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  1. THREAT OF WAR Fears of all-out conflict in Ukraine as sabre-rattling Vladimir Putin places 40,000 troops and armoured vehicles along the border

    The manoeuvres are part of what the Russian strongman sees as the fortification of a new front line with NATO

    AS many as 40,000 Russian troops are massing on the country’s border with Ukraine – prompting fears of a new military invasion.

    The Pentagon has identified eight staging areas dotted along the border, suggesting Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is preparing for new incursions.

  2. Merkel says refugees didn’t bring Islamist terrorism to Germany

    Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday refugees had not brought terrorism to Germany, adding that Islam belonged in the country as long as it was practiced in a way that respected the constitution.

    More than a million people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere arrived in Germany last year. The mood towards them has soured after a spate of attacks on civilians last month, including three carried out by migrants.

    Two of those attacks were claimed by the Islamic State militant group.

    “The phenomenon of Islamist terrorism, of IS, is not a phenomenon that came to us with the refugees,” Merkel said at an election campaign event for her Christian Democrats in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ahead of a regional vote on Sept. 4.

  3. Germany treads cautiously in court case to ban far-right party

    BERLIN (Reuters) – In his decade as a neo-Nazi skinhead in eastern Germany, Manuel Bauer says he beat up foreigners and disabled people, stabbed a cigarette in the eye of a 12-year old boy and assaulted a Muslim man and his pregnant German wife.

    Bauer, who led two racist gangs, the “League of Aryan Fighters” and “Revenge Act”, says groups like his carried out violence on behalf of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), which has a seat in the European Parliament and five seats in one of Germany’s 16 state assemblies.

    Bauer was jailed on a 22 month sentence for extortion, causing bodily harm and arson, before he quit the right-wing scene with the help of a support group. Today he works with refugees from Afghanistan and Syria. He says the NPD should be banned.

    “There is too much democracy if you allow anti-democratic forces like (the NPD) to exist,” said Bauer.

  4. US
    Leaked Board Documents: Soros Organization Tried To Buy Supreme Court Ruling On Illegal Immigration

    Read more:

    Leaked Board Documents: Soros Organization Tried To Buy Supreme Court Ruling On Illegal Immigration
    Photo of Peter Hasson
    Peter Hasson
    Reporter, Associate Editor
    10:12 PM 08/17/2016

    Open Society Foundations, Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros’ stated vehicle for progressive social change, orchestrated a well-funded attempt to secure a desired outcome in a U.S. Supreme Court case on illegal immigration enforcement, according to a newly discovered memo between the organization’s top U.S. officials and board members.

    Read more:

    • I would rather see a document obtained legally, through a subpoena. Leaked or stolen documents lack provenance for authentication.

      • I agree, I would rather see this obtained through legal means and put before a Grand Jury. The problem is that it is unlikely that any of the people will ever see the inside of a courtroom when they are a defendant. Whoever is leaking these documents is afraid of a Hillary Presidency and is doing what they can to prevent her from winning.

  5. Turkey seizes assets as post-coup crackdown turns to business

    ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish authorities ordered the detention of nearly 200 people, including leading businessmen, and seized their assets as an investigation into suspects in last month’s failed military rebellion shifted to the private sector.

    President Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to choke off businesses linked to U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom he blames for the July 15 coup attempt, describing his schools, firms and charities as “nests of terrorism.”

    Tens of thousands of troops, civil servants, judges and officials have been detained or dismissed in a massive purge that Western allies worry Erdogan is using to crack down on broader dissent, risking stability in the NATO partner.

    In dawn raids on Thursday, police from a financial-crimes unit entered some 200 homes and workplaces after a chief prosecutor issued 187 arrest warrants, state-run Anadolu news agency said. TV channel CNN Turk said 60 people were detained.

    Gulen, formerly close to Erdogan and living in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, has denounced the attempted coup, when rogue troops commandeered tanks and jets to attack government installations. He has denied any responsibility.–sector.html

  6. North Korea Threatens to Destroy US Military Bases in Asia-Pacific Region

    Pyongyang has threatened to destroy all US military bases in the Asia-Pacific Region should Washington dare to take “an insane step,” according to the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s statement.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to the statement, the fact that the Unites States deployed three types of strategic bombers on Guam ahead of the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military drills conducted annually during August or September between South Korea and the United States is “a very alarming signal.”

    • I don’t know what about this article is causing my brain to react like it is but something is saying that this is important. It may be but on the surface it looks like North Korea is running its mouth. Or it could be that the fact that they are restarting the plutonium separation program is bothering me.

  7. Turkey seizes assets as post-coup crackdown turns to business

    ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish authorities ordered the detention of nearly 200 people, including leading businessmen, and seized their assets as an investigation into suspects in last month’s failed military rebellion shifted to the private sector.

    President Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to choke off businesses linked to U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom he blames for the July 15 coup attempt, describing his schools, firms and charities as “nests of terrorism.”

    Tens of thousands of troops, civil servants, judges and officials have been detained or dismissed in a massive purge that Western allies worry Erdogan is using to crack down on broader dissent, risking stability in the NATO partner.

    In dawn raids on Thursday, police from a financial-crimes unit entered some 200 homes and workplaces after a chief prosecutor issued 187 arrest warrants, state-run Anadolu news agency said. TV channel CNN Turk said 60 people were detained.

    Gulen, formerly close to Erdogan and living in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, has denounced the attempted coup, when rogue troops commandeered tanks and jets to attack government installations. He has denied any responsibility.

    • The Latest: Turkey Raids Companies Linked to US-Based Cleric (abcnews, Aug 18, 2016)

      “… Turkish police have launched simultaneous raids in 18 cities against companies linked to U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen as authorities pressed ahead with a clampdown on his movement.

