical liberalism.

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