A non-left wing extremist street artist has his work removed for violating the migrant narrative

There is a great deal of material to post today. Much of it is in process now and will be posted as its made ready. Some French material out of Corsica is quite stunning and the story of the Imam who was shot and the Muslim reaction in NYC is also highly noteworthy in its 180 degree difference between how we kufar react when a Muslim or Muslims murder a bunch of us in jihad. All will be posted shortly. For the moment, this is very interesting and worthy of thought.

While the violence and horror Islam perpetuates on a moment by moment basis, and worse, the sanctimonious justifications for rape and murder and global manifest destiny Muslims operate by, is all truly awful, stories that deserve consideration also are the ones that show foundational changes in the modus operandi of our cultures and civilizations that fly under the radar.

This is one of those in a way. But also this is a man bites dog in the sense that it is done by a street artist who appears to use reason rather than cultural marxism. It is actually refreshing.

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  1. The ordinary people see what the Globalist elites wish they didn’t, they see what the self proclaimed elites are doing and are opposing them. This is why Brixet won and why politicians like Trump are getting the people on their sides. The Globalists are working to achieve their goal of a one world socialist government run by the self proclaimed elite. To achieve this goal they have to destroy Western Civilization which is based on Classical Liberalism with the moral foundation of the Christian faith. The people are organizing and fighting back which means in the long run we will win, civilization may fall for a while but it can be rebuilt as long as the western nations exist and their base cultures even semi survive.

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