      Turkey accuses Gulen of being the mastermind behind Turkey’s failed July 15 coup attempt and has branded his movement a terror organization. Gulen denies involvement.

      The state-run Anadolu Agency said police on Thursday searched 204 premises after warrants were issued for the detention of 187 businessmen. They are accused of alleged “membership in a terror organization” and “providing financial support to a terror organization.”

      Separately, a court ordered that 187 suspects’ assets be seized, according to Anadolu….”

  8. Russia furore over FGM in mainly Muslim Dagestan (BBC, Aug 17, 2016)

    “A report on female genital mutilation (FGM) in the North Caucasus has sparked a fierce debate in Russia, with some clerics defending the practice.

    A civil society group found FGM to be common among Muslims in mountain villages in Dagestan. Girls’ genitals were cut in primitive homes.

    Regional Muslim leader Ismail Berdiyev suggested all women should undergo FGM but later withdrew the remark.

    But a senior Orthodox Christian priest, Vsevolod Chaplin, had backed him.

    In a Facebook post (in Russian), Archpriest Chaplin expressed “my sympathies for the mufti, and I hope he doesn’t retreat from his position because of the howls and hysterics which will start now”.

    “We Orthodox Christians have different traditions – but that never stopped us respecting the traditions of neighbouring peoples,” he wrote.

    He said FGM was not necessary for Orthodox Christian women “because they’re not promiscuous anyway”. But he approved of the mufti’s statement that God had created “woman so that she could give birth and bring up children”.

    “Feminism is a 20th-Century lie,” he added.

    ‘Less debauchery’

    Mr Berdiyev, the mufti of the North Caucasus, had said earlier that FGM was practised in some villages in Dagestan and that it was necessary to curb women’s sexuality.

    “It would be very good if this were applied to all women,” the Islamic cleric said, adding, “It doesn’t stop women giving birth and there would be less debauchery.”

    Speaking later to Russian media, he said his “joke” had been “twisted” by journalists to make it look like he advocated FGM.

    Some Facebook users lambasted the priest’s position on FGM. Arik Elman said “you don’t have to sympathise with Islam in order to know that FGM is not a commonly accepted part of Muslim tradition, but has regional, tribal roots”.

    Igor Tetyuev said it was “not the role of a celibate monk” to “discuss women’s bodies, childbirth and children”.

    Irina Gubernatorova said “burning heretics at the stake and drowning witches in sacks were also ancient and glorious Christian traditions – shall we go back to them?”

    In its report (in Russian), the Russian Justice Initiative (RJI) said it had interviewed many women in Dagestan and discovered that FGM was widespread in mountain villages.

    The mutilation – condemned by the United Nations as “child abuse” – was usually carried out in primitive conditions, without anaesthetic, on infant girls aged up to three.

    Women quoted anonymously in the RJI report said they considered FGM to be a Muslim duty for their daughters.

    Usually it involved removal, or part-removal, of the clitoris and/or labia. But the most extreme form of FGM – sewing up the vagina to leave a tiny hole – was not done.

    Girls suffered psychological trauma, bleeding and painful scarring from FGM.

    RJI said the subject was taboo in the mainly Muslim republic, home to many different ethnic groups, the largest of which are the Avars. FGM was largely ignored by Muslim community leaders, RJI said.

    A senior mufti in Russia’s Spiritual Administration of Muslims, Rushan Abbyasov, called FGM “alien to Islamic theology”.

    He said there was no clear Muslim instruction about FGM and no evidence that it “tames desire”.

    More than 200 million women and girls around the world have undergone FGM. The UN estimates a further three million are at risk of being mutilated.

    FGM has been documented in 30 countries, mainly in Africa, but also in the Middle East and Asia.”

    • Russian mufti calls for universal female genital mutilation

      Ismail Berdiyev declares FGM for all women would be ‘a good thing’.

      Senior Muslim cleric and Islamic spiritual leader of the North Caucuses Ismail Berdiyev has declared in an interview that if female genital mutilation (FGM) could be forced upon all women that would be “very good”.

      Berdiyev made the controversial comments to Russia’s official Interfax news agency as he responded to a human right’s report which urged for an end to the practice in the North Caucuses. If FGM “could be applied to all women, that would be very good”, he was quoted as saying.

      The religious leader was decorated by President Vladimir Putin in March at a ceremony in Red Square, where the two men embraced. He claimed FGM would not stop women from being mothers – their natural role – but “there would be less fornication”.

      The statements have provoked a backlash, AFP reported. As a result, Berdiyev attempted to play them down as a joke.

      Adding fuel to the fire a Russian Orthodox Cleric responded to the Mufti’s declaration saying Muslims had a right to a “time-honoured tradition”. Vsevolod Chaplin said: “You probably don’t need to ‘circumcise’ all women, there’s no need with Orthodox women as they don’t fornicate anyway”.

      The Russian government has immediately distanced itself from the statements. The head of the health ministry’s public health department Oleg Salagai was quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency as saying FGM is “mutilating and not positive in any way”.

      The comments by both religious leaders highlighted the contents of the original report by the NGO Russian Justice Group. It said the cutting of girls’ genitals in mountain villages in the North Caucasus region of Dagestan had carried on “without any attention whatsoever from the authorities”.

      “In Dagestan, most of society is still not ready to admit that this problem exists,” the NGO stated. FGM has “almost total support” in some areas and is often seen as a “compulsory ritual”.

  9. Turkey car bombs: Police station attacks kill six and injure 219 (BBC, Aug 18, 2016)

    “Two big car bombs have hit police stations in separate cities in Turkey, killing six people and wounding at least 219 others.

