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3 Replies to “Sheriff David Clark: The president is like a pyromaniac”

  1. The good ones think of themselves as the protectors and don’t want to leave the good people of the cities unprotected. This attitude has changed in some of the Democrat run big cities but so far not enough to bring about a unified action.

    The action you are advocating (a good idea in my opinion) is a form of active organized rebellion, active organized rebellion is an action that quite properly takes a long time to start and one that rational people don’t want to occur if there is another way to remain free or restore freedom. In the current case we have been restraining ourselves for almost 8 years trying the legal ways of restoring freedom, we are now down to the end game waiting to see who is elected President.

    No matter who wins the election there will probably be a civil war, but by waiting if we can elect Trump it will be the left that starts the violence and as you showed in the CNN clip with the black law professor the Democrats/far lefts hold on the blacks is slipping and with luck the war will be an ideological war and not a race war.

  2. Impeachment takes too long. I don’t think O’Fraud can be impeached due to
    a life of false paperwork. He needs to be arrested for high treason, racketeering .. U list ’em .. Now is a good time as any with the blacks going bat shit. I’d say to ’em :
    “No peace .. No Welfare.” It will take a week or so. When they see the 50 million illegal
    latinos clearing the shelves, gobbling up housing & everything they can get their
    greasy hands on .. the black folks will feel “disrespected” .
    Watch Tavis Smiley a bit & U will feel U are on another freakin’ planet ..

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