Alberta Private School loses appeal against Muslims who sued for prayer space after signing agreement not to do that

More precisely, the parents of the two Sunni Muslims who paid good money to attend a private school, and signed an agreement with the school, or perhaps a memorandum of understanding might better put, that this is a secular school, and in order to accommodate the diverse array of backgrounds of students, all religious practice would be outside school ground and hours.

Here is the CBC link on it.

An Alberta judge has upheld a human rights decision that found a private school discriminated against two Muslim students by not allowing them to pray.

The Alberta Human Rights Commission tribunal found in 2015 that Webber Academy in Calgary unlawfully discriminated against the students and fined the school $26,000.

The boys, who were in Grades 9 and 10, testified that praying is mandatory in their Sunni religion.

The school, in appealing the tribunal’s decision to the Court of Queen’s Bench, argued that the boys’ parents were told Webber Academy was non-denominational and there was no space in the school for praying.

Here is Ezra on the original decision:

Before we move on to my own analysis of this decision and its consequences, here are a couple of videos on this and similar issues which vanished along with previous Youtube channels but I restored for this article.

From Canada, 2013


What do all these have in common? Besides the fairly obvious that its all submitting to Islam. Including the Halloween one?

It has to do with the way socialism offers power to the individual.

In a classically liberal society, the premise is more or less that the individual has rights. That those rights allow you to live as you like but not limit the rights of others. That you are free to believe what you want but not act on beliefs in a way that limit the rights of others.

That the government’s primary job is to protect your rights.

This makes the individual powerful in the sense that they can achieve what they want to the extent that they are capable.

Overall it works spectacularly well and nations that implement this thinking thrive to the extent that it is implemented. Creativity and ingenuity soar.

Frankly if anyone is able to write a history of the world a century or two from now, they may say that Western liberal democracies where the Eden that the bible spoke of in some meaningful ways.

Trust is the invisible matrix that allows us all to revel in each other’s accomplishments and use the fruits of our labour to barter for the fruits of each other’s.

The trust flows from the solid notion that each of us are free to pursue our own interests and that others who try and limit our ability to do so, are committing a crime as a general rule. They would be violating our rights. Even the government is limited by law as to how much they can interfere with our ability to pursue self interest.

Now if we look at Islamic and Marxist systems we see a very interesting skewing of the power equation for the individual.

The individual has the power to destroy a neighbor so long as it furthers the absolute grip on the public by the religious or socialist authority.

If a person has an issue with you that has nothing to do with politics or religion, exposing you to Islamic or socialist authorities as being ideologically incorrect can mean the end of your career, now common in the UK and Western nations if you take issue with government policies on destructive mass immigration, or feel that Islam as a doctrine is not healthy for other peoples. In which case you can face the same, or often death, or torture as prescribed by sharia.

This kind of power is given to each and every individual, and feeds on the meanest and most characterless aspects of our nature.

If two neighbors have been tolerant of each other for a decade and then one does not wish to return a borrowed lawnmower, a blasphemy charge can be leveled against the lender and then its his to keep!

Once an area is sufficiently Islamic no trial is even needed, or official procedure of any kind. We see that daily in Pakistan and elsewhere. In socialism bureaucracy is mandatory so that might be a slight difference between the two systems.

In socialism however, children are fed the newest superstitious nonsense of the narrative and then sent home to inspect their parents homes and bring back a report so that the authorities can start admonishing you about using toasters that create too much carbon dioxide and cause catastrophic global warming. But nothing goes the other way.

Any attempt to use the same system to preserve law and equal rights will face insurmountable obstacles. If you try and use your kids to spy on the teachers and school boards and force them to stay within the legal limits we are used to, you may enjoy the occasional success. But the new model of “co-parenting” that teachers believe they are involved in, means that the power that using kids as snitches is a one way street. For the benefit of the state in implementing cultural Marxism,

The individual does not have the power to apply the exact same reasoning, laws, or processes to any end except the deconstructionist end. Destroying halloween and Christmas to replace them with an African drum ritual for example. but no drum rituals will be removed for Halloween or Christmas.

The school which lost the appeal will not be able to sue the parents for signing a document in bad faith, and that was clearly intended to create the exact circumstances required to advance Islam’s authority and make a pile of cash while at it.

The power of the individual is only when they are advancing Islam, socialism, or otherwise deconstructing classical civilization.

When a high school aged child in the US is ordered to remove a patriotic T shirt at school because it offends Mexican students, its a near perfect example of this principle in operation, where a tiny fraction of the population holds power over the majority to the extent that it actually crushes their constitutional rights as guaranteed by law.

A couple of examples. This one used the totem of a Mexican holiday to justify the crushing of the rights of the American students at an American school.

More recently, the dry language of impenetrable bureaucracy was used here to explain why firemen had to remove American flags from the back of their trucks. That way there really couldn.t be a protest where the issue could be put on a sign. Its hard to get people to rally behind “We demand the right to use the right sized grommets on a properly installed fabric on a moving vehicle”.

Islamic notions of propriety will always trump non-islamic ones. Notice how rules change at public pools even though they violate actual equity laws for Muslims.

Public functions in Canada which serve food make sure its all halal now. A Christian, who is not allowed to eat foods consecrated to another god has no voice to complain, or if they do, there are certainly no ears to hear them. They may find themselves on a list for the racist and intolerant.

