Letting a Corsican hero represent himself

Earlier today, we posted a video, perhaps somewhat of a smear piece, on a Corsican Facebook Vid-blogger who has a very large following.

Many worthy comments followed.

Oz-Rita explained that the German media company that made it is horrifically biased to the left as well as antisemitic.

Sunshine posted a link to the whole video he made, explaining that DW had in fact used an excerpt of it out of context to make him look bad.

M posted the Youtube version of it in French.

So Ava Lon has translated it for us and here is the titled version so we can decide for ourselves.

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11 Replies to “Letting a Corsican hero represent himself”

  1. Eeyore: At the risk of sounding schmaltzy, I just have to say it: I ADMIRE YOUR WORK, YOUR INTELLIGENCE AND YOUR INTEGRITY !!!
    And to the whole bunch mentioned: “Hut ab !” “Chapeau” …I dont remember the correct english for it just right now, something like: “Respect! ”

    @ Sunshine: your comments are spot on – and reading them (in the previous post) I regret that I dont do Face Book there are obviously good things on it,

    @ M : Modern version of the Library of Alexandria – and on the ball as ALWAYS

    @ Ava Lon: what an excellent translation (I would have shirked it – too challenging, because he really speaks fast) you deserve our THANK YOU.

    I hope this subtitled video will go around far – and is protected – because the United States of the born-again Gestapo, AdolfErdogan/Merkel/Zuckerberg/Hollande/Cazeneuve etc. – will go at it with flame throwers.

    PS: Eeyore, after getting really depressed reading your post about the SHAMEFULL ALBERTA SAGA – http://vladtepesblog.com/2016/08/18/alberta-private-school-loses-appeal-against-muslims-who-sued-for-prayer-space-after-signing-agreement-not-to-do-that/ – this young Corse is a real pick-me-up !

  2. There are a lot of people who think this way but are unwilling to face the loss of jobs and family if they let it be known. They need a leader or enough provocation that they won’t care what the consequences are.

    From what I am seeing there is a growing anger in the US that is about to erupt in a new revolution to restore the rights the left has raped from us. This movement like those in Europe needs either a strong leader or a spark that will light the fuse. Remember that during the first year or so of the American Revolution there was very little in the form of leadership, that developed as it became obvious that remaining with Britain was impossible.

    • I think they should build an especially nasty little room in Hell custom-made for conservative Americans who let Hillary Clinton become the President of the United States. Special, “cooling-proofed” tongs and extra-sharp eye-jabbers would be standard equipment, with options for hot-tar baths and army ant treatment rooms. And, of course, the gold-plated rat-face-cage…

  3. My take on this young man, having never heard of him before, is that there is a segment of the indigenous population that is now willing to fight back with the same tactics as the Muslim Africans. They are going to burn YOUR cars and beat the f’ing hell out of you just as you have done for many years.
    One thing he said that caused me a chuckle was “Corsican’s are just as nuts as you are!”
    The other thing was that if he were to go to another locale he would abide by, in this case, the norms for bathing… Muslims are not willing by and large to comport to western norms.

    While most of what he said was inflammatory and filled with pejoratives, I actually don’t blame him. I found the juxtaposition of the old Corsican fighter to be rather telling. The old
    man was just that, old. He fought the good fight against the gov’t of France and now he is tired. Correct me if I am wrong but I didn’t hear him say a thing about the Muslim invasion of his beautiful island.

    • I noticed the same thing about him, in the long run retaliation often 10 for 1 or greater retaliation is what will drive the Moslems out of Europe. It hasn’t reached the point of actions like that in North America (but it is getting there) but in Europe the time of legal action is ending and the time for kinetic action is beginning. I am not advocating the violence, I don’t want to see the violence but I realize that there are times when only violence will work. The governments won’t protect their citizens (which is their first duty/obligation) when the government refuses to fulfill their obligation of protecting the citizens it is up to the people to protect themselves and their neighbors.

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