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5 Replies to “Interview with Mike Holt, Australian counter-jihad activist”

  1. With every sane person there is the realization of this unholy Trinity:
    Socialism lead by a bastardized female.
    Islam led by a bastardized male.
    And LGBTQ+ led by a gender-shoe stepping bastardized infant.


    A seventy year old having to repopulate the planet with souls.

    • The feminist-lesbian with contempt for women,
      The Muslim who has to rape to get married,
      The sexsquirrel who exposes themselves to children.

      Claiming the place of the absent father, these sitting as the King of Kings.

    • When you create a person ‘triggerered,’ by the terror you present to them, you will have them do anything for you.
      The feminist to the female
      The Mohammadan to the Muslim
      The Sexual Therapist to the Child.

      When youngsters see their promotional videos, they see themselves suffering incredibly in their greatests fears, (tortured, abandoned, sodomized), if they do not obeys those who indulge to be enjoying the inhumanity of what they are doing.

      These are our young teenage ‘radicals,’ the Communists, Islamists and Genderless, the ‘mentally ill’ who congregating in large numbers will shout on the streats for the most ruthless, unconflicted personalities to protect them in their new identities, in such a way that they will not be harmed, to get the promised Peace at the end of their slavery. Those made to live in constant fear and eventual submission:

      The White Liberal through excruciating guilt finds Black Lives Matter More.
      The Muslim condemned for not being a correct copy, kills Moderates and kufar.
      The sexually exposed child challenged for their total inadequacy, relents.

      All feminized without a masculine voice among them. Having the bark of the bitch. Walking around with the faces like a smacked ass.

  2. I feel as if I’m listening to Mike Holt on short wave radio telling us about Australia. I imagine static through the speaker. The war is on and there are resistance colonies around the planet speaking with each other about their situations. It is as if it is only us against the Tards and our brethren have vanished. I don’t know why exactly they have vanished, but maybe it’s because they were useless, or just in the way…I don’t know. I feel post-apocalyptic but I am pre-apocalyptic.

    Islam marches toward us yet we stand still. We should be on the move now while we have numbers. They laugh at our folly as they sharpen their knives. They cannot believe how stupid and unaware we are as we stand awaiting slaughter.

    Chris Jones wrote something the other day that resonated. Something about the new masters having arrived…the new bosses.

    They look at us this way. I have seen it. A fat female tard at my childrens’ school. Something about the way she walked I couldn’t put my finger on. So self-satisfied and confident. Almost gloating and I thought why? Look at yourself. But now I think she was riding the high of imagined conquest.

    Are they? Do they?

    What a freaky world this has become so quickly with the fall of the American empire.

  3. I shudder at thought of the future, not for fear of the Islamists and the SJW snowflakes….but because of what the blindness of the one towards the other will lead to…

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