    The first attack targeted a police station in the eastern city of Van, killing one police officer and two civilians. Some 73 people were hurt.

    Hours later, a police station in Elazig was hit, killing at least three police officers and wounding 146 people.

    Turkish officials blamed the Kurdish militant group, the PKK.

    The PKK has carried a series of bombings targeting the police in the largely Kurdish south-east since a ceasefire with the government broke down last year…”

  10. Nearly 18,000 have died in Syria state jails, says Amnesty (BBC, Aug 17, 2016)

    “Nearly 18,000 people have died in government prisons in Syria since the beginning of the uprising in 2011, according to Amnesty International.

    A new report by the charity, based on interviews with 65 “torture survivors”, details systematic use of rape and beatings by prison guards.

    Former detainees described so-called welcome parties – ritual beatings using metal bars and electric cables.

    The Syrian government has repeatedly denied such allegations.

    The report estimates that 17,723 people died in custody across Syria between March 2011, when the uprising against President Bashar Assad began, and December 2015 – equivalent to about 10 people each day or more than 300 a month.

    According to the report, new detainees are subjected to “security checks” that often involve women being sexually assaulted by male guards.

    “They treated us like animals. They wanted people to be as inhuman as possible,” said Samer, a lawyer from Hama who was among those interviewed.

    “I saw the blood, it was like a river… I never imagined humanity would reach such a low level.”…”

  11. ‘There’s no Sharia law here!’ Heckler interrupts Islamophobia interview on BBC (express, Aug 18, 2016)

    “A MUSLIM student being interviewed about Islamophobia by a TV reporter was heckled by a passerby who yelled: “There’s no Sharia law here.”

    BBC reporter Catrin Nye was left stunned as the man, named Paul, cuts off Islamic studies student Ruqaiya Haris, as she spoke to the Victoria Derbyshire program.

    Talking about the Nice terror attacks in July, before being disrupted, Ms Haris says: “It’s come to the point now where I don’t really think that me condemning these kinds of attacks are going to change people’s opinions.”

    Not long after, Paul heckles: “There’s no Sharia law here!”

    He continues: “We’re losing our right to freedom of expression.

    “We’re being told to be politically correct when we don’t want to be politically correct.”

    Speaking to, Ms Haris, who studies at School of Oriental Studies (SOAS), said she felt the passerby was venting frustrations about global politics and economic inequality at “any Muslim he saw”.

    She said: “I was angry and not about to be silenced or intimidated by him. But at the same time I wanted to engage with him and show him why his views were prejudiced and ill-informed.”

    The social commentator, who has more than 5,000 followers on Twitter, said she receives abuse on the social network almost every day.

    Her invitation to appear on the TV show came after data from think tank Demos suggested almost 7,000 “Islamophobic” tweets were sent every day in July worldwide.

    “I receive abuse online pretty much every day regardless of what I say, insulting my hijab or throwing out stereotypes and insults,” said the student.

    “I think we all need to make an effort to differentiate between terror and Islam, between terrorists and normal every day Muslims.””

  12. Failed asylum seeker and convicted sex offender tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl from a Tesco store after he should have been kicked out of the country – but Britain wasn’t deporting ANYONE to Somalia (dailymail, Aug 18, 2016)

    “A failed asylum seeker and convicted sex offender tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl from a Tesco store and threatened to ‘kill every British person he saw’.

    Amine Husseine, from Somalia, attempted the abduction of the terrified girl as she looked at shoes in the supermarket in Eastgate, Bristol.

    He told her to put the shoes back and go with him and when she told him she was not allowed to go with strangers he snarled ‘just come’ and the girl screamed.

    The 35-year-old tried to grab her but she was rescued by her mother and sister and he fled.
    While he left the premises, he told security staff: ‘When I get back to Somalia I will kill every British person I see and come back and abduct another child.’

    Bristol Crown Court heard that Husseine arrived in the UK in 2009 and has committed 20 offences since then, including three other sexual assaults.

    Two involved attacks on people in a hospital and bowling alley and the third was on a child under 13, for which he was jailed for 10 months.

    But although his application for asylum has been refused all attempts to deport him have failed as Somalia does not accept forcibly deported people…”

  13. Ottawa pledges deradicalization hire despite skepticism at anti-terror effectiveness

    Following the fatal police shooting of would-be suicide bomber Aaron Driver, Canada’s Public Safety Minister says the Liberals will “up our game” in the fight against terrorism by imminently hiring a deradicalization adviser.

    “What the incident in Strathroy demonstrates is that this is important,” Ralph Goodale told reporters on Wednesday. He said the new adviser will be hired within weeks and could succeed in counter-terrorism challenges where police and intelligence services are falling short.

    Mr. Driver, 24, from Strathroy, Ont., was killed last week. Federal authorities had red-flagged him as an aspiring terrorist, but nothing could make him reconsider his sworn allegiance to the Islamic State. Despite a degree of monitoring, he had managed to put together an improvised bomb and a video in which he promised to shed Canadian blood for the terror group.

    The creation of a deradicalization adviser, who will run a $10-million-a-year office, fulfills a 2015 campaign promise by the Liberals. At the time, the party criticized the then-Conservative government for its law-and-order approach to fighting terrorism.

    Details are under wraps, but observers are keen to see how the approach will take shape, especially since the global track record of such initiatives is mixed. “There are all kinds of these programs all over the world. Everyone’s got one,” said Phil Gurski, a former analyst at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. And yet, he added, no one has really figured out the best approach.

    CSIS recently canvassed outside experts for feedback on which governments’ deradicalization – or “countering violent extremism” (CVE) – programs are working best. Many replied that none are known to be working particularly well.

