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11 Replies to “CNN with a couple of guests on the pro and anti sides of the Black Lives Matters, and a take down of the pro.”

  1. The activist has no problem painting all police bad because of the actions of a few bad individuals but screams when people study what BLM is all about and condemn them for the actions and dialogue of the many.

  2. The Civil Rights Attorney accused the police officer of murder. Are there no professional ethics? Don’t they disbar lawyers whose conduct brings the legal profession’s credibility into dispute?

    • Not for public statements, they have to commit a crime and saying they believe the police are murderers is not a crime.

    • This is satire, and presents the Civil Right Attorneys’ argument verbatim as to why ‘American is Fascist’ and why Muhammad and his Followers of Allah are nothing to be afraid of.

      The serious plausibility, like Hillary Clinton lying about giving away State Secrets is, so well done with a poker face.

      These Singaporeans are smart. How they mimic the porch-Whites. It’s almost racist.

    • And the deconstruction:

      You have Black Lives Matters.

      You read the media’s defence of the indefensible topic of a new police policy of letting themselves get screwed over when approaching Blacks (Obama’s ‘improvements’ that suddenly appear).

      You argue and bicker over the topic of the police getting screwed.

      Meanwhile Black Lives Matter get on with it.


      • To hear here a pedophile apologist speaking of Child Sex Legislation, is still to many people very shocking; to hear of a Muslim pederast less so, and in their own community not so. Muhammad pbuh.

  3. Too many times, these are cases where the police officers are facing individuals who have no respect for the law and have this ‘In You Face’ attitude towards law enforcement officers. It is time that they get educated in how to behave when approached by police and behave like respectful citizens. Then the officers will respond in kind. Too many parents failed in teaching their children about respect and civility.
    Oh! and the ‘Black lives matter’ movement is nothing but a sham. It is a Marxist movement to the core. Please don’t be fooled by their message of so call ‘peaceful’ demonstrations.

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