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3 Replies to “Australian inquiry shows serious problems with halal industry, nothing is done about them”

  1. From an AUSTRALIAN Halal certifier:
    “If you don’t want to eat Halal, then live on pork and wine!” The Muslim Halal Certification company owner laughs, “You are eating halal day and night, and paying a premium for it! All the anti-halal protesting is water off a ducks back, it actually increases my business and I’m a millionaire!”
    When you buy halal products, not only are you financing inhumanely slaughtered and tortured animals, you are indirectly supporting terrorism, as a hidden fee (Jizya tax) is added to every halal product.

    Halal is the Moslem’s Sharia Compliant method of producing and preparing food.
    Halal Meat …Animal Torture in a false “god’s” Name!
    FROM: http://www.pineapplefish56.net/Halal_Meat.html
    Halal meat comes from animals who suffered a cruel death by having their heads PARTIALLY sawn off with a knife, the head remains still attached to the body by the neck bone, the nervous system is still fully intact, they are still fully conscious, and very SLOWLY dying a cruel and painful death until they finally bleed out.

    In the “Four Corners” TV Program video below, an animal whose jugular has already been severed is still able to get up on all four feet, and tries to escape!
    Moslems let all the cattle that are in line to be killed, WATCH trembling in terror as the animals that are ahead of them are being killed, skinned and cut into pieces. There may be ten or more cattle, sheep, goats or young camels in the killing room all fully visible to each other as they are killed off and butchered, one by one. The animal may be kicked and have its eyes gouged and beaten into submission so it is forced into “Facing Mecca” when its throat is slit.
    VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED – These videos show the slaughter of cattle and other animals. If you don’t want to view this process, then please don’t watch the videos.

    In other Halal abattoirs, the cattle are placed in a metal squeeze box with just their head and neck sticking out, and then the whole box with the animal inside is rotated up-side-down. Sheep are thrown up-side-down into a cradle with their head and neck exposed. Then, the animal’s throat is slit, blood gushes forth from the wound. They writhe in pain and kick, their eyes roll, bug-out and move about, and the animal tries to scream, but no sound comes out because their windpipe is severed. Blood spurts from the severed jugular veins, the windpipe flares out and spurts blood, then collapses in, over and over again, as the animals’ lungs heave for gasping breaths air. THIS ANIMAL IS STILL ALIVE, FULLY CONSCIOUS AND IN TERRIBLE PAIN!
    Then the animal is hung head down from a hook through its hind leg, it is still kicking and writhing in pain, until it finally bleeds to death.

    The truth about Halal meat.
    Muslims claim that Halal butchering is pure and friendly to animals.
    Watch this video, to see how “pure and friendly” and “cruelty free” Halal Slaughter actually is.
    Islam_and_the_cruelty_of_Halal._CAUTION_distressing_scenes.mp4 6:34

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