    “Some expressed skepticism as to the relevance of CVE initiatives, highlighting the lack of supporting empirical evidence thus far to measure their effectiveness,” says a CSIS discussion paper recently published online. Other experts told CSIS such programs are only valuable “provided that their implementation is not led by governments … [because] governments are not credible messengers.”

    Speaking to reporters after a speech to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police on Wednesday, Mr. Goodale said he is mulling over who among two or three short-listed candidates will lead the government’s newest office. “We will be making the selection shortly,” he said. “That person will be directing a very important effort to up our game in Canada in terms of recognizing and understanding the process of radicalization.”

    The minister said the new adviser will focus on how to nip extremism in the bud, as well as on how to unlock the psyches of hardened extremists. Mr. Driver was for years an active cheerleader of the Islamic State on Twitter. Last year, police compelled him to appear in court to swear a specialized peace bond that exists for terrorism suspects.

    A judge extracted a promise from Mr. Driver that if he wanted to stay out of jail, he would keep away from weapons and Internet propaganda, and check in with police every two weeks. Yet the threat posed by Mr. Driver was never adequately contained because he never altered his beliefs.

    Mr. Goodale said that down the road, he is open to tinkering with peace-bond laws to better require “an individual to engage with counter-radicalization professionals” – but he stressed that no peace bond will ever be a “panacea” in itself.

    The Conservatives’ public safety critic, Erin O’Toole, said he will be watching to see how the new office takes shape.

    “Will this co-ordinator be able to cure people or bring them back from the brink?” he asked. He said the Liberals should also consider that police may still need more powers. “Let’s not kid ourselves if law enforcement agencies need some tools to keep on top of this.”

    Over the years, the federal government has tried to come up with ways to challenge radicalization. For example, the RCMP and the Department of Public Safety have spent years trying to devise their own CVE initiatives but have had little to say about their successes or failures.

    “I know the people who have been involved in it … but I haven’t seen any results,” said Mr. Gurski, the former CSIS analyst.

    “Let’s not be Pollyannas about this – this stuff is hard,“ he added. But “at the end of the day, doing something is better than doing nothing. Because if you do nothing, you end up with Aaron Driver.”

  14. Syria: MoD footage shows Russian airstrikes against IS over Deir ez-Zor

    Russian Ministry of Defence footage filmed on Thursday shows Russian bombers taking off and dropping bombs on targets of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the Deir ez-Zor province, Syria.

    In an online statement, the Defence Ministry said that Tupolev Tu-22M3 long-range bombers and Sukhoi Su-34 tactical bombers successfully eliminated five large warehouses containing weapons, ammunition and fuel. “[Six] control centres, a large number of militants, artillery positions and armoured hardware of terrorists” were also destroyed in the operation, the ministry wrote. The planes took off from bases located in Iran and Russia.

  15. BREITBART – Woman Given Six-Month Sentence For Anti-Muslim Facebook Post

    A woman from Belfast has been handed a six-month suspended jail sentence for “joking” about harming Muslims on a Facebook page.

    Victim Dr. Raied Al-Wazzan, who has previously praised Islamic State terrorists, claimed the comments put his life in danger. Defendant Anne Bothwell denied the messages were harmful and insisted they were written in humour.

    Ms. Bothwell was found guilty of six counts of improper use of a public electronic communications network, with Belfast Live reporting that she is preparing to appeal the ruling.

    Dr. Al-Wazzan was also the chief witness behind the attempted prosecution of Christian Pastor James McConnell for making “offensive and disgusting” comments whereby he called Islam a “satanic cult” in a sermon broadcast online.

    Pastor McConnell explained his comments in 2014. “I have nothing against Muslims, I have never hated Muslims, I have never hated anyone. But I am against what Muslims believe. They have the right to say what they believe in and I have a right to say what I believe”, he said.

    In January this year, a judge not only found that the Pastor had not committed a crime, he described him as “passionate” and reaffirmed that “it is not the task of the criminal law to censor offensive utterances”.

    However, following the verdict,`strong> the Belfast Islamic Centre, of which Dr. Al-Wazzan is the executive director, called for a blasphemy law making it illegal to “insult… others’ faith and beliefs”.

    Dr. Al-Wazzan also used the publicity generated by the James McConnell case to lobby for taxpayer money to be spent on land for a new mega-mosque. On several radio appearances in relation the pastor’s comments, he used the airtime to call for free land for an “Islamic community centre”.

    Following all this, Dr. Al-Wazzan found a vicious post on a Facebook page called Protestant Coalition, featuring a picture of him at a pro-mass migration rally and allegedly calling for Muslims to be shot and sent to gas chambers.

    Ms. Bothwell told the court the post was a joke, claimed her comments were taken in the wrong context and insisted she has Muslim friends. She also said she had been upset about Pastor McConnell being taken to court by Dr Al-Wazzan,

    However Dr. Al-Wazzan said the online comments had put his life under threat and resulted in him carrying out checks to see if he was being followed.

    In 2015, Dr. Al-Wazzan said that Mosul, where Islamic State (IS) jihadists have murdered or expelled all of the city’s 2,000-year-old, 60,000-strong Christian community, is “the most peaceful city in the world” and that “[IS are] less evil than the Iraqi government”.

    Speaking live on BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback show, he continued: “Islamic State came to protect a section of society that had been marginalised, and foreign policy had pushed part of society to reach this point.”

    He has since apologised for the remarks and was not charged for appearing to support the genocidal terror group who are prescribed under UK law.

    The number of people prosecuted for social media post in the UK has shot up recently, and the number is likely to increase further.

