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8 Replies to “The cheese has slipped off the Merkel biscuit”

  1. External, internal unpleasantness should not stand in the way of abolishing pork. I guess that’s as focused as she can be. Oh and the vegetarians!

  2. Perhaps Angela went to the “foremost expert on Islam” and asked him for advice on the question of Muslim refugees. Then, of course, that “foremost expert” filled her head with a couple of tons of grade-A taqiyya and sent her on her way. I love it when they look you straight in the eye and say, “I can assure you that nowhere in the Quran does it say one single word about committing violence against Infidels.”, which is a surprisingly effective tactic against Christians because they really aren’t expecting such extreme mendacity from someone who isn’t in prison stripes or a mental ward, so they tend to believe the lies. Like, who would tell such a gigantic lie when it’s so easy to disprove it? Muslim apologists, that’s who.

    And now, I think dear Angela is starting to figure out that she’s made a mistake so terrible, so enormous in its scope, and so far-reaching that she will go down in German history as the second worst leader they’ve ever had. So sorry…

    • The full book on her hasn’t been written yet, if she works hard she can still take top billing as the worst leader Germany ever had. After all after Carter and Clinton who thought the Democrats would be able to find someone worse by several orders of magnitude?

    • The left has unlimited arrogance, they continue to think that their policies fail because the people who implemented the policies are flawed. They think they are the people who can make the fatally flawed policies work.

      You can never over estimate the arrogance of the left.

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