Corsicans fight back. Again. And again, the state is on the other side

Remember last December when muslims were using their mosques and bookstores to break local laws, police did nothing so the people of Corsica acted?

Oz-Rita did this video for us then:

And the people of Corsica show once again that they are prepared to fight for law and order and European freedoms and values.

And then today, this happened:

And then this happened right after that:

Corsica may be the place to watch.

Thank you M, Ava Lon, Gates of Vienna and all who contributed to the materials in this post. More to come today.

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6 Replies to “Corsicans fight back. Again. And again, the state is on the other side”

  1. Thanks so much for posting these videos.
    We in the U.S. don’t have news of Europeans fighting back against muslims and their sharia tyranny.
    Hopefully the Corsicans have lit the flame that will ignite Americans, Brits, Germans, French, Scandinavians, etc., to reclaim their countries.
    Must be the spirit of Napoleon!

  2. Don’t mess with the Corsicans. These are people from the ‘maquis’. It’s in their blood. Remember Napoleon, he was Corsican.

  3. DAILY MAIL – Man harpooned in brawl over photo of women in burkinis in Corsica: Fracas between North Africans and local youths a day after French court upheld ban on swimsuits

    Clash broke out after tourist took picture of woman near village of Sisco
    Local teens came to tourist’s aid after bathers objected to photograph
    Fracas left a pregnant woman needing hospital treatment for her injuries
    Fight came days after ban on the swimsuits was upheld by Cannes judge

    Hatchets and harpoons were thrown in a beach brawl that broke out after a tourist was seen taking pictures of women wearing burkinis in Corsica.

    The fracas between a group described as North African ‘Muslim families’ and local youths broke out a day after a ban on the head-to-toe swimsuits was upheld by a judge in Cannes.

    A tourist was seen taking pictures of women wearing the full-body swimwear on a creek near the village of Sisco on the French island.

    When the bathers objected, a group of local teenagers are said to have come to the photographer’s defence.

    Local reports said that the group of North African men armed themselves and took on the young Corsicans. One man was hit by a spear-like weapon and a pregnant women was taken to hospital with injuries.

    Tension between local communities in France and Muslims of North African origin has grown since 85 people were massacred by a lorry driver in a jihadi-linked terror attack in Nice on July 14.

    […]The unrest in Corsica, which lasted several hours, escalated when the teenagers’ parents rushed from their village to the beach where two of them were then injured with harpoons. In retaliation, villagers then set fire to cars belonging to the bathers, it is claimed.

    According to French newspaper Le Monde, one man was injured twice by a harpoon after his son was beaten up. Stones and bottles were also thrown.

    Two fathers from the bathing party were reportedly injured. In total, three cars were burned and five people had to be taken to hospital.

    Riot police were called to the scene on Saturday and the French interior minister later called for calm.

    Local mayor Ange-Pierre Vivoni said: ‘It happened because a tourist was taking photos and the Maghrebins [North Africans] didn’t want to have their photos taken. It was quite a trivial matter to begin with.’

    Yesterday, a crowd of around 500 people held a protest in Bastia, the capital of Upper Corsica, gathering outside a housing estate where some of those involved in Saturday’s brawl are said to live. Riot police were called to hold them back.

    Thierry Migoule, head of municipal services for Cannes, defended the burkini ban.

    He said: ‘We are not talking about banning the wearing of religious symbols on the beach, but ostentatious clothing which refers to an allegiance to terrorist movements which are at war with us.

    ‘I’m simply banning a uniform that is the symbol of Islamist extremism.’

    But critics have claimed that the burkini ban will only cause further conflict and is a ‘gift’ for Islamic State recruiters.

  4. Corscia is indeed going to be a place to watch, they are reacting to the invasion in the way that more people should. There are indications that there are other locations in Western Europe that are reaching this point but I don’t get enough European news to know this for a fact.

    As I have stated many times watch for the pattern, it will tell you what is happening and what is going to happen. I see a pattern of resistance forming, one that the governments are fighting and that is their biggest mistake. Their second biggest was inviting the Islamic invaders.

    In Europe the pattern is leading to civil wars in the middle of a religious war, in the states I see a race war, a class war and a religious war with the possibility of a much bigger civil war.

  5. A third French mayor is banning the burqini

    A mayor on the French island of Corsica on Monday became the third nationwide to announce a ban on burqinis, after violent clashes broke out, allegedly sparked by tourists taking pictures of women wearing the full-body swimsuit. The Riviera resorts of Cannes and Villeneuve-Loubet have also banned the garment from their beaches in recent weeks, at a highly sensitive time for relations with France’s Muslim community following a series of jihadist attacks.

    The new ban in the Corsican village of Sisco comes after a massive brawl on Saturday.

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