    Earlier this week, the office of London’s first Muslim mayor announced they had secured millions of pounds to fund a police “online hate crime hub” to work in “partnership with social media providers” to criminalise “trolls” who “target… individuals and communities.”

    And in May this year, the EU announced that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft had “committed” to working more closely with them and national governments and “their law enforcement agencies” to help “criminalise” perceived “illegal hate speech” online.

    • BBC News – Islamophobic abuse and social media

      Almost 7,000 Islamophobic tweets were sent, in English, every day last month. In April it was an average of two and a half thousand a day. July saw the most anti-islamic abuse on the site for five months as Europe was hit by the Nice terror attack and the murder of a Priest. Researchers at the think-tank Demos collected the data and with police predicting a terror attack for the UK they say this kind of abuse is likely to escalate. Catrin Nye has this exclusive report – which contains some very strong language.

      ( 11 min 23 )

  16. Sky News – Syrian Rebel Group On Ending The Siege In Aleppo

    The most powerful rebel group in Syria has explained in its first interview with British television how it masterminded the ending of the siege of Aleppo.

    The Jabhat Fatah al Sham (JFS) [ ex- Al Nusra = A Q ] leadership has told Sky News its decision to join forces with the other opposition groups in Syria is a ‘game-changer’.

    The group was formerly known as Al Nusra and had links with Al Qaeda before changing its name a few weeks ago and severing links with the terror group. That manoeuvre appears to have made an immediate impact on the ground

    Sky News’ Alex Crawford spoke to Mostafa Mahamed, Director of Foreign Media Relations for JFS.

    • RT – Burkini Ban: Third town in France prohibits Islamic swimsuit after beach brawl on Corsica

      Ahmadiyya Muslim Asif Arif responds to France’s “Burkini Ban”

  17. London’s Muslim Mayor Introduces the Thought Police
    And demonstrates how the Left serves the Islamic supremacist agenda.

    London’s new Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, is allocating over two million dollars (£1,730,726) to an “online hate crime hub” enabling police to track and arrest “trolls” who “target…individuals and communities.” There can be no doubt, given the nature of the British political establishment today, which “trolls” these new Thought Police will be going after, and which “communities” will be protected from “hate speech.” “Islamophobia,” which David Horowitz and I termed “the thought crime of the totalitarian future,” is now going to bring down upon the hapless “trolls” the wrath of London’s Metropolitan police force — and this totalitarian new initiative shows yet again how easily the Leftist and Islamic supremacist agendas coincide and aid each other.

    “The Metropolitan police service,” said a police spokesman, “is committed to working with our partners, including the mayor, to tackle all types of hate crime including offences committed online.” Given the fact that Khan, in a 2009 interview, dismissed moderate Muslims as “Uncle Toms” and has numerous questionable ties to Islamic supremacists, it is unlikely that he will be particularly concerned about “hate speech” by jihad preachers (several of whom were just recently welcomed into a Britain that has banned foes of jihad, including me).

    • The fruits of one’s own labors, forcibly taken government via taxing powers, being used to suppress what was once an ostensible civil liberty in the land that founded the Magna Carter.

      How have the mighty fallen.

  18. How the Democrats Turned Milwaukee into a Cesspool
    A look at the political roots of the Milwaukee riots.

    Tuesday in riot-torn Milwaukee, Donald Trump pointed out a very blunt and irrefutable truth: “The Democratic Party has run nearly every inner city in this country for 50 years, and run them into … ruin,” with “crime policies, education policies, and economic policies [that] have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty.” And indeed, wherever we look—Atlanta, Camden, Newark, St. Louis, Chicago, Flint, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington—we see one-party cities that are crumbling testaments to the awesome power of bad ideas. Specifically, Trump referenced “the situation right here in Milwaukee, a city run by Democrats for decade after decade,” citing its high rates of homicide, joblessness, poverty, and educational failure.

    But Milwaukee wasn’t always like this. It was once a prosperous metropolis with a host of thriving industries, particularly renowned for its breweries and manufacturing. Modern-day Democrats and their leftist allies, however, snuffed out those good-ol’-days like a jackboot on a cigarette butt. Every mayor of Milwaukee since 1960 has been a Democrat, and the one who served just prior to 1960 was Frank Paul Zeidler, an open Socialist. Overseeing the large-scale construction of public housing as a means of promoting racial and economic justice, Zeidler spoke out forcefully in favor of what he termed “public enterprise,” the notion that government could uplift the condition of the poor via the efficient dispensation of taxpayer-funded public services—a theory that quickly became an article of faith among Democrats.

    • Tell that to Napoleon and Hitler. This man has either never had any instruction in history or it was politically correct history.

      Isn’t it interesting how when the left hates a group unconditional surrender is the answer but when they support a group negotiations are the only solution.

  19. When Teddy Roosevelt Banned Muslims from America
    The bill would prohibit the entry of the “entire Mohammedan world.”

    A hundred years ago, Muslims were furious over an immigration bill whose origins lay with advocacy by a headstrong and loudmouthed Republican in the White House.

    The anti-immigration bill offended the Ottoman Empire, the rotting Caliphate of Islam soon to be defeated at the hands of America and the West, by banning the entry of “all polygamists, or persons who admit their belief in the practice of polygamy.”

    This, as was pointed out at the time, would prohibit the entry of the “entire Mohammedan world” into the United States.

    And indeed it would.

    The battle had begun earlier when President Theodore Roosevelt had declared in his State of the Union address back in 1906 that Congress needed to have the power to “deal radically and efficiently with polygamy.” The Immigration Act of 1907, signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt, had banned “polygamists, or persons who admit their belief in the practice of polygamy.”

    It was the last part that was most significant because it made clear what had only been implied.

