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6 Replies to “Montreal woman tries to mow down police yelling “Allah””

  1. They will wake up when a few of them get killed by vehicular jihad. Only then will the idiots understand it is Islam that killed them. Strange it was kept so quiet for so long.
    That ‘mental’ issue is becoming redundant.

    • I think he is growing a mustache and goatee to hide the jowls that are starting to form. I grew mine to hide full grown jowls.

    • The media will have to be changing the mental illness euphemism soon as everyone has caught on quite quickly. What will the next one be?

  2. By what criteria are the police determining that the attack was not an act of terrorism? Are they saying that because she does not have an ISIS membership card in her pocket or fresh instructions from her Taliban handler that she can’t be a terrorist? Of course it’s terrorism, you ninnies. The woman is committing Jihad in the cause of Allah, which is precisely what terrorism is.

    Oh, my God, how the left wants to deny that this is happening. They just can’t bring themselves to be mad at a group that openly hates the United States of America and Israel and the West as much as the Jihadis do. Watch as they turn this act of Islamic Jihad into a crazy woman having car trouble on the way home. The Militant Muslims and the leftists are such natural allies. Well, until the useful-idiot mass-hanging phase – but that comes later, so not to worry…

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