Socialism and Islam both use the same method of empowering individuals for the purpose of tightening an iron and totalitarian grip on the public. And its very seductive. The Soviet union, which was as bad a system as you can imagine, survived nearly a century. North Korea is into its 3rd generation of despots showing that most people enjoy having the power of life and death over everyone they know with a single snitch more than they like using plates and cutlery to contain their food over a dumpster.

To resist this method of replacing liberalism with totalitarianism requires character and self sacrifice on behalf of the majority of the population.

One wonders what the odds of that working might be.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.


And then this example showed up a few minutes later. I am confident that people will supply a large number of great examples of exactly this process at work in the comments. Thank you all in advance.

University of Cincinnati only hiring cultural Marxists. 

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10 Replies to “Alberta Private School loses appeal against Muslims who sued for prayer space after signing agreement not to do that”

  1. Very lucid Eeyore, thanks.

    The burden, or pressure that this father endures to counter cultural Marxism on his children is substantial. When they are under 10 years old the teachers truly have a field day at the expense of their lives. They are fed every leftist idea, day after day, and you come home tired from work only to have to come up with clever ways to untangle the convoluted mess in their heads. And the answers you give them to ostensibly simple questions require more thought than you would think:
    “What does gay mean?” asks the ten year old boy.
    “Where did you hear that word?”
    “In school.”
    “From another kid?”
    “Well, ya, but this time from the teacher.”
    So at this point I’m already reeling because I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with what I still consider to be my baby. I cannot say exactly what I want to because I know that children parrot what they hear without editing. Same goes for every hot issue of concern for communists. This innocent parroting of the child puts daddy into the gulag. It also opens the child to ruthless ridicule from their brainwashed peers. (The child gulag) Daddy begins to realize that explaining climate change away as natural sun activity just got little Bobby uninvited to a birthday party.
    “Gay means…it means…hmm…let me put it this way; if a man and a woman fall in love and get married they usually have a family–they have babies. That’s why we’re here When people of the same sex are together they can’t have babies. So you see Mother Nature says that it is the man and the woman who are supposed to be married. Otherwise there would be no people on earth.”

    Or something like this. You get the drift. Racking your brains to explain the self-evident in a way to avoid Child Services from knocking at your door is becoming less absurd a notion. Cultural Marxism us ruining a generation lightning quick. But explaining the concept of “deviance from the norm” is easier with a kid than with a brainwashed adult.

    In chapter two we shall discuss how to deprogram your wife. (Just kidding, sort of…)

    • Jonnyu,

      My son came back from school having to write an essay on ‘is Gay Marriage right.’

      Now, it’s like anything when someone presents you with an absurdity, like “is it right for dogs to marry?”

      So first I said he needed to hear the argument from a right-brained person and go and ask his mother. She told him people marry to unite kingdoms, for passports to get into Western countries, for financial security, and many other reasons, so why not?

      Then he came back to me. I said, ‘now here’s the left brain: the parts don’t fit.’

      And what that meant was the definition of marriage – of love, children and parenting between one man and one woman – was not met. It is like saying ‘is single parenting is a family.’ Go and ask your mother and come back to me…. there is no father.’

      My point was not to give him my opinion. Just show him he had a mind to think both ways too. That when both minds agree – then there is the best of both worlds.

      “11) Jesus said, “This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. In the days when you consumed what is dead, you made it what is alive.

      When you come to dwell in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?”

      What will you do?

      These phrases I interpret are about the perception of one hemisphere and the the other.

      This heaven, the grounded real-world ‘of the doing’, will pass away; (the left brain construct). While the heaven above ‘of being as angels’ will also pass away. (The right-brain construct).

      And then it makes it clear that both these singular kingdoms of the half-brains, are from zombies, the living dead, and those with a conscience will never die to become such as these.

      And this realization that you have two brains is to never to be lonely – it is like when you previously ate dead flesh and you brought it back to life in yourself. The dead mind crying out to be filled with God’s Love or Gay Lovers, has now become alive like a living spring. No longer sucking the life off another being.

      And when awakened from your monobrain world – you became two – so what will you do? Limitless.

      My son found the State School System and his mom were both of one mind. Lucky he had a dad. All I had to show him was he had the voices of two minds to decide from. Then instantly he figured it out all by himself – how to get his grades, and not to compromise himself through Politically Correct demoralisation and doubt.

      Deprograming your wife? Please Jonnyu, show me how… Do the ladies here know to get through the hide of pride?

      • PC the odds that I deprogram my wife are as good as my making an eight-course meal at christmas–ain’t gonna happen.

        Your reply most interesting as always!

          • The question raised is the single brain’s behavior without the other. The ‘crying out to be filled’ when without the other.

            Hence those that rise to the occassion, the Muhammadans and Communists who give the monobrains what they cry out for, (these learning-disabled Moderate Muslims and Socialists), with a dream on one hand and punishments if they don’t pay up.

            This why every child needs a mother and father so that they can step into both worlds and step out again.

  2. This is why electing leaders who will cut through the political correctness is vital, granted in most western nations the left has managed to gain so much control that no one with common sense who will fight cultural Marxism can be elected.

  3. The school could fight back by installing also a chapel for Christian prayer, a prayer grove for the Earth-religious, a large gilded Buddha statue and adjacent altar for the Buddhists, and a meditation room for the atheists. That would force to courts to make comparisons they would prefer not to make; and any of the secularist parents could take it to court.

    • Where would they get the money? That is what you have to keep in mind all of those cost money, where would it come from?

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