    The Immigration Act of 1891 had merely banned polygamists. The newest law banned anyone who believed in the practice of polygamy. That group included every faithful believing Muslim.

    The Ottoman Empire’s representatives argued that their immigrants believed in the practice of polygamy, but wouldn’t actually take more than one wife. This argument echoes the current contention that Muslim immigrants may believe in a Jihad against non-Muslims without actually engaging in terrorism. That type of argument proved far less convincing to Americans than it does today.

    These amazing facts, uncovered by @rushetteny reveal part of the long controversial history of battles over Islamic migration into America.

    Muslim immigration was still slight at the time and bans on polygamy had not been created to deliberately target them, but the Muslim practice of an act repulsive to most Americans even back then pitted their cries of discrimination and victimhood against the values of the nation. The Immigration Act of 1907 had been meant to select only those immigrants who would make good Americans.

    A very interesting little bit of history, while the facts are interesting to read the law mentioned is still on the books and could be enforced today, at least until a liberal Judge decided it couldn’t.

  20. Starving Socialist Country With Food Riots Launches Gun Control Effort to Disarm Population

    It makes sense.

    If you have a Socialist state in economic decline with rising public anger at a corrupt left-wing oligarchy, it makes sense to launch a gun control bid to disarm the population. And I’m not even talking about Obama, but Maduro, the insane ex-bus driver presiding over a permanent Socialist revolution which took Venezuela from wealth to food riots as starving mobs swarm supermarkets.

    So he’s doing the logical thing. Gun control.

    Venezuelan police crushed and chopped up nearly 2,000 shotguns and pistols in a Caracas city square on Wednesday, as the new interior minister relaunched a long-stalled gun control campaign in one of the world’s most crime-ridden countries.

    Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said the event marked the renewal of efforts to disarm Venezuelans, through a combination of seizures and a voluntary program to swap guns for electrical goods.

    Reverol is exactly the kind of guy you want in charge of gun control because…

  21. ‘Pro-Palestinian’ Thugs Attack Jews on U.S. Campuses
    And strangely, it’s a distant country that wants to do anything about it.

    Israel has a history of helping, sometimes saving, Jewish communities in distress. The idea that Israel is responsible for all Jews has a special place in the Israeli ethos.

    This week the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset held a meeting to discuss the case of a Jewish community in distress. The bipartisan meeting was jointly called by MK Anat Berko of the right-of-center Likud Party and MK Nachman Shai of the left-of-center opposition party Zionist Union.

    Strangely, the Jewish community in question was not one living in a failed state or an oppressive dictatorship. Instead, the focus of the meeting was on the United States—specifically, the Jewish students at its universities.

    American universities are, of course, a major arena of anti-Israeli activity including Israel Apartheid Weeks, BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) advocacy, and the silencing—often through violent disruption—of Israeli or pro-Israeli speakers.

    The Knesset members were told that:

  22. German police find IS items at home of man arrested for explosives

    A man arrested in Germany on Wednesday on suspicion of storing materials that could be used as explosives had items in his apartment glorifying Islamic State, the regional police chief told broadcaster rbb.

    Hans-Juergen Moerke told rbb that no attack plans had been found but a search of the flat had uncovered pyrotechnics, a gas mask, a replica Kalashnikov, camouflage suits and “many other IS trappings i.e. things that glorify IS”.

    “We don’t have concrete connections (linking him to Islamic State) but this person did post photos on the internet in which he posed masked, with this Kalashnikov and Arabic characters,” rbb quoted Moerke, Brandenburg state police president, as saying.

    Nerves are raw in Germany after a spate of attacks on civilians, including two claimed by the Islamic State group and a mass shooting in Munich by a deranged 18-year-old that was also initially seen as terrorism-related.

    Moerke said the suspicion of terrorism against the 27-year-old German arrested in the eastern town of Eisenhuettenstadt – a man who he said had converted to Islam around seven years ago – “has not yet been ruled out”.

    He said the man was known to police due to drug-related crimes and threats.

    Earlier in the day a police spokesman said there were no signs the man had been planning a terrorist attack or any indications that he had an Islamist militant motive.

    The website of German news magazine Focus initially reported that the man had a militant Salafist background and was suspected of plotting to attack a festival in Eisenhuettenstadt, near the Polish border, though it later quoted police sources as saying this was not the case.

    The annual festival, where there will be a fairground, circus and a variety of musicians performing on stage, will begin with a lantern procession on Aug. 26 and run until Aug. 28.

    Organizers of Munich’s annual Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest beer festival, have decided to tighten security in response to the July attacks, with a ban on rucksacks, security checks at all entrances and new fencing.

  23. State Dept. says $400 million cash payment to Iran was contingent on American prisoners’ release

    The State Department says a $400 million cash payment to Iran was contingent on the release of American prisoners.

    Spokesman John Kirby says negotiations over the United States’ returning Iranian money from a decades-old account was conducted separately from the prisoner talks. But he says the U.S. withheld delivery of the cash as leverage until the U.S. citizens had left Iran.

    Both events occurred Jan. 17.

    Kirby spoke after The Wall Street Journal reported that the departures of the crisscrossing planes were linked.$400m-iran-payment-was-contingent-on-prisoner-release/1475066/
    State Dept: $400M payment to Iran was contingent on prisoner release

    The $400 million cash payment sent to Iran earlier this year was reportedly contingent on the release of American prisoners being held there, the State Department said, according to The Associated Press.

    State Department spokesman John Kirby said the negotiations regarding the $400 million were conducted separately from talks about the American prisoners. But the U.S. withheld the cash until the prisoners had left Iran.

    He spoke after a Wall Street Journal report came out Wednesday saying that U.S. officials wouldn’t allow Iranians to take control of the $400 million in cash sent to the country until three American prisoners had left Iran.

