Married couple sentenced for anti immigration Facebook group

An original translation by Nash Montana


From Merkur.De

Vierkirchen – A Vierkirchen couple was in front of the district court in Dachau being accused of sedition. The husband had created a group that was hostile towards refugees.

Due to the supposed anonymity on the internet, the number of rightwing radical language groups is increasing. But a married couple from Vierkirchen found out that there is no guaranteed anonymity. About a year ago, Peter M., 27, created a facebook group called “Anti Refugee Movement”. Since he and his wife, Melanie M., 26, are the administrators of the group, they now had to stand trial in court for the charge of sedition.

M.’s description of the group was, “The war and economic refugees are swarming our country. They bring terror, fear, suffering. They rape our women and put our children in danger. It has to be stopped.” He added a picture of the German flag – and just like that,  the creation of a radical rightwing group was finished, so says Judge Lukas Neubeck.

The group grew astoundingly fast: In only two months, it gained 900 members. One Facebook user however, whose disposition was in direct opposition to that of M., stumbled over the group and reported it to the administration of the social network. They checked the group – and found it to be indiscriminate.

Therefore the Facebook user went to a police station in Lübeck. They found out that the group was created on a PC from Vierkirchen. So they forwarded the case to the Kripo (Criminal Police) in Fürstenfeldbruck.

The couple came without their lawyer, she had – according to Judge Lukas Neubeck – laid down her mandate right before the main trial. They brought their ten month old son who sat on his mothers lap during the trial.

“One can’t even say anything critical at all to the topic of refugees without immediately being branded a Nazi. I just wanted to create a forum for discussion where people could voice their opinions about the refugees. I’ve never gave it much thought as to the exact phrasing, I didn’t mean it like that”, the accused tried to justify himself.

M. kept asserting that he checked out all members of the group and that he had repeatedly suggested in his posts that he didn’t want to read any radical rightwing utterances – but he couldn’t prove it, the group has been deleted in the meantime.

After repeated inquiry by Judge Neubeck, M. then said at some point that he doesn’t actually have anything to do with refugees, and that he distances himself. That the only thing that bothers him is “the actions of the chancellor”. M. used the male ‘Kanzler’, instead of female ‘Kanzlerin’ in front of the judge, to which Neubeck indicated to him that Germany has a female chancellor and not a male chancellor. “Furthermore you are exactly not distancing yourself with this group from refugees. The description of the group is a stringing together of pure generalizations with a very clear radical rightwing background.”

M. was sentenced to nine months prison on probation, and his wife was sentenced to a monetary fine of 120 daily rates at 10 Euro. Judge Neubeck: “I hope that you understand the seriousness of the situation. If I find you sitting here again on the bench, you will land in prison.”

[Ed: Immigration is a government policy. One of the most important ones. The right to criticize it is the central pillar of democratic procedure. Imprisoning those who dare question it is defacto totalitarianism.]



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    • I have saved the site info but don’t thing it will get that bad in the US, however all of the readers who are overseas need to save the site and start using it. The left is trying to clamp an iron curtain over free speech in Europe.

  1. I wonder how long it’s going to be before some left wing Canadian starts to put forward the argument that we should follow in the footsteps of Europe – the further north the better it seems – and start prosecuting people for hate speech on the internet. Now, I don’t disagree that some hateful speech can be deadly – take the lethal results of Black Lives Matter’s cop-killing chants – but it’s simply too subjective most of the time to really make a call on what is hate speech and what is simply an honest disagreement. All it takes is for some judge to say, “I think that’s hateful toward Muslims because it makes them so mad when you do it”, and the game is pretty much over.

    I do not like the teachings of Muhammad Abdallah and his made-up Quran. Is the government going to come along, force me to my knees, and say that I have to like the religion of Islam or I’ll be charged with hate speech? I truly believe that the religion of Islam represents a dire threat to our country. Are they going to tell me that I can’t say that? That I can’t shout, “Fire!”, when I see flames? That’s frightening because I think Skippy Trudeau would see it that way in a heartbeat…

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