    The Wall Street Journal report said that after a Swiss Air Force plane carrying the three Americans left Tehran on Jan. 17, an Iranian cargo plane with the cash was allowed to return from Switzerland.

    Republicans have previously accused the administration of paying a ransom to free the detained Americans.

    The White House has denied it was a ransom payment.

    President Obama said earlier this month that it “wasn’t some nefarious deal.”

    Secretary of State John Kerry earlier this month defended the payment, denying it was a ransom for the release of the American prisoners.

    The payment was part of a $1.7 billion settlement to resolve a dispute from an arms deal that occurred in the 1970s.

    Republicans seized on new details of the exchange earlier this month to blast the nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran reached last year.
    Ralph Peters: U.S. payment to Iran was ransom

  24. Morocco cleric blasts ‘nudity’ among immodestly dressed women

    A senior Moroccan cleric has lashed out at what he called “nudity” in the Muslim kingdom, claiming that more and more women are immodestly dressed, sparking criticism in the media.

    Morocco is seen as promoting a more tolerant form of Islam than some Arab countries, and woman in cities and towns often eschew the Islamic veil in public.

    While the countryside is somewhat more conservative, attitudes to female dress vary according to local social and cultural customs and in the cities many women don Western-style clothes.

    Omar al-Kazabri, imam of Casablanca’s Hassan II mosque, Morocco’s largest house of worship, said there is a growing trend among women across the country to go about “unclothed”.

    “Nudity is no longer confirmed to season, it is spreading before our eyes in winter and summer,” he said on his official Facebook page earlier this week.

    “Look at the streets. It breaks your heart to see the situation we find ourselves in. Obscene nudity (is an) affront to God’s commandments and an insult and an outrage to the population,” he wrote.

    “Young women, unclothed, smoking cigarettes. Where are their guardians?” he asked.

    And he warned that “impudent women could go to hell”.

    Kazabri said what he calls “nudity” is part of a “conspiracy” against Morocco by people who wish to “kill modesty, values and principles”.

    The outburst from one of Morocco’s most prominent clerics was criticised in the media.

    “What’s gotten into him?” the private news site Media24 asked on Thursday.

    It said such remarks are “scary” coming from a top cleric.

    Another private site, Telquel, said Kazabri had a “peculiar concept of nudity”.

    ‘Nakedness’ Becomes a Trend Moroccan Society: Moroccan Imam

    Rabat – Moroccan preacher and imam of Hassan II Mosque, Omar Kzabri said on Sunday that “nakedness” has become a phenomenon in Morocco, referring to people’s manner of dress in wearing revealing clothing.

    In a post on his Facebook page, Kzabri described Morocco as a society teeming with “naked individuals” and characterized by nudity and obscenity.

    The imam went on to ask, “If it is commonly believed that progress is to appear naked [believe me] this is an unhappy progress that is not accepted by God.”

    Kzabri said that the Prophet Muhammad had warned women against appearing naked, citing one of Prophet Muhammad’s Hadiths.

    “There are two types of people who will be punished in Hell and whom I have not seen: men having whips like the tails of cows and they will beat people with them, and, women who will be dressed but appear to be naked, inviting to evil; and they themselves will be inclined to it.… They will not enter Jannah [Paradise] and they will not smell its fragrance which is perceptible from such and such a distance,” Kzabri quoted from the prophet’s Hadith.

    Kzabri stated that individuals advocating “nakedness” are going astray: they do not know what they want and they try to fight against decent and fully clothed individuals.

    “If pro-nakedness individuals believe in their principles, why do they not allow anyone else to choose what he/she wants to wear?” he asked.

    Kzabri said that “pro-nakedness individuals” feel embarrassed by “decent women who wear Hijab and veil.” He added that “pro-nakedness individuals” believe that undressed individuals deride decent women because they do not enjoy life’s pleasures.

    The preacher said that there are people behind the phenomenon of nakedness with an agenda to obliterate Muslim values and principles.

  25. Turkey’s Erdogan Calls on Obama to Extradite U.S.-Based Fethullah Gulen (nbcnews, Aug 18, 2016)

    “Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday the United States as a strategic partner should facilitate the extradition of the U.S.-based cleric whom Ankara blames for orchestrating last month’s failed military coup.

    Erdogan said he had personally asked President Barack Obama to extradite Fethullah Gulen back to Turkey…”

  26. Italy Expels Another Imam to Prevent Radicalization (abcnews, Aug 18, 2016)

    “Italy has expelled a second imam within a week as it seeks to prevent extremist preachers from radicalizing others.

    Interior Minister Angelino Alfano announced the expulsion of Khairredine Romdhane Ben Chedli on Thursday. The 35-year-old Tunisian was recently absolved of terrorism-related charges by Italy’s highest court but Alfano said his support for jihad rendered him unfit to stay, the ANSA news agency reported.

    The Interior Ministry announced Aug. 13 the expulsion of another imam arrested in the same 2013 sweep as Ben Chedli. The two expulsions bring the number of suspected extremists kicked out of Italy in 2016 to 44, with another 110 expelled last year.

    Alfano has defended the expulsions but has rejected other measures, such as banning burkinis as some French mayors have done, as overly provocative.”

  27. Islamic State group claims responsibility for Moscow police attack (BBC, Aug 18, 2016)

    “The so-called Islamic State group has said it was behind an attack carried out on traffic police outside Moscow on Wednesday.

    Both attackers, reportedly from Central Asia, were shot dead after wounding two policemen.

    The gunmen were wielding firearms and axes and attacked police in Balashikha, east of Moscow.

    IS made the claim via Amaq, a news agency linked to the group.

    Also on Wednesday Russian special forces killed four suspected militants in a shoot-out forces during a raid on an apartment block in St Petersburg.

    Russia has long been battling extremism in the North Caucasus. Most Russians who have gone to fight for IS in Syria come from this area.

    The insurgency in the Caucasus followed two bitter separatist conflicts in Russia’s Chechnya republic and has occasionally spilled over into violence in other parts of Russia.”

  28. CLAIM: U.S. Moving Nuclear Weapons From Turkey To Romania (breitbart, Aug 18, 2016)

    “U.S. nuclear weapons are being moved out of Turkey as the country destabilises, and as relations between Ankara and Washington, D.C. deteriorate, according to sources speaking to the Euractiv website.

    Speaking on condition of anonymity, the sources decided to speak out after a Stimson Center report warned that American weapons stored at Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base could be captured by “terrorists or other hostile forces”.

    “It’s not easy to move 20+ nukes,” said one source, although the claims have not yet been independently verified.

    “Whether the US could have maintained control of the weapons in the event of a protracted civil conflict in Turkey is an unanswerable question,” said the Stimson Center report.

    “From a security point of view, it’s a roll of the dice to continue to have approximately 50 of America’s nuclear weapons stationed at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey,” co-author Laicie Heeley told AFP earlier this week.

    A second source told EurActiv that Washington-Ankara diplomatic relations had “deteriorated so much following the coup that Washington no longer trusted Ankara to host the weapons”.

    Instead, they claim, the United States are seeking to move the nukes to the Deveselu air base in Romania…”

  29. BOMBSHELL: Leaked Docs Show How Much Money Soros Paid Al Gore to Push Global Warming Propaganda
    5 hours ago

    Documents released by DC Leaks show that globalist billionaire George Soros’s organization gave millions to Al Gore’s global warming programs that had as their express purpose to create a “political space for aggressive U.S. action” on climate change. Soros also had planned on giving millions to another environmentalist group, which leaked documents described as being the “lead organizer of the youth climate movement in the U.S.”

    The documents showed that Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI) – now called Open Society Foundations (OSF) – gave $30 million to Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection over the course of three years.

    “U.S. Programs Global Warming Grants…U.S. Programs became engaged on the global warming issue about four years ago, at George Soros’s suggestion,” a leaked OSI document read.

  30. Merkel says burqa likely hinders integration in Germany (DW, Aug 18, 2016)

    “Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken out against a ban on the burqa in Germany. However, she has expressed concern about its role in facilitating the integration of Muslim minorities.

    In an interview with the German news organization RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland on Thursday, Merkel said she was opposed to a ban on the body-covering garment known as the burqa, which is worn by some female Muslims.

    When asked about the possibility of a ban, similar to the one imposed in France several years ago, Merkel responded by saying she fully supports the position of her interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, who has come out against such a measure.

    However, the chancellor also expressed a degree of concern about the burqa.

    “In my view, a fully covered woman has little chance of integrating in Germany,” Merkel said…”

  31. Flemish-Moroccan Politician Calls for Burkini Ban in Belgium (moroccoworldnews, Aug 18, 2016)

    “Following the controversial decision in both Morocco and France to outlaw the burkini, a Flemish Member of the Parliament has followed suit and called for a ban of the swimwear in Belgium.

    Nadia Sminate, a Flemish MP of mixed Moroccan and Flemish origin has called for an outright ban on the swimsuit known as the burkini throughout the region.

    A member of the right-leaning New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) and chair of the Radicalization Committee in the Flemish Parliament, Sminate was quoted by De Standaard, a Flemish daily as saying:

    “I do not think women want to walk around on the beach with such a monstrosity in the name of their faith.”

    The politician continued: “if we authorize the burkini we marginalize the women of the society” without specifying the connection between the two. She explained her stance by saying that she believes in “the existence of rights, but also of duties for immigrants.”

    Other Flemish politicians have also expressed their opposition to the wearing of the burkini but only in public swimming pools and specifically for hygiene-related reasons…”

  32. ‘ISIS leader who recruited in Italy arrested in Libya’ (ansamed, Aug 18, 2016)

    “Tunisian Abu Nassim, considered a jihadist recruiter in Italy, has been arrested by Libyan Zintan forces allied with General Khalifa Haftar, according to the Libya Herald.

    Nassim, whose full name is Moez Ben Abdulgader Ben Ahmed Al Fezzani, had been previously arrested by the Americans, tried in Milan, acquitted, expelled, and returned to Libya.

    He is allegedly also tied to the group that kidnapped four employees of Parma-based general contractor Bonatti in July 2015 near the Libyan oil and gas port of Mellitah.

    According to the Libya Herald, Nassim was fleeing Sirte and trying to reach Tunisia…”

  33. Military court sentences hundreds of MB supporters to prison on violence charges (ahram, Aug 18, 2016)

    “An Egyptian military court sentenced on Thursday hundreds of supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group to jail terms of up to 25 years, a judicial source said.

    Some 418 people were sentenced over convictions of committing various violent crimes in the governorate of Minya on the back of the 2013 ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

    The defendants were charged with “sabotaging public, judicial and police buildings” following the deadly dispersal of two pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo more than one month after his ouster.

    The court handed 249 defendants terms of life in prison in absentia, while sentencing 50 others who were present in court to between two and 10 years in prison. The defendants were accused of storming a provincial police station in Minya.

    The court sentenced 101 others to life in prison, also in absentia, over the storming and burning of the government telecommunications centre in the governorate. Eighteen others who were present in court were given 10-year sentences on the same charges.

    According to Egyptian law, defendants sentenced in absentia automatically receive retrials when they turn themselves in…”

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